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The strong man on the bulldozer suddenly stood up, his two meter tall body gave off a grand view of his back. He casually used two sticks to knock away the two Level 1.6 zombies, and stared at the approaching giant zombies.

The characteristics of zombies were humanoid, stiff limbs, withered muscles, rotting flesh, or even shriveled up. However, the Ogre was clearly different, its body was bulging, it could even be described as bulging, like a bull in a bullring, like a bear blind man standing upright, one, four hands, two feet, height of three meters, and four tusks that were 12 centimeters long. It was comparable to a careful dagger, making one’s heart go numb just by looking at it.

The Ogre was clearly a big BOSS in this area. Once it appeared, all the little brothers that it desired followed it, and they were all lvl 1.5 or higher elite lackeys, usually hiding somewhere. At this moment, they charged out and surrounded the entire group.

Although there were a lot of zombies around, everyone’s attention was on the Ogre.

Whoosh, whoosh!

The sniper was the first to attack. The two bullets struck the ogre’s body, making two “ding” sounds. The completely deformed bullets flew off into the distance, leaving only two red marks on the ogre’s skin.

“Woosh ~ ~ ~”

Just as the Rocket was about to hit the Ogre with its long red tail, the Ogre did something shocking and raised a fist to strike the Rocket.

“Boom ~ ~ ~”

The fire had completely engulfed the Ogre, and the member carrying the rocket launcher had just revealed a look of disdain, but immediately turned into shock. His eyes almost bulged out, and the huge body of the Ogre shot out from the flames.

“Bang ~ ~ ~”

Amidst the earth-shattering sound, over 30 tons of bulldozers shot out, instantly smashing one of the cars behind and knocking over another two before stopping. There was a deep humanoid mark on the shovel.

The Ogre shook its head, let out a roar, and once again charged towards the bulldozer. His speed wasn’t very fast, but every step he took left a deep footprint on the ground. The strong man with the mace almost fell down from the bulldozer. Although this collision wasn’t a direct confrontation, the earth-shattering force transmitted through the bulldozer still made him feel numb all over, and he almost spat out blood. He was also a r.e.t.a.r.d, seeing the ogres rushing towards him, he jumped down the bulldozer without any hesitation and smashed the stick towards them. He heard the exclamation of the Guild Leader You Mengshu behind him.

“Second Fool, you’re not a match for the Ogre. Don’t go all out.”

The middle-aged man who sat inside the awning and was also the leader of the Northeast Tiger Mercenaries, You Mengshu, killed two level 1.8 zombies with lightning speed. He didn’t expect that the r.e.t.a.r.d would so carelessly fight the Ogre, causing him to turn pale with fright before transforming into a streak of light and shooting away.

The captain had told him not to fight recklessly, and instead, he added some strength to his attack, pouring out all his strength. His eyes were bulging, veins were popping out, and the bronze mace left a series of afterimages in the air as it solidly smashed into the ogre’s body.


As if striking against leather, his strength reflected like a tsunami, and from when he was young until now, as long as he wanted to lift up a car, he would not be able to keep his calm. A ton or two of cars were in his hands, and as he grew older, he knew that his power was limited, but he knew that he had never met a creature that was on par with him before, so he was very proud in his heart, but at this moment, the pride in his heart was broken.

The only thing he knew was that it was very, very big, many things happened. The mace instantly deformed and bounced off, and with a swoosh, it disappeared without a trace, flying to who knows where, while he himself was also sent flying back, from where he came from, back to where the palm of his hand had cracked open, bleeding profusely, his arms were numb, completely unlike himself. His chest was in pain, and it was even more painful than someone hitting him with a hammer.

“Huuu ~ ~ ~”

Just as he landed on the ground, the Ogre also caught up with him. His dark face did not show any expression, but the foul stench in his mouth was the first to arrive.

“Is human flesh so smelly?” Second Fool struggled for a while, only to discover that his whole body was in pain and he couldn’t move at all. Looking at the Ogre’s fist coming at him, he thought to himself, “I didn’t expect to die at the hands of an Ogre.”

“Open —”

You Mengshu arrived in an instant. He punched with both of his fists, making people feel like he was floating. However, it sounded like he was tearing through the air like a tsunami.


The Ogre staggered back three steps, and You Mengshu flew back, his toes touched the ground, and then flew back again. He moved gracefully, but he didn’t choose the front of the Ogre, and instead switched to the opposite direction. Second Fool took the opportunity to roll out of the attack range of the Ogre.

However, facing this invulnerable ogre, he still had the feeling that he had nowhere to go. No matter how he fought, he would not die. The r.e.t.a.r.d joined the fray, but he was still suppressed. It wasn’t until Yin Feng arrived that the situation slightly changed.

“Sniper support.” After fighting for five or six minutes, the three of them were extremely tired. However, the Ogre was fighting Yu Yong more and more, so he sensed that something was wrong and had no choice but to call for help.

The Northeast Tiger Mercenary Group could be considered one of the top mercenary groups in this area, but this was the first time they encountered so many high level zombies, not to mention the terrifying Ogre, the three of them were tied down and the mercenary group had lost its soul. As time pa.s.sed, more and more zombies were killed, but You Mengsheng absolutely didn’t want to see the final victory, and not many were left alive.

He knew very well that the key to victory was the Ogre. As long as the Ogre was eliminated, the other zombies would be useless.

Swish, swish, swish …

The Northeast Tiger Mercenary Group focused on long-range attacks. They had gathered a lot of people to attack from afar. There were six snipers, but because of the angle, only three snipers were able to hit the target.

Ding, ding, ding …

The moment the bullet hit the ogre, it was deflected and simply could not be shot. Although the Ogre was huge in size and as fast as the wind, the sniper couldn’t aim for its vital parts. After a minute, You Mengsheng gritted his teeth and shouted, “Fire G.o.d Cannon, support!”

He hesitated for a moment and followed the command, but even after aiming at the Ogre several times, he still didn’t dare to fire. This thing wasn’t a sniper rifle, and when it fired, it would become a series of bullets, unable to stop even a little. He could definitely hit the Ogre, but he couldn’t guarantee that the bullets wouldn’t reach his own team.

“Fire!” He naturally knew what the gunner’s concerns were, but Second Fool was injured and could barely hold on. If he fell, just the two of them, YinFeng Jiu and himself, would not be able to stop the Ogre from advancing.

The operator of the Fire G.o.d Cannon was sweating. He held the machine gun tightly with his right hand but didn’t dare to open fire.


YinFeng Long flew out and the huge blade flew out of his hand. It turned into a bright ray of light and flew across You Mengshu’s face, almost cutting his nose off. He broke out in a cold sweat, the strong wind blew against his face, the Ogre had already arrived in front of him. Time was of the essence for You Mengsheng’s thoughts. Just as he was about to launch his attack, a high-pitched sound rang out.


A sniper bullet struck the ogre’s fist, and blood blossomed. A b.l.o.o.d.y hole appeared on the middle finger of the ogre’s fist. A flash of astonishment appeared in You Mengshu’s heart. Since when did the sniper rifle become so powerful? With a flash, he had already circled behind the Ogre.

Puff, puff!

Two bullets. .h.i.t the same eye of the ogre in quick succession, blowing it apart. The ogre let out an earth-shattering roar and waved its four arms wildly.

Puff, puff!

b.l.o.o.d.y light bloomed, but it was not in the eyes. Instead, it was in the palms of his hands, as the Ogre used his palms to block the bullet. Yin Feng Jiu picked up the huge blade and carefully fought with the ogre. His face was as white as snow, he was not an idiot, and his physical fitness was not that strong. If he took another punch, he would definitely be finished.

In the distance, on a building a block away, Liu Wei An was in shock. An enhanced sniper rifle with a special armor piercing bullet was actually unable to penetrate the ogre’s palm. Was this guy made of flesh or steel?

Puff, puff, puff …

Liu Wei An’s sniper rifle’s power far exceeded that of an ordinary sniper rifle. It used armor piercing bullets, which could basically break through the ogre’s defenses. However, the ogre’s physique was st.u.r.dy, and a few bullets were embedded inside its body. Liu Wei An fired six shots in a row, three in the head, two in the hand, and one in the air.

After being injured, the Ogre had become very manic and its speed had doubled, making it extremely difficult to lock onto. You Mengshu looked around and shouted, “Bulldozer, knock over the Ogre!”

The driver of the bulldozer was killed by the first impact of the ogres. After hearing You Mengshu’s order, another member immediately climbed onto the driver’s seat and started the bulldozer again. The bulldozer roared and charged at the ogres, aggressively.

A sharp light flashed across Liu Wei An’s eyes. His entire being and spirit were highly concentrated at this moment. He then pressed down six times with his finger as fast as lightning.

“Woosh ~ ~ ~”

They were clearly six bullets, but with a single gunshot, the six bullets connected into a straight line and shot through the centre of the ogre’s brows, leaving a trail of blood behind. The last bullet entered the wall behind and disappeared.


The Ogre’s body fell heavily onto the ground, its weight comparable to a chunk of steel.

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