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Not even ten minutes had pa.s.sed since Liu Wei An and the elephant had left, a shadow silently appeared, his eyes swept over the scene of the battle, then his body suddenly moved, like a ghost appearing at Liu Wei’an’s ambush place. After looking carefully for a moment, Liu Wei An grabbed a handful of dirt, smelled it on his nose, and then scattered the dirt, chasing after Liu An and disappearing into the darkness in the blink of an eye.

“Wait!” Liu Wei’an, who was running, suddenly stopped and so did the elephant.

Liu Wei An closed his eyes and meditated for a while. Suddenly, he opened his eyes and said to the elephant, “It’s okay. Let’s go.” He changed his direction and dashed out. Seeing this, the elephant did not hesitate and followed behind him.

Liu Wei An’s speed fluctuated between fast and slow, his body sometimes rose up, sometimes lowered, as he moved among some wild beasts. If it was daytime, then one could see that wherever Liu Wei An pa.s.sed, the smell of some large wild beasts was just right on the edge. As a child, Liu Wei An’s eyes shined brightly.

Due to his limited vision, he was unable to see the beasts lurking in the darkness. However, he was naturally sensitive and could sense the terrifying aura exuded by the beasts. Many wild beasts could injure him just by their aura alone, but he did not show any fear on his face. He followed behind Liu Wei An without any hesitation.

“It’s about time!” Liu Wei An stopped and a satisfied smile appeared on his face.

Aside from the fist-sized grains of sand on the desolate earth, several stalks of gra.s.s that had withered for who knew how many years were now exposed to the ground. With a single step, they would probably shatter into pieces. There was a faint stench coming from the floating trash that was either a plastic bag or something.

Besides, there was nothing.

“Take off your clothes!” Liu Wei An saw the doubt in the elephant’s eyes, but he did not explain.

The elephant did not hesitate, immediately took off his clothes, not even leaving behind his underwear, it was clear and sleek, at this moment it was night, the temperature was extremely low, a cold wind blew on his skin, in the blink of an eye, his skin turned blue, the elephant did not even blink, as if this body was not his own.

At first, the elephant didn’t think anything was wrong, but soon, he realized that something was wrong. After the clothes landed on the ground, they were still for a while before slowly moving around.

After a while, a few small holes appeared in her clothes, and Sasha’s voice seemed to ring in the wind.

On closer look, there were countless bugs crawling all over the surface of the clothes. These bugs were very small, about the same size as green beans, and had sharp teeth that covered their entire bodies, causing people’s hair to stand on end. These bugs were lying on the ground, and their color was about the same as the ground, making it impossible to see them at all.

“What is this?” the elephant whispered.

“I don’t know, but we’d better be careful.” Liu Wei An looked at the gunshot wound on his shoulder. It was no longer bleeding. The cold air had frozen his body, so no blood was flowing out.

Wherever they went, the most powerful one was a steel spider, almost ten meters tall. It was as tall as a three-storey building, and it rested on the ground while emitting an aura that made it so no wild beast dared to approach within a thousand meters.

However, these bugs’ territory was actually more than two thousand meters, which meant that these bugs were far more powerful than the steel spiders. Although he didn’t show it at the moment, Liu Wei An was very clear that the beasts’ perception was far above that of humans.

Liu Wei An made sure that his body wouldn’t emit any aura, then he quietly disappeared into the darkness along with the elephant. In less than a minute, a black shadow shot over from the distance, faster than a horse, but silent, like a ghost.

When the black shadow approached where the two were standing, it slowed down and its face slowly became clear. It was not wearing black, but grey, and because of the darkness of the night, it looked black. He had an ordinary appearance, one that one would never be able to find within a crowd of people. His aura was retracted, not revealing even the tiniest bit of it.

This person’s speed became slower and slower, until he finally stopped. The footprint he stepped on was almost identical to that of Liu Wei An’s. The speed at which he used the tracking technique was astonishing.

The shadow’s eyes fell on the spot where the clothes were. The clothes had disappeared, leaving only some imperceptible debris behind. Even if Liu Wei An saw it with his own eyes, he dared not say that it was clothes.

The black shadow paused for a moment, then slowly walked towards the position of his clothes, as if he had sensed the danger in this place, and walked very cautiously, his body taut, one step, two steps, three steps, without any accidents. The speed of the black shadow slightly increased, and just as he was about to reach his clothes, Liu Wei An took out his sniper rifle, aiming at a position three feet above his head.


Suddenly, the ground moved. It was like a huge blanket that had been violently whipped by someone. A yellow-brown ma.s.s pounced on the black figure, which soared up into the sky like a bolt of lightning.

The gunshot, the bugs and the black shadow all started to move at almost the same time, and the yellow-brown colored shadow’s feet started to move. The gunshot, the bugs and the black shadow all started to move at almost the same time, and the yellow-brown colored shadow started to move under the black shadow’s feet.


In the blink of an eye, the black shadow was bitten clean, leaving only a white corpse. A few minutes later, the white bones were also gone, and a living person had completely disappeared from this world, leaving nothing behind.


Liu Wei An heaved a sigh of relief. It was only when the black shadow died did the dark cloud above his head disperse. The pressure from this person was much greater than that of the dozen or so people from before.

The man in black had an extremely powerful spiritual sense. Earlier, he didn’t dare to take out his sniper rifle because he was afraid of being sensed by it. He had already tried his best not to focus on the person.

However, in the end, Black Shadow still lost.

Liu Wei An had started to plan everything from the position, clothes left behind, and the location of the ambush. All of Shadow’s reactions were within his expectations, and the only change was Shadow’s reaction speed. However, his spear art had made up for this change.

“Let’s go back.” Liu Wei An got up and took out some clothes from his ring. He only brought his own clothes. The elephant was much taller than him, so his clothes couldn’t be squeezed in, so he could only wrap them in a blanket.

There were more and more monsters on the way, and after the two of them killed a few, they had no choice but to retreat. There were too many of them, and they couldn’t finish the fight, so they killed one, then two, and then two, and then four. Also, there were more and more powerful monsters, and one of them was a tiger with its fangs close to three meters long, even the crocodile monster had to flee in a panic when it saw it. The elephant’s eyes that had never been afraid revealed a strong sense of unease. Looking at the darkness, he couldn’t see that far away from Liu Wei An, but he could feel a huge monster pa.s.sing by in the darkness.

Only after the tiger monster had left for a few minutes did Liu Wei An and the elephant carefully crawl out from their hiding place. It took them a long time to get back to Times Square.

The low roar startled Liu Wei An and the elephant at the same time. It was the sound of a wolf-shaped monster, and it was also accompanied by the threat of a human. Liu Wei An hesitated for a moment before he decided to run in that direction.

In the garbage, a smoking suspension car was lying crookedly on the ground. The eyes of the car was deformed and the gla.s.s was shattered, scattering everywhere. A gentle man with was confronting three wolf-like monsters with a dagger that was less than 30 centimeters long, and a wolf-like monster was lying on the ground.

Liu Wei An was surprised. He noticed that the wound on the wolf monster’s body was smooth, clean, and nimble. The man was gentle and gentle, with a thick scent of books.

Although the wolf-shaped monster was only the lowest level of monsters, its skin was rough and its flesh was thick. Although the wolf-shaped monster was only the lowest level of monsters, its skin was rough and its flesh was thick.

A cold light flashed, accompanied by a burst of crackling sparks. The four wolf claws separated from its body and flew out, stabbing into the soil and disappearing. The man was relieved and also took a step back. However, he forgot about the suspension car behind him as his body immediately became unsteady. The two monsters that were squatting at the side grabbed the opportunity and pounced forward like two bolts of lightning.

“My life is over!” Lu Fan thought to himself and closed his eyes.

Bang, bang, bang!

Shocked, he quickly lowered his head. When he had cleaned up his face and raised his head again, he saw a tall man and a short man walking towards him. The three wolf-shaped monsters had already turned into corpses, and the upper part of their bodies had disappeared, leaving only their forelimbs behind them.

“Thank you for saving me, my name is Lu Zhangyu, I am the head of the materials team in the inst.i.tute —” Lu Zhangyuan said gratefully.

“Did you make that dagger in your hand?” Liu Wei An interrupted him rudely.

“Yes sir!” Seeing the serious look on Qin Zhan’s face, Lu Fan suppressed the words he wanted to say.

“What is it made of?” Liu Wei An asked directly.

“The materials left behind by these monsters after they died.” Lu Fan pointed at the corroded wolf-shaped monster.

“Will you come with me?” Liu Wei An looked at Lu Fang Yu with a pair of bright eyes.


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