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At around 8 AM, Liu Wei An woke up. Although he had only slept for two hours, he was still in high spirits. Zhao Nannan and her daughter had already woken up. Since it was a bas.e.m.e.nt, there were no windows. Although it was daytime outside, the inside of the room was still dim. Liu Wei An turned on the lights and gave a simple wash.

“The landlord knocked on the door just now. He must be paying the rent.” Zhao Nan said.

Liu Wei An calculated the time. It was already the first of the third month. He nodded and opened the door. A burst of bright sunlight shone into the room, bringing along a blinding white light.

The temperature of the planet was very different. The night was freezing and the sun was burning hot. It was like the middle of summer. Liu Wei An closed the door and walked out. Zhao Nan and her daughter were not allowed to see anyone, otherwise they would be taken away.

Along the way, there was a lot of noise and excitement. There were crowds of people, people who worked at work, people who washed themselves, and most of them were hungry and malnourished.

Although Liu Wei An had lived here for one or two months, he didn’t know anyone. In the past two months, he hadn’t gone out more than five times. He played games during the day and slept at night, so he didn’t know her, nor did she know him.

The landlord was a middle-aged man with a slightly fat stature. He was said to be the butler of a big family. There was a lot of power in this area. He managed several buildings by himself and basically no slave or delinquent dared to make trouble in the area he managed. The reason why Liu Wei An was renting a house here was because he wanted it to be safe.

The bas.e.m.e.nt rent is 40 copper per month, Liu lives in the bas.e.m.e.nt because of the independent bathroom, 50 copper. Water cost 1 copper, electricity cost 3 copper, a total of 54 copper.

The landlord was very cold, so Liu Wei An did not say anything unnecessary. He paid the bill, took the invoice, and left. At the side, a middle-aged woman was begging with all her might.

“You can do it. Five days. At most, five days. We will definitely collect the rent —”

“You haven’t paid the last month’s rent, but I’ll only give you three days. If you can’t pay the rent, then scram. There are a lot of people here waiting to rent a house …” There was no emotion in the landlord’s voice.

After pa.s.sing through the dilapidated streets, Liu Wei An walked towards the commercial street. Along the way, all kinds of people flowed in an endless stream. Compared to the night, it was completely different.

Most of the people who were able to rent a house were poor. However, since they didn’t have much money on them, they had to rent a house on the border between the slave and slums. However, the slave district didn’t have any industrial areas. If one wanted to work, they had to cross the commercial street.

Behind the slums was a large industrial area that supported hundreds of thousands of people.

The streets were dilapidated and the houses had been left from hundreds of years ago. Many of them had already collapsed, but there were still others who stood tenaciously on the ground, lying or sitting in every dubious shelter, filled with thin, yellow slaves, most of whom were just skin and bones.

They were bathing in the sun. Every cold night, countless people would wake up early the next morning and never be able to get up again. As for the lucky survivors, they would crawl out to soak in the sun to warm themselves up. These men were also slaves, but they were the kind of people who did well. Fighting, killing, and arson were common matters to them, and as long as they could survive, they would dare to do anything. Due to his ruthless methods, he was able to live comfortably. However, he still had to work every day.

They had an energy tube that they received every three days, and there were also people who were lucky enough to find some food in the garbage, or something valuable, such as a ruined TV, a broken phone, abandoned guns and ammunition, and so on. Since these slaves could eat and wait for their deaths for so long, they naturally had their own ways of survival.

As for these burly men, they relied solely on slaves to make money.

The business street was bustling with noise and excitement. There was a huge square in which thousands of people were lined up, waiting to be recruited by the factory. Most of them were poor people and civilians, but there were also many lucky slaves mixed in.

There were few monks, and every few minutes a crowded bus headed east and disappeared through the cordoned guards.

Liu Wei’an’s location was divided into the east, south, east, and north regions. He was a civilian in the east, a poor person in the north, a slave in the west and a slave in the south, and a commercial street in the middle. Since the western and southern districts were both slaves, there was no clear boundary between them. Although the slums were rather chaotic, there was still a relatively strict order compared to the slums.

However, it was not easy to enter the Eastern District. On the path, they had to pa.s.s through a heavily guarded area with thick walls and tall iron gates, which divided the area into two different worlds.

Liu Wei An did not feel much about this, society was already like this, complaining was of no use at all, all he could do was to live well, work hard to change, little by little.

Nuclear pollution caused an extreme shortage of water. Fortunately, after hundreds of years of evolution, a person’s ability to resist drought had changed greatly, otherwise, who knows how many people would have starved to death.

After buying four bottles of mineral water, he used the rest of his money to buy dried rations and compressed biscuits. A large bag of food was enough for him to eat for half a month. Returning to his residence, Liu Wei An found that his body had become much stronger. Previously, after walking for such a long time, he would have long since become breathless and drenched in sweat. If he had to do this for the sake of living a good life in the past, now that he had developed a strong interest, he would immediately come online after he had eaten his fill.

During the day, there were a lot of people. Everywhere he went, there were always people. Liu Wei An was puzzled. Did these people not have to work during the day? As far as he knew, most of the people who played games were desperate criminals, and among those who worked in the real world, who would be willing to take the risk? After all, dying once would mean they would be weak for half a month.

The cemetery.

He spent more than two hours making 90 arrows before he quickly headed towards the cemetery. Just as he approached, he heard sounds of fighting and was startled. Someone had rushed up and saw more than 20 corpses fighting with a group of people.

There were men and women, a dozen of them, the battle should have lasted a while, there were dozens of corpses lying on the ground, the intestines were torn open, a few rotting corpses were gnawing at the corpses, the situation did not look good, a woman let out an ear-piercing scream, she was grabbed by a rotting corpse, a series of fierce gnawing at her neck, the woman’s scream of fear quickly weakened before finally becoming quiet.

There were only six people left, two of them were injured. Under normal circ.u.mstances, they could have escaped, but the blood was different. The smell of blood was especially exciting for rotten corpses.

The six of them saw the carrion corpse rushing towards them, and their faces were filled with despair. A pretty girl was scared silly and forgot to run. She looked on helplessly as the sharp, blade-like nails of the rotten corpse pierced towards her chest.


A comrade who had turned around to see this scene shouted out crazily. Unfortunately, it was already too late. In the blink of an eye, a ray of black light shot out from behind the zombie. It landed on the zombie’s forehead and it fell to the ground.

Swoosh. Swoosh. Swoosh. Swoosh.

Three arrows shot out at almost the same time. The three carrion corpses that were chasing in the front fell to the ground as one. All of them were shot in the forehead.

The six of them turned their heads to look at the person who shot the arrow. He was very young, definitely no more than twenty years old. He was thin, and his face was pale, as if he had not seen the sun for a long time. He had a handsome face, but what caught his attention was the pair of eyes beneath his sword-like eyebrows.

In the blink of an eye, over twenty Corrupt Corpses were shot down, and all of them fell to the ground.

One of them was 1.8 meters tall, and looked like the leader of this group. He walked up to Liu Wei An and said gratefully, “Thank you, brother, for saving my life. My name is w.a.n.g Bai, I have so many corpses.”

“No need.” Liu Wei An didn’t even raise his head.

“In that case, we’ll take our leave.” w.a.n.g Bai’s expression changed slightly. The gloominess in his eyes flashed once more. He cupped his fist and gave a look to one of the short men. He then shouted, “Let’s go.”

Heavy footsteps sounded out from outside. The others said goodbye in tacit understanding. However, the short one quietly approached Liu Wei An’s back and suddenly raised the dagger in his hand. A cold light flashed as he stabbed towards empty air. As soon as he raised his head, he was greeted with an infinitely expanded archery skill.


Blooming in between his eyebrows.

“F * ck, hurry up and run — —” w.a.n.g Bai’s expression changed drastically as he ran.

Liu Wei An’s serious expression relaxed. If they all rushed towards him, he still had some trouble, but if he turned around and ran, he would become a live target.

Buzz buzz buzz.

The bowstring vibrated. Liu Wei An instantly drew the bow five times. Five screams rang out and w.a.n.g Bai’s team of five almost fell to the ground at the same time. They were all arrows to the heart, not a single one of them survived. Liu Wei An was expressionless. Although this was the first time he had killed someone, he was not afraid. These days, he had seen too many cases of people stealing treasures too often.

Liu Wei’an moved quickly. Twenty odd corpses were solved in just ten minutes. He had done a lot of mind-blowing things, and his proficiency had increased by a lot. He had a total of 26 white crystals and 26 meat bags. After that, they started to clean up the bodies of w.a.n.g Bai’s group. This was not a plastic surgery, but a search for valuable items.

Three daggers, an iron sword, a machete, a pair of shoes, an iron ore, a herb, four silver and 78 copper. Liu Wei An finally smiled. This group of people were quite wealthy and deserved to be praised.

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