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Rise From The Doom is a web novel made by Tai Ji Yin Yang Yu.
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Just as he was about to go back after today, coincidentally, he met the little girl who had been frightened by him. However, the little girl did not recognize him, this time the little girl was not alone, following behind a large group of people, there were quite a few Silver rank experts. Seeing this, Liu Wei An quietly retreated. Their equipment was all top-grade, but he still couldn’t eat them.

Coincidently, when he was avoiding the mine, he entered a fork he had not walked through before, and upon entering the fork he found a huge piece of blue ice iron ore. It was extremely pure, at least 200 kilograms, and this was the largest piece of ore he had seen so far, with jingling noises and hoes waving all around, completely ignoring the fact that people would hear it.

A few groups of people pa.s.sed by. Although they heard the sound, they did not suspect anything. They also did not come over to check. Just as they put the ore into the storage ring, Liu Wei An’s eyes lit up and found another fist-sized piece.

“Little brother, can you show me the ore?” The voice came from behind him.

“Alright!” Liu Wei An’s body trembled and his heart surged with monstrous waves. He didn’t even hear the sound of the person behind him. If it wasn’t for his voice, he wouldn’t have noticed that someone was behind him. Releasing his grip on the blue ice ore, he raised both of his hands up high, indicating that he had no hostility. Then, he turned around to look at the people behind him, and slowly retreated.

This was a middle-aged man wearing a green robe and had a long, narrow face. A sword hilt could be seen at his back, which meant that he was likely a swordsman. He stepped forward and held the blue ore in his hand. After taking a glance at it, a look of pleasant surprise appeared on his face as he praised, “Legend has it that this is a mineral ruin. So it’s an ice-blue iron ore. His gaze swept across Liu Wei An, who had already retreated twenty meters away. “Since you recognize this ore, you must still have a lot of it on you. Hand it over and I’ll spare your life.”

“You, a senior, are not in a good position to s.n.a.t.c.h something from a junior, right?” Liu Wei An was full of smiles.

“Stealing things is indeed unpleasant, but killing people is much simpler.” Killing intent burst out of the middle-aged man’s eyes. With a flick of his wrist, a dazzling light illuminated the entire pa.s.sageway, shooting towards Liu Wei An.

“When you die, don’t forget to tell Yama that the person who killed you is called Liu Xiangyan.”

Liu Wei An had no way of knowing how the sword gleam crossed a distance of more than 20 meters to reach his body. All he knew was that the strong force had sealed the air, causing his movements to fall into the depths of the water. The aura of death was like the teeth of a venomous snake, almost touching his skin. The ‘Dark Emperor Scripture’ within his body began to revolve on its own for the first time. This was something that had never happened before, but it caused his body to regain its mobility.

A shield appeared in front of him. Almost at the same moment it appeared, the sword light arrived.


The shield broke into pieces and flew in all directions. Liu Xiangyan was surprised that Liu Wei An was able to escape his suppression. With a single step, he was already five meters away, and his second sword struck out.

“Buzz ~ ~ ~”

A cold streak of lightning shot over. It was an arrow, an arrow faster than lightning. Liu Xiangyan smiled. With a flick of his wrist, the sword light accurately hit the arrow.


The arrow instantly shattered. Liu Xiangyan’s face suddenly changed. Another arrow suddenly appeared behind the arrow and sped up, piercing into his heart.

A faint green aura appeared and formed a transparent protective layer around his clothes. When the arrow hit the surface of his clothes, it actually felt like it had been struck by steel and did not have the slightest reaction.


The arrow exploded, and a wave of disintegrating energy erupted.

The green light shield rippled and disappeared. Liu Xiangyan’s face changed for the second time. This arrow could actually make his protective zhen Qi layer pose a threat. It was not simple at all.

“Chi ~ ~ ~”

The sword aura swept past. A long cut appeared on Liu Wei An’s toes that was 5 cm away. It was at least 30 cm deep. The hard rock surface seemed to have turned into tofu.

Liu Xiangyan didn’t have time to launch his third sword attack. Otherwise, Liu Wei An would undoubtedly die. The s.p.a.ce between his eyebrows, his throat, his heart, all of these were vital points. In such an environment without any light, to be able to recognize such an accurate acupoint, he was definitely a genius. Right now, he was only at the Bronze rank, but once he reached the Silver rank, he would become a threat.

The sword light suddenly increased in intensity, and it was impossible to see how Liu Xiangyan had made his move. The darkness was completely torn apart by the light, and the sword shadows shot out towards an arrow, no more, no less, no more, no more, as if the arrow had come to their doorstep on its own initiative.

Pa, pa, pa …

The shattered arrows turned into powder, dancing in the air.

He shot out sixteen arrows consecutively. This was already the limit of Liu Wei An. The continuous shooting with arrows was a huge challenge to him. Even Liu Wei An himself felt that he had to thank Liu Xiangyan for his breakthrough. However, at this moment, he couldn’t feel happy anymore.

The sixteen arrows couldn’t even get within three feet of Liu Xiangyan before they were mercilessly smashed into pieces by the sword screen. The unraveling talisman he was so proud of seemed to have lost its power.


The last arrow shattered into pieces. Liu Xianan had already disappeared from the tunnel. Liu Xiangyan sneered and said, “You won’t be able to escape.” He chased after the sound of footsteps in the distance.

He had never seen anyone who could run past him at full speed. He had always been very proud of himself, but Liu Xiangyan’s appearance seemed to be specifically designed to break his self-confidence; first, it was a series of arrows, then a string of arrows, then a corpse dissolving spell, and finally, speed.

After running less than two hundred meters, Liu Xiangyan had caught up. Within a few breaths, he was less than thirty meters behind him. Liu Xiangyan’s attack range was around twenty meters. Thirty meters was definitely not a safe distance.

“Buzz ~ ~ ~”

With a flick of his wrist, two cold stars flew up. Pa, pa, pa, the two arrows were shattered into pieces, the sword light shot out once again, the series of arrows was split into two halves. Liu Xiangyan paused for a split-second because of this, while Liu Wei An increased the distance to fifty meters.

“Interesting.” Although Liu Xiangyan was smiling, there was no warmth on his face. He was a Gold rank expert, yet he was actually forced to flee by a Bronze-rank player twice. This caused him to feel extremely embarra.s.sed.

“Woosh ~ ~ ~”

A cold light shot out as fast as lightning. However, he was still not able to hit his target and was easily shattered by Liu Xiangyan. Liu Wei An did not stop and kept running with his head lowered.

Generally speaking, the target would have to turn around and aim because the limits of the human body was not as smooth as shooting from the front. However, whether it was aiming or turning back, it would be a waste of time. He didn’t turn back nor did he stop. He only relied on the strength and feeling of his arm. However, because of this, Liu Xiangyan was even more afraid of shooting accurately.

This kind of shooting talent could no longer be described as talented. He had to get rid of it.

The cave was very big, it provided Liu Wei An’s escape route, and from time to time, he would run into other players inside the cave. Liu Wei An didn’t dare to stop, but Liu Xiang Yan didn’t have any scruples, anyone who dared to block his way would have their throat sliced off, and even a Silver rank expert would not be a match for him. Soon, everyone knew that such an expert had appeared inside the cave, and they all trembled in fear of encountering him.

Liu Wei An’s escape took more than three hours, and the constant shooting at full speed still consumed a lot of his energy and mind. After almost four hours, he finally slowed down and swallowed two more seed, but perhaps he had eaten too much in such a short time, so the effects were far less obvious than the previous few times.

Liu Wei An wasn’t someone who would easily accept his fate, but at this moment, hearing the footsteps behind him getting closer and closer, he couldn’t help but feel despair, and his hands became numb. From half an hour ago, every drawing the bow was a type of torture, making him wish he could throw away the bow and lie on the ground to have a good night’s sleep.

He had been running for a long time and hadn’t encountered many players, so his thought of using the players to block the path failed. Five hours later, Liu Wei An was still running, his legs felt like they were filled with lead water, it was unbearably heavy, he couldn’t even feel the existence of his legs, and he could still run. His legs had formed a running memory, a mechanical instinct, his arms were not much better than his legs.

At this time, although there was a will to support him, it was still the ‘Darkness G.o.d Scripture’. Every time he was about to fall, a new life force would be injected into his body, and that energy was too small, like a child peeing, little by little, it was very satisfying.

However, it had finally managed to hang his life.

His head was in a mess, and his throat felt like it was on fire. His body was exhausted, and he was on the verge of falling down, but the most horrifying thing was the several wounds on his back, a total of five or six of them. Each of them was more than twenty centimeters long, and they were two to three centimeters deep.

If it was an ordinary person, they would have already been corroded to death by the corpse core since they had exhausted their physical strength and lost too much blood. However, after taking the corpse core, they had almost reached their limit.

Suddenly, a player’s voice came from the front. Liu Wei An’s spirit was lifted and his eyes regained some clarity. With a turn, he saw a group of people holding torches. There were about twenty of them. Liu Wei An didn’t have the time to see who they were. His body burst forth with its last bit of potential. He sprinted a few steps and borrowed the momentum to charge up the rock wall.

“Buzz ~ ~ ~”

The terrifying bowstring trembled. Liu Xiangyan and the other players in front of him were all shocked. They subconsciously moved to defend, but the arrow struck empty air.

Liu Wei An didn’t shoot an arrow at all. He leaped seven or eight meters like a fly over a wall, and finally pa.s.sed the last person when he was out of strength. He appeared behind the crowd and activated the Earth Thrust Ring that he had been reluctant to use.

Innumerable spikes shot up into the sky and blocked off the path. The players were frightened and immediately dodged. They were afraid of being pierced, but they were in a mess and blocked Liu Xiangyan’s path.

When Liu Xiangyan killed all of the twenty-odd people and chased all of the earth spikes out with a single slash, Liu Wei An had already disappeared without a trace. He had already arrived at the exit of the cave.


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