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Read Rise Of Humanity Chapter 1090 – Retire And Return Home

Rise Of Humanity is a web novel completed by 宅猪 (Zai Zhu).
This lightnovel is presently ongoing.

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Chapter 1090: Retire and Return Home Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

King Zi Guang and Di Xiuluo walked out of the Heaven Breaching Fortress and returned to the Purple City. He turned around and sure enough, there were many messengers that traveled into the fortress. They were from the races in the Imperial Star, here to visit Zhong Yue.

Zhong Yue’s armies were unstoppable, they had conquered half of Heaven Court’s land, killing more than hundreds of millions of G.o.ds, built the Heaven Breaching Fortress and set up their base right in front of the Imperial Star, and organized the General a.s.sembly of Future Monarchs in the Heaven Breaching Fortress. All these merits had earned him great renown across the universe, even the races in the Imperial Star couldn’t resist but start planning for their future.

That way, if Zhong Yue really took down the Heaven Court and Mu Xiantian became the Heavenly Monarch, they would still have their places and power secured in the new regime.

In the Imperial Star, the many races were standing on the sidelines, their confidence in the Heaven Court faltering. Thus, the Heaven Court’s fate was falling back at a great speed, even Mo Yin with his Almanac of Fate could not stop the Heaven Court’s falling fate.

On the other hand, Zhong Yue’s fate was on the rise. And as long as he didn’t make a mistake, it would continue to do so. No matter how much Mo Yin reduces his fate, it would still grow day by day. Even Mo Yin’s uncanny ability was powerless against the whims of the universe.

“Di Xiuluo, Mister Yi is a formidable foe, isn’t he?” Zi Guang murmured.

Di Xiuluo didn’t answer while King Zi Guang continued as if he was only talking to himself, “It’s a good move to not move. To be able to bring the war to the Imperial Star’s doorstep, his ability is beyond reproach. If only he were Li Yang, how nice would that be…”

Months later, Zhong Yue and King Zi Guang both received Mu Xiantian’s order to attack the Heaven Court. Zhong Yue and King Zi Guang both replied and advised against the order.

Soon after, Mu Xiantian gave the same order which Zhong Yue ignored. Whereas King Zi Guang had personally gone to meet Mu Xiantian to explain the situation, “Imperial Emperor…”

Mu Xiantian laughed as he interrupted, “Zi Guang, still calling me Imperial Emperor? I am a monarch now, you should address me as Your Majesty!”

King Zi Guang shook, “Imperial Emperor, don’t you forget that your other half true body has yet to cultivate into the monarch level. Even if you did, as long as you are not the Heavenly Monarch, you are not His Majesty.”

Mu Xiantian was unpleasant, he smiled, “King Yi has long addressed me as His Majesty, only you always stayed so stubborn to change. Fine, I will announce to the universe tomorrow that I am to be my own monarch. Now, you can address me as Your Majesty?”

King Zi Guang’s face changed drastically, he quickly said, “No, you mustn’t! Imperial Emperor, during the Heavenly Monarch’s birthday celebration, seven monarchs had divided his fate. Other than Heavenly Monarch Di Ming and you, there are still five other monarchs. If you make yourself the Heavenly Monarch now, they will use this as an excuse of treason against Heaven and work together to eliminate us first!”

Mu Xiantian laughed, “I can refrain from making myself the Heavenly Monarch now, but you two have to launch the attacks.”

King Zi Guang was feeling helpless, he asked, “Imperial Emperor, if I address you as Your Majesty now, can Your Majesty not make yourself the Heavenly Monarch nor insist on launching the attacks, and wait for 30 years?”

Mu Xiantian shook, “Zi Guang, you’ve long aided me in my quest. So I will not hide it from you. Di Ming and Queen G.o.ddess used me to almost help them in opening their seventh secret realm. Although King Yi saw through their plan, it was too late. They are only a fine line from opening the seventh secret realm. Now, I can still defeat them both, but I will not be able to anymore if they have also opened the seventh secret realm. That is why I am rushing the both of you to launch the attacks.”

King Zi Guang frowned, he sighed, “Your Majesty, you should’ve listened to me.”

“What is done is done. Only by pushing forward the final battle with Di Ming and Queen G.o.ddess can I exterminate them and reap the fruit of victory!”

Mu Xiantian said, “It’s harder than I imagined for my celestial true body to cultivate into the monarch level. It will take at least a thousand years. If Di Ming and Queen G.o.ddess manage to open their seventh secret realm, they will not allow the war to be dragged on so long and will do all it takes to take me down!”

King Zi Guang shook, “Your Majesty, don’t forget one of King Yi’s father-in-laws is Celestial Monarch Jin Wu. With Celestial Monarch Jin Wu’s help, are you still afraid of Di Ming and Queen G.o.ddess? Please wait patiently for 30 years more, Your Majesty.”

Divine brilliance filled Mu Xiantian’s eyes, he smirked, “I have no trust in Celestial Monarch Jin Wu, and also King Yi!”

King Zi Guang could feel his scalps tingled and he asked carefully, “Why is Your Majesty suspicious toward King Yi?”

“I trust n.o.body.” Mu Xiantian laughed, “I only trust Zi Guang.”

King Zi Guang kept quiet, moments later, he said, “Your Majesty, your full trust in King Yi is required at this time, you shouldn’t doubt and… Your Majesty, be at ease, I will launch the attacks as ordered.”

Then, King Zi Guang returned to Purple City and ordered an attack on the Heaven Court’s military camps on the Heavenly River. But King Zi Guang’s attacks were only a show. He only sent small batches of soldiers to hara.s.s the enemies and avoided large-scale battles with the Heaven Court’s armies.

Even when Mo Yin wanted to march the armies out to exterminate the Purple City’s armies, he was unable to as Zhong Yue’s Heaven Breaching Fortress was just right beside.

The hara.s.sment lasted for months before Mu Xiantian gave his order again. He scolded Zhong Yue and Zi Guang and ordered them to launch the attacks and take down Heaven Court.

Zhong Yue received the order with consternation and quickly sent small batches of soldiers to hara.s.s the Heaven Court’s armies. A show they put up to ease Mu Xiantian’s heart.

But Mu Xiantian was instead angered by this. He personally went to the Heaven Breaching Fortress and summoned them both. He scolded the two commanders and ordered them to launch a full out attack on the Heaven Court on the spot.

“Your Majesty, I’ve grown old.” Zhong Yue bowed and said, “Time has taken a toll on my health, I am afraid that I can no longer command another war. Now, all I ask for is to resign from my position and enjoy my retirement life with my wives. Please, Your Majesty, allow me to retire and appoint a new commander to replace me. This is the commander’s seal. I recommend King Zi Guang to take my place!”

King Zi Guang’s face grew pallid while Mu Xiantian stared deeply at Zhong Yue. After a long time, he sneered, “You think without you, my Xian Tian Palace will not be able to take down Heaven Court? You think I can’t replace you? But I will! Pack your stuff and return to your Heaven Suppressing Prefecture! I’ll show you how I defeat the Heaven Court without you!”

King Zi Guang’s face changed drastically and he quickly said, “Your Majesty, no, you mustn’t!”

Mu Xiantian raised his hand, he sneered coldly, “Yes, I will! Zi Guang, take his place, you will command the Heaven Breaching Fortress and Purple City, and an additional force from me! Yi Feng, stay in your Heaven Suppressing Fortress and watch as I take down Heaven Court. Shame on you!”

Zhong Yue surrendered the commander’s seal and left the Heaven Breaching Fortress with Yin Fanxuan, Jin Hexi, Yi Wanjun, Shi Yinji, and Moon G.o.d. Mu Xiantian frowned. He saw Zhong Yue bring the Evolve Create Mystical Gate while the Hundun Clan’s Hundun Yu followed him away with the Fusang Divine Tree.

Jin Hexi brought away the Jinwu Clan’s forces, and the Yinkang Clan’s naval fleet brought their Heavenly River Suppression Cauldron and left with Yin Fanxuan, the ancient universe’s humans also packed their items and followed behind Zhong Yue.

Bi An also chased after Zhong Yue, and Old Man Xuan and Qi did the same.

In just a day, more than half of the Heaven Breaching Fortress’s top powers had left!

Mu Xiantian was quivering in extreme anger, but he didn’t stop them.

The Yinkang Clan were only here because of Zhong Yue. Yin f.u.kang said it himself, the Yinkang Clan wasn’t an ally to the Xian Tian Palace but Zhong Yue. If Zhong Yue was here, the Yinkang Clan would lend their help to the Xian Tian Palace. But if Zhong Yue was gone, they would not see any need to help the Xian Tian Palace anymore.

The same statement was echoed by the ancient universe’s humans when they surrendered to Zhong Yue. Whereas the Jinwu Clan experts were here as part of Jin Hexi’s dowry, they only followed Jin Hexi’s lead.

As for Hundun Yu, he was here under Hun Dun’s order to follow and observe Zhong Yue; Zhong Yue was Bi An’s Dao guardian, of course Bi An would have to stick close to Zhong Yue; Old Man Xuan and Qi surrendered to Zhong Yue, not Mu Xiantian. They had offended Mu Xiantian before, thus it came as no surprise that they would leave with him.

Zhong Yue’s departure had brought along 3 monarch weapons, more than 20 Imperial Emperors, and thousands of Deity Emperors and Creators with him!

King Zi Guang stomped his feet and plead, “Your Majesty, please bring King Yi!”

Mu Xiantian sneered coldly, “No need for him! He thinks I cannot take down the Heaven Court and become the Heavenly Monarch without his help, how dare he!”

King Zi Guang was feeling helpless, “I am not on par with him in the art of war. King Yi’s art of war is interconnected with his cultivation art, only a few commanders are able to do it. Furthermore, the armies in the Heaven Breaching Fortress are his soldiers, it’s far easier and smoother for him to command, if it’s me…”

Mu Xiantian smiled, “Zi Guang, worry not. I have some hidden forces with me too. Di Ming has only been a monarch for a few tens of thousand years and he’s already raised a monarch race. But I have lived more than a hundred thousand years, do you think this is the extent of my forces?”

King Zi Guang was shocked, he exclaimed, “Your Majesty, you…”

Mu Xiantian laughed, “Suge and the others are not my only descendants. They are only sons I have put in the lights whereas the rest, I have nurtured in the dark. I have a hundred thousand sons, they are a hundred thousand innate G.o.ds and formed two monarch races! They will be arriving soon and their appearance will shock the universe. With their help, you can take down the Heaven Court even without Mister Yi! Furthermore…”

Rays flashed in his eyes as he said, “My junior martial brothers are also dying to enter the mortal worlds. It’s time I let them join in the fun!”

King Zi Guang was startled, he murmured, “And Mister Yi…”

Mu Xiantian waved his hand, “Let him go back to his cave and die in it! When I conquer the universe, I will make him regret his decision today!”

King Zi Guang was left with no choice but to take over Zhong Yue’s commander’s seal and command the Heaven Breaching Fortress’s armies. But the armies were too huge, he couldn’t command them as smoothly as Zhong Yue.

“King Yi has been chased away by Mu Xiantian? It’s King Zi Guang that is commanding the Heaven Breaching Fortress’s armies now?”

In the Heavenly River Military Camp, Mo Yin’s spies reported the changes to him and he was dumbfounded. Then, he suddenly laughed loudly in happiness, “Mu Xiantian is really an idiot! Changing a commander in the frontline is the worst decision one can ever make in a war! Not only has he done it, he even replaced him with an amateur like Zi Guang! Defeat is the only fruit he will reap!”

Ting Daoji said solemnly, “Mister Mo, King Zi Guang is an advisor who has made his name with his unparalleled intelligence. You mustn’t underestimate him. I heard that it was him who raised the war between the Zhongyang Clan, Lilu Clan, and Diming Clan.”

Mo Yin smiled, “Of course I will not look down on him. But his domain is politics. He is no military tactician. I only need 30 percent of my intelligence to defeat his armies! Men, put up the No War sign!”

Lou Zhengshi was puzzled, they didn’t know why didn’t Mo Yin launch the attacks but even put up the No War sign.

Two months later, a messenger came to report, “An army of G.o.ds have arrived in reinforcement, they number in nearly a million, and their auras are fearsome!”

Mo Yin observed the opponent’s fate and was surprised, he said, “It’s the aura of princes! They are Mu Xiantian’s descendants! Mu Xiantian truly is incredible, his descendants are all Deity Emperors and Creators, some are even Imperial Emperors!”

Lou Zhengshi and the others were even more worried but Mo Yin was happier, he laughed, “Continue with the No War sign! We’ll exterminate Mu Xiantian’s descendants another day!”


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