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Read Rise Of Humanity Chapter 137 – Getting Away

Rise Of Humanity is a Webnovel created by 宅猪 (Zai Zhu).
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Chapter 137 – Getting Away

“This Saint Spirit does not have the ability to break open the dimension.”

Xin Huo flew into his psyche ocean and said quickly, “It launched its attack from another dimension! Strong … such tremendous power! To already command such terrifying power, this Saint Spirit must be nearing adulthood!”

Zhong Yue dashed out of the palace with lightning speed and he soon reached the hundred and eight stairs shortly after exiting the palace. The stairs did not manage to slow him down due to his ability to seal the totem carvings on the stairs with his own, just as he did when he went up the stairs previously.

At the same time, the spirit power of the jade liquid he absorbed began to take effect, causing an unbridled energy to surge towards his soul and Zhong Yue could feel his soul and spirit strengthening with extreme speed!

Soul is also referred to as the Yuan Shen and it is difficult to strengthen. The only reason Zhong Yue was able to do so with such rapid speed was that he had been absorbing the essence of the Beast G.o.d Inner core for the past half year. Yet despite this, his soul only increased up to twelve feet and there was still quite a gap for his soul to reach the average Yuan Shen level that the other stronger Qi Pract.i.tioners have!

Especially for those kind of Yuan Shens that was of a length of twenty feet, Yuan Shens that have reached that level would require increasingly disproportionate amounts of energy for even miniscule increased of merely an inch. The time need to strengthen them would also prolong the process by a few hundredfold!

However, the spiritual power from the jade liquid miraculously increased Zhong Yue’s Yuan Shen up to sixteen feet long in just a moment!

Zhong Yue dashed towards the portal and swiftly destroyed the portal leading straight to the Ming King palace before running out of the palace. In just that short period of time, his soul had been increased by over two feet and it was still increasing!

The benefits didn’t just stop at his soul, it also posed benefits to his spirit as well. In his two eyes, the sun and moon spirit was also nourished by the jade liquid, increasing the energy within them, causing them to grow even more powerful!

Other than that, Zhong Yue could feel that a Pure Yang Spirit Qi and Pure Yin Spirit Qi being born in his eyes!

Those were the Qi of Yin and Yang!

It was almost impossible for a Qi Pract.i.tioner to acquire the Qi of Yin and Yang; the sole reason Xin Huo forced him to cultivate both spirits was to acquire the Qi of Yin and Yang. Zhong Yue would supposedly only be able to achieve this once he had reached the level of Awakening. However, due to this unexpected boon, he was able to acquire the Yin and Yang Qi much earlier than expected!

“Visualize your Sui Sovereign, quick!”

Xin Huo urged him and said, “The jade liquid is a type of magical elixir that is a concoction of thousands of spirits. The water cannot be exposed to the air for long as the power contained within the elixir would eventually fade if left unsealed. If you wait any longer, the power of the elixir will fade so you must take this opportunity to direct all of the elixir’s power into your soul!”

Zhong Yue stepped onto the stone steps and dashed towards the bottom while his spirit in his psyche ocean turned into the form of Sui Sovereign as he visualized the Sui Sovereign. At the same time, rapid changes occurred in his psyche ocean and a huge and magnificent palace began to emerge from the ocean. Golden rays shined upon the palace and fire circled around it while countless totem carvings appeared on the surface of the palace – it was the Flame Order Palace!

He knew that chances like these come very rarely so if he only visualized the Sui Sovereign, it was possible he may not be able to condense enough spiritual power; hence, he also summoned the Flame Order Palace together with it!

The Sui Sovereign sat in the Flame Order palace and he extracted the spiritual power from the jade liquid. As he absorbed the spiritual power, the Sui Sovereign grew larger and even more divine, just like an ancient heavenly emperor!

The spiritual power in the jade liquid was voraciously absorbed by his soul and the sun and moon spirit in his eyes became even stronger. In his sun eye, the three-taloned golden crow inhaled a long breath and sucked in the fire of sun. Meanwhile, in the moon eye, the starry toad swallowed down the moon essence. With that, more and more Pure Yin and Yang Qi began to be generated in their bodies!

At the same time, Yu Xuanji and Hu Qimei supported each other and eventually managed to arrive near the eightieth step. Suddenly, Zhong Yue rushed towards them like the wind grabbed them by the sides, continuing to dash towards the bottom of the stairs without missing a beat.

The two of them felt confused as they had no idea as to the reason for Zhong Yue’s rush, but suddenly, a loud noise sounded out and they saw the huge palace collapsing. Their countenances changed in shock as dust billowed out everywhere from the ruins.

Zhong Yue then kept on running towards the bottom with the two monsters in tow as the stairs began to crumble, shattered by the power that was transmitted by the other dimension!

At that time, not even the so-called Monster G.o.d Ming King seals could do anything as although the Lotus Saint Spirit’s roots could not break through the dimension, its attacks that did manage to slip through the dimensional barrier were something that not even the seals cast by Ming King could resist!

Finally, Zhong Yue pa.s.sed through the hundred and eight stairs and he immediately step up his speed again, shortly breaking through the sound barrier!

Before Hu Qimei and Yu Xuanji could recover from their shock, the mountain where the palace was located started to disintegrate, crumbling and shattering, and just like that, the huge mountain disappeared in front of them.

The dimension started to tremble as if there was an invincible creature rampaging and it took a long time until the dimension calmed down!

Zhong Yue stopped walking and was panting as he put the duo down. The strange tentacle was nowhere to be seen, probably because the dimension was too far away from them and the strength of that Saint Spirit was still unable to travel so far.

The duo was still in shock and after a moment, they bowed and thanked Zhong Yue shortly thereafter.

“Xuanji has no way to repay my debt to you for saving us twice. Brother Long Yue, if you need me in the future, all you need to do is let me know!” said the relieved Yu Xuanji.

Hu Qimei hesitated and she bit her alluring lips as she said, “Is Brother Long Yue married? I could repay my debt to you by being your lover….”

Zhong Yue hurriedly shook his hands and he said, “You don’t have to do that Qimei, I take both of you as my friends so I will definitely help out if my friends are in need! If I had something on, you guys would try your best to help me too, right?”

Hu Qimei and Yu Xuanji looked at each other and turned in shame. They were working together with Zhong Yue so that they could snipe the other compet.i.tors, but in their hearts, they still viewed each other as opponents in the end.

When they arrived at the Black Mountain’s secret realm, Yu Xuanji and Hu Qimei even reminded themselves that when they ran into Zhong Yue, they would have to use their full strength to fight him for the name of the disciple of Saint City Lord.

However, out of their expectations, Zhong Yue had actually saved them twice, leaving them disquieted upon considering their hostile att.i.tudes in retrospect.

“Brother Long Yue, you will be my friend forever!” said the laughing Yu Xuanji as he raised his hands and shook hands with Zhong Yue.

“Same here!” said Hu Qimei as she did the same thing with Zhong Yue.

“By the way, why did the palace collapse? Could it be that a huge creature was sealed beneath it?”

Yu Xuanji looked from afar and lamented, “Countless secrets are buried under the ruins of the palace as it collapsed. The hidden truths are now hidden away from everyone.”

Zhong Yue replied, “I’ve triggered some seals in the palace  which triggered a chain reaction that ultimately ended in the palace’s collapse.”

Yu Xuanji and Hu Qimei felt confused as the scene back then did not look like the work of seals. It was more like an unknown monster that went off on a rampage around the palace. However, considering their debt of grat.i.tude towards Zhong Yue, they no longer probed seeing as Zhong Yue was loath to delve into details.”

Zhong Yue’s psyche ocean billowed as the spiritual power from the jade liquid continued the baptism of his soul, making his soul’s cultivation base stronger a few tenfold. Although he had yet to acquire the combat Yuan Shen, leaving his soul as a mere supporting instrument in his battles, it was now tens of times more terrifying and magnificent than before!

He could even feel that the energy within his soul had already surpa.s.sed the limits of his own body, reaching a level almost as strong as the Awakening level Qi Pract.i.tioners’ combat Yuan Shen!

The most crucial thing was that due to the fact that he visualized the Sui Sovereign and Flame Order Palace together, he did not waste any single bit of the spiritual power of the jade liquid as he absorbed them completely hundred percent.

As such, his soul had reached about the length of six feet, a result equivalent to almost three or four years of cultivation!

And the jade liquid was still improving his Yuan Shen, strengthening it!

At this rate, I will be able to achieve the peak level of the Rebirth level in at most half an hour of time!

The Rebirth level Qi Pract.i.tioners mainly focused on cultivating their spirit to achieve the Spirit-Body as One level so that they could ascend to the Awakening level atop a st.u.r.dy foundation.

Then, in the Awakening level, Qi Pract.i.tioners would have to cultivate their spirit into the combat Yuan Shen and to achieve the five elemental wheel, infinity wheel and the other secret levels pertaining to the Yuan Shen. Due to this, their Yuan Shen must be incredibly strong and if the spirit was not strong enough, they would be able to open their wheels. The reason why some Qi Pract.i.tioners were stuck in the Rebirth level for eternity because their spirit level increased way too slowly, leaving their spirit too weak to open their wheels and the secret level of Yuan Shen.

Zhong Yue’s heart thumped quickly in shock at the rapid surge of increasing power. The jade liquid helped him achieve something that would typically take others a few tens of years to achieve in a very short period of time!

Six feet, seven feet, eight feet….

His spirit continued to grow and as he visualized Sui Sovereign and Flame Order Palace, he absorbed even more spiritual power and he transmitted it into every part of his soul and nourished the sun and moon spirit.

“Brother Long Yue, after you slew King Teng, Heaven Monster Li Jun came here to kill you.”

Yu Xuanji and Hu Qimei got up and walked towards the outside of the Black Mountain’s secret realm together with Zhong Yue while reiterating the incident to Zhong Yue. Yu Xuanji then said as he panted, “He wanted to take advantage of your exhausted state, but he was unable to enter the Ming King palace and then left in humiliation. Now, after receiving the heritage of Ming King, I am sure that with his temperament, he will definitely come back looking for trouble with you.”

“Other than that, he is very famous among the monsters in the Xian Kong Saint City and he is the secret disciple of the Saint City Lord. In his view, we are peasants and he is the main character. However, after seeing you kill King Teng and revealing your power, he has deemed that your existence is a threat to his previously infallible position. He will not let you go easily for sure!”

Hu Qimei said with a pale face, “After he and we arrive at the city, he will definitely stir a ruckus in an attempt to kill you because he has the confidence that can do so. After all, he had already been cultivating the【Monster G.o.d Ming King’s Art】 far longer than you. But as time, the chances of him killing you will be lower.”

Yu Xuanji coughed and said, “Therefore, after arriving at the city, if he provokes you, you must refrain from acting recklessly for at least another two or three years. Only then, are you return to beat the s.h.i.t out of him!”

Zhong Yue nodded and he replied, “Thanks for the advice, but is he really such a person?”

Hu Qimei shook her head and replied, “He is the best-looking man in the monsters and enjoys a huge number of supporters and maintains good relationships with many factions. But who knew he was such an insidious individual! Back then, I’ll admit that he caused my heart to flutter. I would’ve even shamelessly screamed in happiness if he were to simply smile at me. But now… all I want is to spit in his face!”

Yu Xuanji then replied, “Although the truth is as such, his strength is undoubtedly superior to King Teng and he is definitely the strongest Rebirth level Qi Pract.i.tioner for sure. Brother Long Yue, restrain yourself for a moment and plan your course of action after becoming the final disciple of the Saint City Lord. If you were killed by him, then everything would be in vain!”

Zhong Yue nodded again and replied, “I will. Don’t worry.”

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