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Read Rise Of Humanity Chapter 515 – When The Paths End; Misfortune Always Comes With Company

Rise Of Humanity is a Webnovel created by 宅猪 (Zai Zhu).
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Read WebNovel Rise Of Humanity Chapter 515 – When The Paths End; Misfortune Always Comes With Company

Chapter 515 – When The Paths End; Misfortune Always Comes with Company

Lang Qingyun’s fear-filled face stiffened up and his eyes dimmed down, the last thought that crossed his mind was, If only I chose to fight to the death instead of bowing down to the insects, I might still be have my reputation after my death…

His middle head was cleaved open by the demon sword, and his other two heads were all destroyed by the willow leaf jade sword’s demonic aura. Bo Xun was an expert no weaker than Lang Qingyun, and the willow leaf jade sword was a divine weapon forged by Demon Saint — it was no surprise that he could kill Lang Qingyun with an ambush strike.

After the willow leaf jade sword killed Lang Qingyun, it reached Princess Jin Xiu’s forehead like a flash of lightning. But a huge banner abruptly appeared in front of her and stopped the willow leaf jade sword.

The fluttering banner unloaded the sword’s power, and in the next second, Bo Xun dashed over to the front. He clenched the jade sword and struck at Princess Jin Xiu continuously.

On the other side, Zhong Yue called Husan Weng and said like an ill patient, “Husan Weng, give me some carrot juice…”

Husan Weng heard him and it hopped up from the ground while shouting, “You want my blood?”

“I’m dying, your blood can save my life,” Zhong Yue mumbled as he forced himself to speak, “Husan Weng is most loyal to his friends…”

“Alright, alright, I get it, I’m the most loyal friend one can ever ask for,” seeing that Zhong Yue was really dying, Husan Weng heaved a long breath and raised its hand. There weren’t any fingers on its palm as they had all been plucked by Zhong Yue. With an immensely pained face, Husan Weng made a small wound on the middle of its palm and squeezed out some carrot juice into Zhong Yue’s mouth.

Zhong Yue’s face turned better and he said, “Carry me, and run.”

Husan Weng turned back and look at Bo Xun, it said puzzlingly, “Then he…”

Zhong Yue shook his head in reply, “This incarnation of mine is no match for Princess Jin Xiu.”

Husan Weng quickly carried Zhong Yue on its back and hesitated as it look at the Divine Wing Saber, “This saber, it’s too heavy I can’t…”

Zhong Yue shook his head and said, “Leave it, let’s go!”

Husan Weng turned and bolted out as fast as he could. Zhong Yue was in a really bad state now, he forced himself to open his eyes so he wouldn’t fall asleep. Even with the support of Husan Weng’s blood, his injuries were still too much, and blood continually streamed out of his wounds.

He didn’t dare to sleep, because if he slept, no one would control over Bo Xun, and his demon incarnation would be killed by Princess Jin Xiu in an instant. By then, their end wouldn’t be far from them anymore.

He opened his eyes as widely as he could, persisting and fighting against the temptation to fall into unconsciousness. The longer Bo Xun could stall Princess Jin Xiu, the further they could escape.

“Husan Weng, why are you moving slower than before?” Zhong Yue smiled bitterly and said.

“How dare you speak of this!? Do you have no shame!” Husan Weng was piqued as he said, “I bet you wouldn’t be any faster than I am now if you don’t your toes! This is all because of you who ate all my toes!”

Zhong Yue was coughing blood out as he smiled, “Relax, I will repay you once we get back to Swords Gate. A huge repayment.”

Husan Weng smirked and said, “I want ten times more G.o.dly soil that the others … Hey, don’t sleep, please, don’t sleep. Talk to me! If you sleep, who is going to be there to stall that mother insect?”

Zhong Yue was struck with a wave of dizziness, and suddenly, he opened his eyes again. For a second there, he almost lost his consciousness and in that split second, Bo Xun’s movements faltered. A flaw emerged in Bo Xun’s stance that was immediately taken advantage of by Princess Jin Xiu, allowing her to suppress him in the battle.

“Mister Zhong, you can’t sleep, you mustn’t!” Husan Weng was bolting away at a great speed. The huge carrot saw that Zhong Yue was going to fall asleep again and it gritted its teeth. Husan Weng pulled off one of his arms and threw it into Zhong Yue’s mouth.

“Mister Zhong, my life will either end in your hands, or in your mouth. You can’t sleep now, if you sleep, who am I going to ask for G.o.dly soil…”

With the carrot’s arm, Zhong Yue was feeling a lot better and was able to stop the injuries from worsening. Husan Weng’s speed was quite fast, they traveled past mountains and rivers as the carrot kept panting with exhaustion.

But Husan Weng was still moving forward without stopping to rest for a single second. It was a divine herb, and divine herbs couldn’t cultivate, thus, Husan Weng wasn’t able to fly in the air and could only resort to running.

After some time, Zhong Yue suddenly sighed and he said bitterly, “Husan Weng, let me down. Bo Xun … is dead.”

He stopped for a few seconds and said, “Let me down, you can still make it on your own…”

Husan Weng gritted its teeth tight and moved forward without answering Zhong Yue.

Zhong Yue sighed, he didn’t have much energy to speak anymore. He turned his head back and saw many patches of clouds in the sky. Princess Jin Xiu stood on the clouds formed by the insect experts as they carried her on their backs. At this rate, it wouldn’t be long before she caught up to Zhong Yue and Husan Weng.

The other patches of clouds formed together to carry the Divine Wing Saber on their backs. It was truly a magnificent view.

Bo Xun had been killed by Princess Jin Xiu and thus, the willow leaf jade sword fell into her hands as well.

Zhong Yue was silent, Husan Weng was still running. But as a mere divine herb, it couldn’t hope to be faster than Princess Jin Xiu.

Finally, the insect clouds had reached over their heads. The insect experts descended from the sky and surrounded them in the center of their formation.

Husan Weng stopped, it glared its eyes around and prepared to fight until the end of its life.

Zhong Yue was placid, he said, “Let me down, Husan Weng.”

Husan Weng placed Zhong Yue down to the ground. Although Zhong Yue’s injuries were no longer worsening, they were still as severe as before. The direct clashes with the insect magnates broke his totem patterns in and out of his body and Yuan Shen. It was already a miracle he was able to still survive until this point in time.

Husan Weng’s medicinal efficacy could stop the injuries from worsening, but it couldn’t rejoin the broken bones or repair the damaged totem patterns.

“Zhong Yue, where can you run now?” Princess Jin Xiu sauntered over. Her condition was relatively better than Zhong Yue. The mother insects’ secret realms were comparable to small countries; many insects lived in their Yuan Shen secret realms, all of them her descendents.

So long as these insects were still in her Yuan Shen secret realms, Princess Jin Xiu would be able to devour them to recover her own strength.

“Just one man, and you killed so many of my experts. Zhong Yue, you are really incredible, do you know that?” Princess Jin Xiu praised, “We insects have been wandering around in this universe our whole lives. Along the way, countless planets were destroyed and countless livings were killed. While you, you have the gall to come onto our land and kill over 200 magnates of the insect race. You are really amazing!”

She praised Zhong Yue openly in front of all the other insects, it was as if the victims that died in Zhong Yue’s hands weren’t her peers but unrelated bugs instead.

Zhong Yue smiled, he replied, “You’re making me blush, princess.”

“You know, by right, I should be killing you. But seeing that you killed so many of my people, I have a different plan for you.” Princess Jin Xiu laughed back and her eyes lit up. She smiled, “I want to upgrade you, modify you into an insect and to prevent you from turning on us, I will let my child parasite in your brain. Relax, it will just eat some part of your brain away and act in place of those missing parts.”

She opened her hand and revealed a white, twitching bug on her palm.

Zhong Yue laughed, “I must admit, it does look delicious. It should have some flavor after being fried and seasoned.”

Princess Jin Xiu was smiling, “You still have the guts to laugh now, I really admire your bravery. But soon, you won’t be able to laugh anymore.”

She strode toward Zhong Yue and Husan Weng was stressed, the huge carrot stepped forward and stood on her path.

Zhong Yue’s heart sank and just as he was going to connect with the Shao Hao Bell, the earth around them quaked violently. An ice mountain abruptly sank into the ground.

Princess Jin Xiu was shocked as she looked over and saw a huge snake slithering out from underground.

The snake was over a few hundred miles long, it slithered out from the underground and reached the dark side of the insect planet. On its body were many wounds and injuries, but it was still lively with energy.

“Monster G.o.d, Yu Wenju?” Zhong Yue’s heart thumped heavily.

The snake suffused a G.o.dly aura and monstrous Qi. It was also shocked when it saw so many insect experts around but heaved a breath of relief as soon as it realized that there weren’t any G.o.ds around. The giant snake casually swung its tail over and killed countless insect experts with just one swing.

“Finally, I managed to escape. Hei, those bugs, do they really think they can stop me? Don’t they know the snake G.o.ds are masters in traveling underground? As long as I can leave the insect planet, it’ll just take a few years time to return back in Ancestral Star … Hm? Little brat of the human race!”

The monster G.o.d noticed Zhong Yue and rolled its snake eyes. Then, it looked at Zhong Yue and Princess Jin Xiu in shock.

“You are still alive!”

The monster G.o.d’s body turned into the figure of a middle-aged scholar looking man. Yu Wenju scrutinized Zhong Yue from tip to toe and he exclaimed in shock, “How are you still alive! You brat! The G.o.ds of Ancestral Star were nearly all dead and even I struggled to reach here. How can you still be alive until now?”

Zhong Yue wanted to answer but he suddenly burst into a series of coughings. He spurted out a mouth of blood and answered while smiling, “It’s a miracle to see Senior Yu able to survive the insect G.o.ds as well. Senior Yu, this insect expert is a princess of the mother insect race, I plead senior to kill her.”

Princess Jin Xiu’s face changed drastically as she frantically took a few steps back.

However, Yu Wenju didn’t look at her as he stared closely at Zhong Yue, his face was changing continuously and suddenly, he hissed and said, “What can that bug be? But you, you are the biggest enemy to the monster race. The insect planet is too far from us but the Great Wilderness is just in front of our doorstep. If you ascend to deityhood, the monster race will be in danger. By that time, I don’t think I can be strong enough to stop you anymore…”

Princess Jin Xiu’s eyes brightened up, she heaved a breath and thought, It seems like this monster G.o.d wants to kill the Zhong Yue more than kill me. This is my chance to escape!

She moved back a few miles and abruptly spread out her cicadlike wings before flying away.

Princess Jin Xiu was overjoyed as she made her way out. All of a sudden, a long tongue shot over and curled around her. Yu Wenju rolled his tongue back and swallowed Princess Jin Xiu into his stomach. He hissed and said, “This little girl is so naive … Now, it’s time for you to go, Zhong Yue!”

A wave of G.o.dly aura burst out from the monster G.o.d. Yu Wenju cast out a venomous fang and thrust it down on Zhong Yue, while he smiled and said, “What a lucky day, I can kill you and plunder half a Divine Wing Saber in one go!”

In Zhong Yue’s psyche ocean, Xin Huo shouted out loud, “Brat Yue, what are you waiting for? Call that little fatty Shao Hao Bell … Wait!”

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