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Rise Of Humanity is a web novel completed by 宅猪 (Zai Zhu).
This lightnovel is presently ongoing.

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Chapter 706: You Are Already Dead

Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

Zhong Yue was very curious about this Teng Kun; he was a mixed blood of four races, had cultivated the celestial, demonic, monster and insect races’ techniques and merged them into one, a feat that carried even more risk than Zhong Yue’s [Celestial Demon Tai Chi Art].

When Zhong Yue merged the celestial and demonic power into one, he mainly relied on his f.u.xi True Body and his f.u.xi Yuan Shen to act as a medium to unify the two conflicting powers, thus, eliminating the danger.

If he failed to resolve the conflict between the two powers, he would die immediately when the two different powers exploded within his body!

And for Teng Kun who cultivated the power of four races at the same time, his main problem would still be the same as Zhong Yue, which was the celestial and demonic power; the monster’s power was considered as the celestial power and the insect’s power was the demonic power.

If this Teng Kun continued cultivating in the same manner, he would only end up dying. He didn’t even have the f.u.xi True Body and f.u.xi Yuan Shen to keep the balance between the two conflicting power and that would become a huge trouble in the future.

Zhong Yue recalled when Xin Huo once told him about one of the Xin Huo inheritors that cultivated the two conflicting powers and died after encountering a strong foe that saw through the secrets of his techniques and destroyed the balance of the two powers, causing the powers inside the body of the inheritor to explode.

Zhong Yue looked at Teng Kun from head to toe; if Teng Kun ran into some other Qi Pract.i.tioners, he would perhaps triumph over his opponents, but if it was Zhong Yue, his weakness would be seen through by Zhong Yue. His ending would only be the same as that inheritor’s!

Teng Kun then slowly walked towards Zhen Yan of the Myriad Realm. Zheng Yan was donned in a white robe in her hands was a fly-whisk that was slightly longer than one foot. She said as she shook her head, “Senior Martial Brother Teng, forgive me for not allowing you to take over my place here.”

Teng Kun, however, ignored her and continued walking towards Zheng Yan while saying, “Senior martial sister, whether or not you can keep your seat depends on your abilities and Evil G.o.d Zhong’s. If you are not stronger than him, then senior martial sister will have to move aside and seek another chance.”

As he spoke, his presence rose and while facing Teng Kun who shown clear hostility, a smile blossomed on Zheng Yan’s face and the fly-whisk on her hands flew up and the silk stripes on the whisk spread around and they started spinning rapidly.

In an instant, golden Qi surrounded them and these Qi started to tear the dimension apart with extremely sharp presence!

Teng Kun’s expression changed slightly and he said, “Innate Gold Spirit Body?”

The silk stripes on the fly-whisk changed again; they became soft again like huge vines with great weight and later, they changed and gave off a feeling that they were as heavy as huge logs.

Teng Kun’s expression changed again, the stripes transformed again; this time, they turned orange and their weight intensified by more than ten times and again, they changed again as fiery fire blazed on the stripes. Then, rapid changes occured on the stripes again and this time, water started forming around the stripes and again, they turned back normal but remained spinning quickly.

“Innate five elements? You are a Five Element Innate Spirit Body?”

This time, Teng Kun’s expression changed tremendously and Zhong Yue and the others were also the same; they were all shocked at the mastery on the five elements displayed by Zheng Yan and she was most probably the Five Element Innate Spirit Body that was one of the strongest among the innate spirit bodies out there!

“No, something’s not right. It has been more than twenty thousand years since the appearance of the Five Element Innate Spirit Body within our Six Paths World. If you really are one, there would be records of you in h.e.l.l. You are merely just a reverse five elemental!”

Teng Kun backed off slightly and he said with a smile, “You are most likely one of the spirit bodies but not the five elemental one. What you did was using the cycles and relationship of reversal and generation of the five elements to cultivate the Five Elemental Innate True Spirit. However, I can tell that the technique you obtained was an incomplete one, you had only cultivated a type of innate true spirit and you are still far from cultivating the five elemental, but you have already entered the Imminent Deity level. From this, I can guarantee that the incomplete technique you obtained could only allow you to awaken only one element.”

His explanation was then verified when Zheng Yan nodded and she said, “So, do you wanna try?”

Everyone then felt relieved at the fact that Zheng Yan was not a true Five Element Innate Spirit but one that cultivated it by making use of the five elements’ nature cycles, which couldn’t allow her to awaken the five elements that would make her unreasonably strong!

But even so, Zheng Yan still proved herself as a formidable foe; the five elements could generate mutually but also counter each other and with the addition of the Six Paths Reincarnation that allowed her to convert the power of five elements, she was still someone they had to watch out for!

Zhong Yue then suddenly thought of something and when he looked at Zheng Yan, an idea rose up in his mind, She knew the reversal technique well as the technique that made use of the five elements cycle? If I can get my hands on those techniques, I can teach it to Senior Martial Sister Jun and Jin’er. But I a.s.sume that she will not be willing to teach me….

At this time, Zhong Yue was very envious of Feng Xiaozhong as if it was Feng Xiaozhong in this case, he would’ve captured the lady long ago and started dissecting her to research on.

But that was something Feng Xiaozhong would do, not Zhong Yue.

“Nope, can’t guarantee my safety,” replied Teng Kun to Zheng Yan’s question and when he backed off, he looked at Xuan Xue of Celestial Realm and said, “Senior Martial Sister Xuan, I see no movements from your side for you do not know the strength of your opponent. Now, I will try to test their strength first and do you have any measures that could allow you to stay on the high ground?”

Xuan Xue giggled and she replied, “My backup plans and hidden techniques are definitely not as good as Evil G.o.d Zhong’s and Senior Martial Sister Zheng Yan but I’m afraid that I could still hold you back easily. However, there is no need of referring me as senior martial sister. I am a celestial emperor who has already been reincarnated for five generations and I was a man for all my lives. It is only this life that it happened for me to be reborn as a woman. You may call as your senior martial brother.”

“Five generation celestial emperor!”

Zhong Yue was shocked and so were the others. They all looked at Xuan Xue who smiled back at them and she said again, “If I do not show my power, I a.s.sume that it would be hard to convince all of you but I still need you to help scouting out the capabilities of the others for me. Fine, I suppose that if I identified out your weaknesses, I could still sort of justify what I said.”

She added, “Your weakness is on the power that you cultivated, with just a minor disruption in the balance of the powers you cultivated, you will explode and the powers within you will kill you in the blink of an eye, not even your soul will survive.”

Teng Kun had a shock and he quickly stopped moving and he turned around towards the finger where Dai Wuji of the Earth Realm stood.

Zhong Yue had a shock too as he saw through the weakness of Teng Kun because he cultivated two powers as well but when Xuan Xue knew about his weakness as well, she was probably telling the truth about her being a five generations celestial emperor!

My final opponent is the strongest among them, and that is probably going to be her!

Dai Wuji on the other hand, maintained an expressionless face and when he waved his hand, silk appeared out of nowhere and on the silks hung ninety nine bells that created ear drumming noise.

Teng Kun stopped right away and stepped back. Then, he turned to Xuan Bin of Heaven Realm who stood on the tip of Realm Lord Si’s middle finger, he smiled and asked, “Senior Martial Brother Xuan Bin, how about you?”

Xuan Bin laughed and said proudly, “I am from the Black Tortoise Celestial Race.”

“What then?” asked Teng Kun as he continued walking towards him with a smile.

Xuan Bin frowned right away and he said again, “Is this not enough?”

“I know that the Black Tortoise Celestial Race is on the same level as the Azure Dragon, White Tiger and Phoenix Race. You are one of the most n.o.ble celestial races within the Heaven Realm but this is not enough to stop me.” said Teng Kun as he continued to advancement, “Do you mind allowing me to have a glimpse of your power? If your strength is beyond my level, I will turn around right away and leave this palm.”

Xuan Bin shouted angrily and his shouted sounded like a dragon roar and a huge apparition of a Mystic Turtle and Flying Serpent appeared behind his back. His celestial blood was so intense and when the two bloodline merged together, the Mystic Turtle became his strongest shield and Flying Serpent became his sharpest spear!

Xuan Bin’s body suddenly split into two; one part had a turtle sh.e.l.l behind his back and he had draconic serpent tails and another part of his body was a serpent with thousand wings. These two part of his body had light wheels behind their head, each with a Pan Gu Celestial and they said, “Is this enough?”

And that was the reason why Black Tortoise Celestial Race was one of the strongest races in the Heaven Realm; they could split into two people that were each able to cultivate independently. Upon merging together again, the acc.u.mulated strength would endow one with unG.o.dly amounts of power. With a shield that could block all attacks in the world and a spear that could rip through all defences, that was what the Black Tortoise Celestial Race depended on to occupy their lofty position in the world.

Upon seeing this, Teng Kun walked away with a pale face and he said, “Amazing, Senior Martial Brother Xuan Bin. I admire you, I really do. Now, I suppose I should get out of here quickly before I lose my puny life….”

As soon as he turned around, countless vines crawled out from the light wheel behind his head and they twined and shot straight towards Xuan Bin who was still halfway merging his body back!

Xuan Bin was caught off guard right away and as soon as he wanted to raise his defences up again, the vine spear splitted, maneuvered around Xuan Bin’s sh.e.l.l and turned into the spear again which bore through Xuan Bin’s Flying Serpent body!

After piercing through Xuan Bin’s Flying Serpent body, the vine spear splitted and started growing into even more vines with hooks on them. As the vines grew, they sucked off the flesh and nutritions in Xuan Bin’s Flying Serpent body!

These hooks were weapons forged from the blood of insect race but unlike the insect race, these hooks were imbued within the vines and they would expose their fangs when needed.

The remaining body of Xuan Bin quickly backed off and when Xuan Bin tried to flee, Teng Kun disappeared without a trace and before he appeared in front of Xuan Bin again, his voice could be heard, “It’s too late now, senior martial brother.”

Xuan Bin roared angrily but just as he roared, Teng Kun slithered right into his mouth like a snake and he went right into Xuan Bin’s stomach.

Xuan Bin was stunned and in shock as soon as Teng Kun went right into his body and at the next second, his body started to deflate and his flesh was eaten by Teng Kun.

Teng Kun then dug out from the dead skin of Xuan Bin and when he stood on the place where Xuan Bin once stood, he said, “Dear senior martial brothers and senior martial sisters, I’ve won a round and removed an opponent from this game. Now, I suppose it’s your time now? I suggest picking an opponent for yourself, then after eliminating the opponent, we can begin the battle among the three of us.”

Zhong Yue lifted his brows and when he looked at Dai Wuji, Xuan Xue and Zheng Yan, he realized that they were looking at him as well and they all exchanged glances.

Dai Wuji then said coldly, “If that’s the case, then I wish to receive some challenge from Evil G.o.d Zhong. I’ve always been wanting to see that divine saber of yours, Evil G.o.d Zhong.”

“Sister Xuan Xue, since Evil G.o.d Zhong was picked by Dai Wuji, I guess it’s the two of us now,” said Zheng Yan as she smiled.

Xuan Xue on the other hand, frowned and she said, “Don’t call me sister, call me senior martial brother. But you, you’re cute so I might spare you life.”

Dai Wuji stretched his hands out and when he slammed his palms together, the silk with the bells dangling on it shot out from his wrist and the ninety nine bells enlarged. As they flew in the air, the mouth of the bells were facing towards Zhong Yue and loud bell noises started shooting towards Zhong Yue!

At the same time, Xuan Xue and Zheng Yan shouted and they both clashed together!

Teng Kun’s eyes lit up upon seeing this and suddenly, he pounced at Dai Wuji and said, “After this battle, there will be three of us left and how are we going to battle fair and square at that time? Evil G.o.d Zhong, why don’t we team up against Brother Dai!”

“No thanks!” replied Zhong Yue while his sun and moon spirit let out a roar that clashed with the soundwaves from the bell.”

“Then I will take you down with Brother Dai!”

Teng Kun bursted out laughing and he turned around in the air right away as he shouted, “Let’s see how strong your divine saber is!”

In an instant, the vine spear of his was already in front of Zhong Yue and Zhong Yue merely lifted his finger against the attack and he backed off utilizing the impact of the attack.

The vine spear then splitted into thousand vines and they swarmed towards Zhong Yue while Teng Kun who was smiling emerged behind Zhong Yue but in the next second, fear and panic replaced the grin on his face!


A loud boom shuddered the air around and brought a moment of complete silence to the experts as Teng Kun’s body exploded without a sign. Along with his body, his soul and Yuan Shen was destroyed in the blast completely!

“Told you I didn’t need it.”

G.o.dly rays shrouded Zhong Yue from the green blood that splashed around and he said calmly, “You were already dead from the time I saw through your secrets.”


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