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Rise Of Myriad Magic Emperor is a web novel made by Evernightlord.
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[Chronos Magic Academy, Outer court]

Instructor Kabe is standing before the teleporter hall with David and old black beside him and roll calling the students name one by one.

Lizel, Regas, Tylon, Chis, Jude and Mira were standing beside each other and looking around and cannot find any student of third years or Kai.

Beside them were four students from final year of magic user branch and they are very much familiar.

This not that the number of magic user in final years are less than battle mage, instead their are more. The reason only four of them are here is because all other have already graduated one month ago and join different organisations.

But the thing which made them feel puzzle is the absence of Kai and third year students.

The last time they met with Kai was three days ago in the cla.s.sroom and after that he suddenly vanished. When they went to his dormitory.The dormitory incharge told them that he has been taken by Instructor David for special training and still have not returned.

Just when they were thinking about this issue.

Instructor Kabe replied them.

“Cough cough. You guys may be wondering. Why are the students from third year are not here?”

Hearing that everybody nodded.

“Yesterday, we received a message from Duke Vorn and Duke Raleigh.In which they have informed us that there has been recent changes in the ancient battlefield in these two days. Anybody whose cultivation is below peak stage of magic warrior would be died as soon as someone step into the territory of ancient battlefield. Facing such a situation. Academy had to made a quick decision and cancelled the plan of taking the third year students with us. Leaving only you guys to partic.i.p.ate in the mission”declared Kabe 

On getting such a information right before the beginning of their mission really effected their mind set. After all this means the number of persons who can help them during the mission have significantly reduced with their chances of coming back.

In these two days of time. They have all gathered information on ancient battlefield and more they have known about it more depressed they have become.

The number of persons who have died during the undead outbreak, mysterious disease and deaths. Which have been increasing day to day arround the ancient battlefield.

In one of the doc.u.ments in was mentioned that there are hundreds of rank 5 undead inside the inner parts of ancient battlefield.

While none have dared to enter the core part of ancient battlefield in last ten thousand years.

Seeing that atmosphere is becoming a little tense and motivation level of the students is going down.

David came forward and clapped to get the attention of the students

“You guys don’t have to worry so much; you guys work are just going to do scouting of the outer domain of ancient battlefield and send info about the current status of change in Ancient battlefield from time to time.

Also for the safety of the students in case of emergency. Academy is sending a magic champion stage expert with instructor Kabe.

So cheer up guys, academy is not cruel to send it’s own students to mouth of death”

Said David with a smile.

Hearing that everyone mood became a little better. After all academy is sending a magic champion stage expert with them.

When they hearing of footsteps and voice of a girl and a boy.

Turning around they saw Kai and a girl with twin tail wearing a blue s.h.i.+rt and a mini skirt with a red robe reaching up to the floor; walking side by side each other and taking.

“Master, you can’t just disappear like that, do you how worried Alice and I were, only because Aunt Deflonia told us that Instructor David have taken you to a special place for training did we felt relieved.

“You don’t have to be angry. It was just a sudden event and I don’t have time to tell you”said Kai with a helpless expression on his face. While looking at Alina angry expression.

Kai met Alina on his way to teleporter of outer domain and she suddenly started complaining about the irresponsible behaviour of not tell others before disappearing.

As Kai sighed”I and Alina only know each other for less than a week and his girl already act like they are some close friend, who had known eachother for years. But he can feel her sincerity and worry from her words as well as expression; I have never judge a person character wrong and know that she had willingly volunteered for this mission. Just to ensure his safety while knowing that her family members may come after her or even treat him like a traitor. If she is willing to do so much for him; how can he be cruel to not show some sincerely in his action”thought Kai

“Sorry, just trust me this time. It will not happen again and I probably will let you know, if I go for some training later”said Kai as he join his hand and apologize to her.

Seeing this Alina anger came down a bit and wispered something in his years.

“I accept master apology for now. But you will need to saw your sincerely in bed tonight master”

“How did the topic end up going in this direction and the issue is that we are going on a journey. Where do you expect to find bed or do you want me to f.u.c.k you in open area”thought Kai

While Alina just smiled mysteriously as they slowly walk towards the outer region teleporter hall.

While David told old black to started adjusting the coordination of the outer region teleporter while Kade introduced Alina to other and Kai got introduced to the four students of magic user branch.

Whose names are Tasha, Klaus, Palma and Dilo.

Tasha was a girl with short evergreen colour hair with a broad forehead and a height of 170cm with a cheerful expression.

Standing beside her is Klaus who look like a gentleman with a trimed black hair and wearing making him look like a studies and serious guy who live by the rules.

While the guy name Palma standing beside him is completely opposite to him with uncombed and shaby hair; wearing ear rings and scar on cross shaped scar on cheek with a average body. Making him look like a thug, but him you take to him for a while. You will find he is the most quite the friendly guy and he is boyfriend of Tasha.

Standing he beside him is Dilo or the cool dude and loner of magic user branch with long blonde hair, crystal blue eyes and fair skin and expressionless handsome face.

It is hard to believe that this guy is a loner his presence is his hard to detect, if one does not focus.

Kai would have thought that this guy is born with such kind of presence even with his handsome looks. If he was not a s.p.a.ce attribute magic users himself and can feel that he is using s.p.a.ce magic to reduce is presence.

“Intresting, this guy sensitivity to s.p.a.ce law is very high and can use s.p.a.ce magic which even other find hard to detect. I will ask David later, if this guy has joined any force or where is his place of origin”thought Kai.

Seeing this Kai just smiled at him while Dilo who was standing before him felt like he had been stripped of all his clothes and standing before a ancient beast ready to devour him as his legs tremble and almost p.i.s.sed himself.

After sometime he calm himself down and look at Kai who is talking with his cla.s.smates and laughing.

“This guy is dangerous. Just who is he? Has he found my secret. I should just stay as much as far away from as possible”thought Dilo while panicking.

Ofcourse he does not know. Even if he want to avoid Kai. He will never be able to escape from his grasp and will change his destiny forever.

When they were talking old black was finally done with the adjustment and told David.

“Attention students, teleporter is ready. Now enter the teleporter one by one by forming a row before the teleporter”said David.

Everybody nodded and stood up in a row and enter the teleporter.

[Other side of teleporter]

Coming out of the teleporter Kai found himself standing him a stone platform with a gaint white metalic structure machine with a front like a beak of a bird narrowing down in the front and expanding into a rectangle shaped body with ten rectangular room of five meter length of with gla.s.s window and two doors connected with it and again the same form in the end with iron rails below.

“Amazing right”said David who came out of the teleporter with old black.

“This is the result of magic and engineering. We call it a magic train with engine which convert ethereal in the atmosphere into energy by using two thirty centimetres dia rank six magic orb on both front and back engine and many other small orbs in the middle. It cost a total of hundred million gold coin to construct this machine and can run at the speed of 300 kilometres per hour at max.

You guys are going to travel to railway station near the ancient battlefield and will take a time of two day to reach there”

Everyone nodded.

Through they have traveled in train during their mission.This was the first time they are seeing a train which can move at such a high speed while for Kai it was a complete new experience.

He had only heard about the trains from his grandfather who told him that they didn’t introduce the railway in Buraford kingdom because it will put to much pressure on the finance department for the creation and maintenance and only three empires can effort it.

Master Daoma also said that development of railways is meaningless because after the world barrier is gone.

He will find better means of transportation then these slow trains but looks at the magic train. Kai was thinking if there is method faster than this.

Sometimes later everyone alloted their own room which they will have to share with a partner.

Ofcourse girl and boys are not going to share the same room like in academy.

So Kai roomate was Dilo who was panicking while everyone abroad the train one by one and finally train left the station for their destination ancient battlefield.


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