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Rise Of Myriad Magic Emperor is a web novel completed by Evernightlord.
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After a night of pa.s.sionate love making with Diana I finally awakes from his sleep it was already 7 am;

First time Kai has awaken so late at morning with a dizzy head and look beside him to find no one was their on bed, figure of Diana appeared in mind as he remembers the dreamy night.

So,many of his first time were were lost in one night, his first kiss, first time holding a girl so pa.s.sionately, his first s.e.x and also his virginity.

He has a little disappointing through they did it but they did not have any feeling of love or emotion in it.

Kai did it to help her and give up to his s.e.xual desire and Diana choose to do it, to protect her family from falling as he look out of the window absent minded.

As Sound of Door opening was heard as Diana enter the room, she was wearing a royal blue dress completely showing her body outline”how do I look in this dress, do you like it”

Hearing completely unexpected questions from Diana mouth, kai was astonished.

“Miss Diana it suits you”Kai recovered and hurriedly replied.

“Really, I was wondering would you like it or not”

“Miss Diana, any dress you wear look good on you”

“Oh! really, than I am glad”

As Daina came closer to Kai and sits on bed place her hands around his neck as Diana face was only a inch away from eachother and they can feel each other breath, as Diana’s big b.r.e.a.s.t.s pressed against Kai naked chest;

through it was separated by a layer of clothes Kai can feel Diana erected nipples, with this Kind of situation Kai’s little brother cannot help but react, as he became embara.s.sed.

“Miss Diana what are you doing” as Diana forcefully takes of the blanket covering Kai body,as Kai d.i.c.k become exposed before Diana eyes.

Seeing the embarra.s.sed look of Kai, Diana smiled

“what are you getting embara.s.sed about did not we see eachother naked body completely, as you f.u.c.ked me, you were not embara.s.sed then” as she tightly holds it and stocks it with her hand as Kai feels warmth of Diana hand and with pressure s.e.m.e.n was released from his d.i.c.k.

“Miss Diana, what are you doing”as Kai catches his breath.

“Doing what, just wife job, as it’s wife job to take care of her husband needs, don’t think you can escape from me Kai, you have took my virginity, don’t think I will let you of without taking responsibility for it, you are my man, man of Diana Almon, kai I have my pride as a woman and as you have turned me into a woman, you are my man, don’t worry you can have other women to, I am not narrow minded to keep such a capable man all to my self”said Daina with a smile placing clothes she has brought for kai on the bed.

“Come to dining hall, after taking a bath as all are waiting for you, breakfast is ready”

said that Diana left.

Seeing Diana left the room, Kai relaxed and took a long breath and throught, what had happened just now.

Her att.i.tude has taken a complete 180degree turn from yesterday, made Kai confused.

As Daoma appeared before Kai with a lecherous smile on his face

“Oh!how are you”

“Master, just what has happened with miss Diana, why is she acting like this?”asked kai with a worrysome look

Daoma smiled”Don’t worry Kai it just race trade of Ice devil clan, as woman of ice devil clans are very specific about thier choose of man, as they are fully loyal and devoted to them, so the person whom to they give there virginity become thier life partner”

“In Diana case is also so, as you are the one she choosed and you are the one who took her virginity”.

Hearing that Kai smile bitterly;

on the other hand having wife like Diana is really is a lucky matter a beauty with great intelligence.

Having answered Daoma return back to the ring but reminding him, he can have fun but cannot neglect his daily training.

As Kai got of his bed and wore his dress and took a bath and again wore his clothes which Diana has left for him and went to dinning room.

When Kai entered the dining room he saw complicated expression on Alfred and Duke Michael face,as he took a sit beside Lily with a look of confusion as she feel the awakening silence in dinning room.

For Alfred and Michael this morning, is totally different from others.

At morning when Alfred saw that is big sister has completely who have recovered from her curse, he first greeted her as he hugs her with tears of joy and with her went to see Father, who was also happy at her recovery.

Diana said that she wants to make food with her hands but they tried to stop her being worried that she fully have not recovered but where not able to stop her finally and asked for who is she doing it for, as she replied for Kai and witness the whole process of cooking to choosing dress to wear asking Alfred, what kind of food and clothes kai like to wear and about Kai family members.

Saying that she is going to make Kai her husband.

Seeing his Big sister who was completely like a young wife taking care of every need of Kai, sitting on right hand side of Kai.

Alfred was confused” if Kai marry his big sister, will I not have to call Kai, Big brother in law”he cannot help but think;

on other hand,

Duke feeling where complicated, through he is thankful to Kai for saving his daughter but to think that he will steal her heart.

His daughter who looked did not have any interest in other man to suddenly become wife of Kai, a unknown guy who she knows for less than a day.

Duke has been always worried over Diana marriage but suddenly his problem of Diana marriage disappeared but he feel suddenly lonely from inside as saw kai and Diana siting side by side.

Lily who was sitting beside Kai was fully confused by behaviour of Diana towards Kai as n.o.body has informed her.

Having finished the breakfast, Kai cannot help but feel satisfied.

“Today, food was my favourite did sir Alfred asked to made it for me, informed the chief for me it was really tasty”

Hearing that Alfred and Duke look at each other “then you should thanks, Diana for that,it was her who made all the food today specially for you”

“Ah! miss Diana made today breakfast specially for brother”said Lily with astonishment

“Kai what are your thoughts, we wants to know, do you want to marry Diana as your wife”asked Duke Macheal with a serious look in his eyes.

“Sir, Duke to be honest It will be good fortune of any man to marry a woman like Miss Diana as wife, I will be happy to have her as my wife,not because of her status but for who she is “replied Kai

Hearing Kai, Macheal nod as one of his problem was solved, through he feels lonely but he is happy for Diana, he does not care about Kai status, he is just happy that his daughter have found a person whom she loves.

As for Alfred his worst possibly has come true , now Kai was because come his big brother in law.

“WOW, are Big brother and Miss Diana getting married, what is happening here will someone informed me, I only knew Brother help to cure Miss Diana curse”said shouted Lily

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“My little sister you don’t have to think so much, just know Diana is your sister in law from now on”as he rubs his hand on Lily head

He look at Duke and said”we can decide the date of marriage after I inform my parents”

Duke didn’t apposed to Kai decision, this

Matter needs to be informed to Kai parents.

“I will go personality with you to meet your parents after your matter in capital is solved”said Macheal

Sayings that he hugged” Kai, I live my daughter in you hands take care of her”

“yes, father in law I will take care of her”

as Macheal left with a smile.

As Kai looked at Alfred “how are you little brother in law”

Hearing Kai words Alfred bitterly smiled”Nice meeting you big brother in law”

Rest of the day Kai did not anything to do so he with Diana and Lily went to tour the city, went to see drama, and did some training and meditation in evening and have dinner.

After dinner Kai wanted to sleep in his room but was dragging by Diana into her room saying husband-and-wife should live in same room,

that’s how second day of Kai stay in ALMON city pa.s.sed.

but the storm have started to rise in capital city

unaware Kai was peaceful sleep with Diana while hugging her.


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