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Rise Of Myriad Magic Emperor is a web novel made by Evernightlord.
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Upon hearing the command of Arba, ten sin archbishops started to chanting even louder and faster as the magic Circle started to glow in b.l.o.o.d.y red colour.

As the night becomes darker and darker, the moom becomes more and more b.l.o.o.d.y colour and negative energy also becomes denser and denser.

At 11:50 just ten minute before 12 am. The body of William started to float in the air with a blood red glow covering his body and his ripped apart arms and legs started to get attracted to his body again. His wounded heart started to heal itself automatically and after five minutes no wound could be found on his body.

Simon who was lying down beside dead body of William also started to float as his body also started to glow in blood red colour and black colour smoke started to rise from his body and started covering William body. This process continues for one minute and William body fully get surrounded with black smoke and Simon body falls down with a bang on top of altar.

The black smoke and red glow around William body started to merge and suddenly the eyes of William opens with a red gloomy grow in them as he looks at the skeleton staff as it also started to glow and started to twist and break apart leaving only the skeleton head intact.

The skeleton head starts to float and William open his right hand and caught it as skeleton head started to melt into a dense white creamy fuild and begins covering his arm and finally entire body of William got covered by it as it solidify a white skeleton full body armour appears covering his entire body with blood vessel like red magic rune circuit on top of skeleton armour.

Finally William pick up the ring and wears it on his right middle finger and looks at the b.l.o.o.d.y moon with his red gloomy eyes and rise his hand and started chanting some spell.

Arba who was also seeing every action of William. Smiles seeing him rise the ring.

“Time has come”mutters Arba as she looks at the b.l.o.o.d.y moon.

At 12 am, time of blood moon.

[Western Region army command headquarters]




Hearing the noise coming from outside his room; Commander Ace wakes from his sleep with a dizzy head and walks towards the door and opens it as the scared face of a soldier appears before him.

“What happened? why are you disturbing my sleep?”say Ace while moaning in his half sleepy state.

Seeing Ace, Soldier finally relaxed at little and try to calm himself down and replies with a trembling voice.

“Sir, something truly wired his going around the headquarters. All guard and soldiers one by one are suddenly falling into sleep with milky white smoke coming out of their body”

Hearing Milky white smoke is coming out of guards and soldier body his expression become serious.

“Wait here for a moment, let me peak up my sword”saying that Ace return back inside the room and comes out in a hurry.

“Let’s go”

Just as he was Saying that he noticed that the soldier, he was talking to is lying on the floor with milky white smoke coming out of his body and he himself started to feel dizzy

“What… is.. going… on.. here…” and looked at the blood moon in the sky and falls down as milky white smoke started to rise from his body.

This phenomenon was occuring throughout the northern region.

[Duke William castle]

William is floating in the air while rising his right hand as milky white smoke coming from entire northern region is getting absorbed by his ring while at the same time his white skeleton armour is becoming blacker and blacker.

Ten sin archbishops are still chanting without stopping while Arba is supervising the entire process.

“10,000 years of preparation and time to create the great magic Circle which covers the entire northern region and gattering resources. All just for this moment when our lord again returns back to his peak and again rule this land with his absolute might while crush all those heritic of Radiant Empire and decendents of Arthur Buraford who dare to kill our people for all these years. Finally our day of revenge has come”say Arba in a hateful voice with crazy expression on her face while looking at William.

William body is still floating with his armour almost fully becoming back. As he feel rise of his magic level.

Magic Warrior….

Magic warrior peak…..

Magic knight….

Magic knight peak….

Magic champion….

Magic champion peak…


Magic commander first level…

As his armour turn complete black with red blood like rune on its surface making him look more scary and b.l.o.o.d.y with killing and slaughtering aura which can make anyone tremble in fear.

Finally William stoped floating and step by step get down from the altar.

Seeing this ten sin archbishops stop chanting and bend down as Arba walks towards him and kelt down.
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“Congratulations my lord”

Hearing that William smiles and look at her.


Listening to William command, she stood up.

“You have done a great job”smiles William looking at Arba.

Listening to William praise, Arba felt happy and replies”It was my honour my Lord”

William nod and looked at the blood moon at the night.

“Just like this night, i will cover this world in eternal night of darkness and fear


My Undead army will again rise and crush all our enemies and those who had dare to seal me all these years and their decendents. I will personally refine their souls”says William with a madness in his blood red eyes.

Hearing that Ten sin archbishops and Arba felt delighted.





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