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Read Rise Of The Demon God 306 Chapter 306: Your Father

Rise Of The Demon God is a web novel completed by Demonic_angel.
This lightnovel is presently Ongoing.

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Long Chen was quite surprised when he entered the place.

This place was so big. It was like a big Zoo on the Earth.

There were hundreds of beasts inside this place, but they were all inside a semi-transparent box-like barrier.

There were hundreds of such barrier boxes that contained beasts. There were no walls in that place. It was just a big hall with the beasts inside their separate barriers.

He even saw a few Winged Lions amongst the beasts.

“Amazing, isn’t it? There are quite a few strong beasts as well. Too bad that I can’t tame a Beast or I would have taken one with me,” She sighed as she looked down in disappointment.

She raised her head as she gazed at Long Chen, but realized that he wasn’t even looking at her.

He looked around the hall as if he was looking for someone.

When he didn’t find anyone from where he was standing, he started walking deeper into the hall through the gaps between the barriers as he kept his eyes on the beasts.

There was such a wide variety of beasts in that place. There were Winged Lion, Dark Spirit Crow, Mighty Horned Horse, Arboretum Bee, Heavenly Death Scorpion, Profound Earthly Lion, Armored Crystal

Elephants and many more.

What he cared about was someone else entirely though. He was in search of Orion.

He searched through the hall for over an hour, but he didn’t find any hint of Orion at all.

He was sure after a while that Orion wasn’t here.

Chu Miao was still waiting at the entrance for Long Chen.

Long Chen had walked to the other side of the hall in search of Orion, but all he received was a disappointment.

He turned back and started walking towards the exit when he noticed something.

He felt like he noticed something moving nearby.

Long Chen walked towards the corner of a semi-transparent box and noticed that a small weak-looking snake was hiding behind it.

“Little Guy, Did you escape from the barrier?” Long Chen casually asked. Although he knew that he wouldn’t get answers, he still liked talking to small beasts.

The small snake had a width of around 5 centimeters and the length of a meter.

“Why would your father, I, need to escape from a barrier? Do you think those trash can catch your father?” 

Unexpectedly, he did get a reply.

“What the f.u.c.k?” That’s the only thing that left Long Chen’s mouth in surprise.

“Who are you calling f.u.c.k? You are f.u.c.k! Your whole family is f.u.c.k. Your Father, I, is the Spiritual Snake Monarch!” The snake replied.

“Interesting.Someone from the Snake Monarch species. Long Chen, you must tame that beast!” Xun’s voice appeared in Long Chen’s head.

‘Is this guy really so special?’ Long Chen asked in his thoughts.

“I’ll explain it later. For now, just tame it. You can use force if you need,” She replied to him.

“Hahaha, You’ve gone silent. Well, that’s the normal reaction. This Monarch’s charm is just so deadly, I can do nothing about it. It’s all a G.o.d-given gift,” The snake again said to Long Chen as he saw him sitting there in silence.

“Now get out of here. Let your father rest!” The snake again said.

“You really have a foul mouth, don’t you? Anyways, how about you become my tamed beast?” Long Chen tried to get him to agree without fighting.

“Hahaha, From looking at your face, I had a feeling that you should be a comedian. As expected, Your father, I, is never wrong,” The snake replied in an amused tone.

“The tough way it is!” Long Chen said as he extended his hand towards the snake in order to catch it, but the snake’s eyes started s.h.i.+ning at that moment.

Long Chen was paused in time. It was as if he was paralyzed and wasn’t able to move.

“Should have listened to your father. I’m going now. Don’t show your ugly face in front of me ever again.” The snake came out of the corner and slid past Long Chen.

“You b.a.s.t.a.r.d,’ Long Chen cursed in his mind.

His eyes changed their color to starry black as he started using his law of s.p.a.ce.

He broke through the boundary of restriction and appeared at a different place as he used teleportation.

Fortunately, the place he appeared was right beside the snake that was escaping.

He hurriedly caught the neck of the snake as he picked him up in the air.

“You Unfilial son! Did I give birth to you so that you could hurt me, your father? Leave me!” The snake cursed.

“Let’s see you escape now,” Long Chen said with a smile as he lightly cut off the thumb of his right hand. It started bleeding.

“What the f.u.c.k!” He let out in surprise as he noticed that the snake was getting bigger in size. Its size was increasing so fast that he was already having difficulty holding it.

He didn’t want to waste more time as he hurriedly placed his blood on the forehead of the snake.

“Ughh…” The snake felt a current course through his body as it started getting smaller and got back to its original size.

It shone for a minute before the link was established.

“Strange. It was so fast. You didn’t resist even a little, did you?” Long Chen chuckled as he gazed at the snake.

“What’s the benefit of resisting? I felt like I’d only die if I resisted and I don’t want to die! I’m not even married yet. What would happen to my dream of a harem if I died!”  The snake let out in a prideful voice.

“Whatever. I’ll talk to you later. Go to the Beast Region for the moment,” Long Chen sent the snake inside the Beast Region of his ring.

Long Chen walked back and met up with Chu Miao.

“Thanks for showing me around. I’m finished looking around. Let’s go back.” He said as he left with Chu Miao.

He separated from her as he was near his courtyard.


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