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Read Rise of the Undead Legion Chapter 206 let’s go shopping!

Rise of the Undead Legion is a Webnovel completed by Biako.
This lightnovel is right now Ongoing.

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Read WebNovel Rise of the Undead Legion Chapter 206 let’s go shopping!

Dave made his way through the forest slowly, fighting the random monsters he encountered.

“Alright, level 312, woo hoo! Just have to keep grinding. Baby-steps.”

He was about to log-out when he got a voice-chat request. He smiled when he saw who it was from and accepted the incoming chat.

“Long Zhao, this is a surprise. You want your stuff back, don’t you?”

“Excellent, I didn’t think you’d accept my call. Yes, I wish to buy back the items I dropped.”

“Hmm, what’s your offer?”

“Market value,” said the berserker.

“Huh, I’m surprised you aren’t asking me to give them back to you for free.”

“No, Death Stroke. You won, fair and square. But I would very much like to buy the items back from you, the chest piece is part of my armor set.”

“Alright, where do you wanna meet?”

“Moria, in the town square.”

“Remember I have a Kill-Order on my head. I only have ten minutes of safe time left in Moria.”

“We can do this right now. I will give you the money and you can leave immediately.”

“Okay, I’ll message you when I get there.”

Dave disconnected and tore a teleportation scroll and appeared in in Moria.

Kill Order Ban

You have 9 minutes of safe haven in the city of Moria before being kicked out.

Dave shook his head. He sent a message to Long and went to the nearest auction house to restock.

Just as Dave finished buying his items he got a call.

“Hey Stroke, where are you?”

“Auction house. Better hurry I don’t have much time.”

Long sighed, “Okay, I will meet you there.”

Dave asked an auction attendant how to price the items while he waited. The NPC showed Dave how to look through the records of sales to get an idea about the price range.

Just a few minutes later he saw the red-haired berserker walk into the auction house. Here and there people pointed at the Player, some low muted laughter could be heard sweeping through the building..

Dave giggled. There was a big holographic hand stuck to Long’s forehead, it was making the ‘loser’ gesture.

“Hey man,” said the red-haired Player, who was also red in the face.

Dave suppressed his laughter with an effort.

“S’up, Let’s get this over with.” Dave asked directly.

“Okay, how about 800,000 Gold.”

Dave frowned, he already checked the market price and the total value was much more than that.

“I will pitch in another 1,200,000 Gold for the axe.”

“Alright, but that’s a bit more than market value isn’t it?”.

“Yes, it’s an good armor set. Its not available on the market. You can check the prices range on the auction site if you think that is not enough.”

Dave shrugged, he already saw the price and the last time these items were on the market they sold for 1,500,000 Gold. The berserker was offering 500,000 Gold more. Probably because he didn’t want to wait until the items were on the market again or if they were too rare to even appear there again.

Dave smiled, he expected Long Zhao to be angry after being humiliated. But he seemed friendly and a good sport about losing the duel his gear.

Dave smiled and accepted the exchange.

The berserker happily paid the 2,000,000 gold to get his gear back.

“Hey, I see you are not with guild yet, you want to join the Ragers? I can sponsor you. I saw you fighting the and the hunter. You have high potential for PVP, and I would guess dungeon dives as well.”

“I don’t plan on joining any guild, it’s just not my style. But thanks, if I change my mind I will take you up on that offer.”

The berserker nodded, “Good. Thanks for everything and see you another time.”

The berserker tore a teleportation scroll and disappeared.

Dave only had few minutes of safety left inside the city, he decided it was time for him to log out. It was late at night IRL, and the flight fatigue was starting to catch up.

Dave logged out and ordered some food from the hotel kitchen. After his meal, he went to bed.

The ringing of his phone woke him, it was Zoe calling.

“S’up,” Dave said drowsily.

“Wake up sleepyhead., We need to go shopping.”

“WE need to go shopping? What for?”

“To get you something to wear for tonight.”

“Why, what’s tonight?”

“Dummy, you forgot! You promised you’d remember. Dinner at the Silvana’s…”

Dave shot up into a sitting position.

‘s.h.i.+t I forgot!’

“I didn’t forget, I was asleep! Besides I have clothes, remember. From the last time we went shopping.”

“Ohhh no! You can’t wear any of those.”

Dave frowned, the clothes were fine.

“Zoe, I really need more sleep. And I planned to grind out a few more levels in Conquest.”

“No, you need to get up and do some in-the-real shopping with me.

“I haven’t had breakfast yet.

“We’ll get something to eat while we shop.”

“Arrrgh! You’re not going to stop until you get your way. Okay ‘princess,’ I’m getting ready.”

Dave showered and dressed then took the elevator down to the lobby. Zoe was waiting outside wearing a short leather skirt that showed more leg than he was comfortable with. She was chatting with the door man, she grinned when she saw him.

“Yay! Let’s go!” Zoe practically cheered when she saw him.

“Gimme a sec,” Dave said he was typing into his phone with both thumbs.

“Whatcha doing?” Lone said.

“I’m reporting the theft of the fragment to the mods.”

“What fragment?”

“The Undead King threw a piece of the Death Heart to me before he blew up. I have a feeling it was a last-hope gimmick to revive the legion. But some b.a.s.t.a.r.d in Moria swiped it right out of my hands when I was looking at it.”

“Whoa, I didn’t think that was part of the game mechanics. Why didn’t you report it in-game?”

“To who? Alfred, who went Skynet and is apparently the reason why the Legion is gone?”

“Huuuh, yeah, maybe not. What about Kada, you should tell him directly too. I’m sure he’d like to know and he might even help.”

“Yeah, I’ll send him a message next.”

“Okay. But hurry up, daylight is burning, we need to get shopping,” Zoe sang out as she skipped over to the car.

“Ugh, I don’t like you. You are too happy. Drive slowly, I haven’t had my morning coffee.”

Zoe smiled with a glint in her eyes, “Oh, absolutely!”

A moment later the tearing, screaming sound of a high performance Italian sports car engine echoed from the concrete canyons of New York.


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