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Read Rise of the Undead Legion Chapter 394 With Intres

Rise of the Undead Legion is a web novel produced by Biako.
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Read WebNovel Rise of the Undead Legion Chapter 394 With Intres

Dave appeared in the middle of the Wilds. The formerly wide swath of greenery, bushes and trees where he died at was no more. The earth he stood on was upturned, rocks, boulders and matter from the sub-terrain had emerged out into mounds that rose over treetops. Dust was still settling, but it was clear enough for Dave to see the enormous sword digging into the ground of the Wilds.

The sword’s shadow darkened the swath of the misshapen ground that Dave stood on. He could barely see its top.

“d.a.m.n son, this thing’s kinda broken.” Dave laughed to himself. He climbed on the miss mashed ground and rocks and approached the sword.

He thought about how to dig out the enormous weapon, and how to change it back to its former form. But the moment Dave laid his palm on the weapon, the entirety of the thing wobbled, sending more shockwave through the ground and then it began to shrink.

Durandal changed its form to the Ultra-Great Sword Dave used to wield, a ma.s.sive slab of steel still, but it was much smaller than when it grew to shake the whole of Conquest, something Dave still didn’t know about.

When Dave unequipped the sword, he looked at the deep pit that the weapon had created. It was an enormous chasm that would need adventurers a lot of time and effort to cross or go around. He traced the length of the chasm and just remembered that he had swung the weapon in the direction of Urburg.

Dave’s stomach fell, realizing, that he might have actually flattened the very city he hoped to protect from the dragon.

As he was about to tear a teleportation scroll to Urburg to check things out, Nick appeared right in front of Dave.

A heavy frown painted on his face.

“Umm, what’s wrong?” Dave asked.

Nick pointed at the large pit in the ground and said, “This! if you want to play with your toys, make sure you aim them away from Urburg! You made me interfere to save the city! That’s against the laws! I almost broke the laws.” Nick said, anger in his voice.

“Um, sorry?”

Nick was about to shout something at Dave, but then decided against it, he took a deep breath and said, “The weapon you have, it used to belong to Vulkan you know.”

“Yeah, I read about something like that,” Dave replied casually.

“And? Didn’t it occur to you, that what you read might be true? Do you know how dense the matter within a black hole? That thing is d.a.m.n heavy, and luckily you weren’t strong enough to use more than a fraction of it, otherwise, that demand sword would have split the world!” Nick spoke sounding more annoyed than angry.

Dave remained silent for a while, he thought about the weapon he just placed in his inventory and gulped hard, then said, “You mean, like split the planet?” Dave said.

“Yes, that’s what G.o.d slaying weapons do. I can’t believe how irresponsible you became with such an item. I should confiscate it,” Nick said.

To these words, Dave frowned, he wasn’t going to allow Nick to take the weapon that Deadra had given him, but Nick’s following words gave Dave a bit of comfort.

“But I won’t, that’s your weapon, but you must know you can’t just swing it at your leisure,” Nick said.

“With great power comes great responsibility, eh?” Dave joked.

“Stop quoting old movies. Now, do you know what this attack had done, kid?” Nick said returning to his former personality.

“I think I kinda killed a dragon with it, ah yes, that chosen one, I didn’t receive the notification, he must have survived,” Dave said.

“Yeah, you killed one of his forms, he escaped the moment I came here. But not just that. Dragons had started ma.s.s a.s.saults on the world. You don’t kill a dragon and get away with it.”

“Right, I haven’t finished reading the notifications, you know, was kinda occupied with what the Undead King was saying.”

“Right, congratulations on your coronation, but no. The sword had literally shaken the entire word and curved it from its course by a few degrees, the planet literally moved due to the shock. I had to use a lot of power to save Urburg from total annihilation due to it being so close to the demand impact zone,” Nick said.

“Holy s.h.i.+t, really the whole planet moved?” Dave said his eyes almost popping out of their sockets.

“No, I was joking, don’t flatter yourself, kid. But still, the damage was real, and a lot of cities had suffered from it.” Nick said.

Dave sighed then asked, “Can the Chosen One enter Urburg?”

“No, not while I’m here. He’ll definitely go back to Qin. You need to finish your matters here then go back to Qin.” Nick said.

“Right,” Dave looked over Nick, somewhere deep in the chasm was the dragon’s carca.s.s. He needed to loot it and finish a quest related to this very dragon.

Nick disappeared leaving Dave to his matters.

Dave stomped on the ground and summoned Stinger. The dunlords were the best thing to dive underground and could get him to the dragon’s carca.s.s without him having to look hard for it.

Stinger appeared next to Dave, and after receiving the order, Dave rode on and the scorpion-man dove underground, sliding through the dirt and rocks like a sword.

Dave began by inspecting the rest of the notifications.


For being the first to slay a creature of the tier Unholy, you have been rewarded the skill.

{Aura of Terror}

Your Doom Knight pa.s.sive skill {Deathly Presence} Your skill – [Aura] And the skill {Aura of Terror} had fused.

{Terror of the Infernal Tyrant}

Your character pa.s.sively applies [Horror] effects on enemies.

For every second in combat, the enemy will lose 0.01% of their attacking power and receive 0.01% additional damage.

The Activation of {Terror of the Infernal Tyrant} will cause the enemies in the vicinity of the user to suffer burn damage equal to 0.1% of their max HP for every second.

The chances of [Execution] by horror will increase by 10% under {Terror of the Infernal Tyrant}



Dragon Slayer

You are the first player to obtain the t.i.tle, Dragon Slayer.

All draconic creatures will instinctively fear you.

As having slew one of their kinds, Neutral Dragons will refuse to cooperate with you, and Benevolent Dragons will only do so under reluctance. Evil Dragons will be extremely aggressive toward you.

+10% damage against all draconic creatures.

-10% of damage received against all draconic creatures.




You have reached level 500!

The EXP Bead will cease to double your earned XP. From now on, your earned XP will return to normal.



Congratulations, you are the highest-level player in the world of Conquest.

Level 503


Dave nodded to himself, all of the notifications gave him a good boost to his character. And now, he had surpa.s.sed all of the players of Conquest. From now on, he is a true powerhouse.

Stinger stopped a few feet away from the dragon’s body. Dave could see the mashed carca.s.s of the black dragon on the ground. The cursed sword of Durandal hadn’t cut the dragon but it had literally smashed it like a bug. Dave feared that the dragon’s heart would be damaged.

He hopped off the dunlord and approached the warm body of the dragon.

Dave touched the carca.s.s and frowned.


Black Dragon’s Head [Trophy]

Black Dragon’s Heart [Quest Item]

Black Dragon’s Bones [255]

Black Dragon’s Scales [650]

Dragon Armor Diagram

Spell Book [Dragon Roar]

Unique Item [Dragon Soul]


Dave decided against taking the dragon’s head, bones or scales. He took the skill book, the Dragon Soul and thought hard before finally deciding on retrieving the dragon’s heart.

Dave wanted to attempt reviving the dragon as an undead dragon.

But if he took the head it would obviously not work, he still didn’t know if the undead form of the dragon would need its heart, so he tried to revive it.

Dave touched the dragon and a swirl of dark matter emerged from his hand and covered the entirety of the creature.


You do not have the required level, experience or power to revive a dragon right now…

Attempts remaining to revive [ Black Dragon of Terror]: 2


Dave decided against attempting another time, it would only be a waste. However, he didn’t want to leave the body here in fear that it might be looted. Other players can come here and take what Dave had left. And he didn’t want that, it will ruin the corpse.

“Tiny,” Dave called. And the small creature emerged from his side bag.

“Can you keep this body inside one of your Sarcophaguses?”

The slime created a small head out of its ma.s.s, quite similar to Dave’s own bearded draugr head and shook it to the side.

“Huh, I guess you can only store undead.”

Dave looked up at the top of the chasm, then stomped his foot on the ground, summoning a dozen more dunlords.

The dunlords skittered across and on the walls of the chasm waiting for Dave’s command.

“Hide the body, make sure no one can detect it,” Dave said.

He then hopped on Stinger’s back and left the area. Leaving the dunlords to their work.

“Time to get back at that f.u.c.ker for sending a dragon to my town,” Dave looked at the east.

The king of the Qin kingdom had a debt to pay. And Dave was gonna pay it with interest.


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