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Read Rise of the Undead Legion Chapter 94 Shadow-Set Blueprin

Rise of the Undead Legion is a web novel created by Biako.
This webnovel is currently Ongoing.

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Chapter 13

Dave used [Undying Will] to remove the tiger’s rooting effect caused by the pouncing on Dave.

Dave retreated a bit, and a Death Knight attacked the Tiger pulling back the agro toward him.

Luckily, the tiger attacked the Tiger on its right hind-leg. Causing a status effect.


For 15 seconds -20% movement speed.

“Attack its legs!” Dave ordered and the Death Knights and Dunlords attacked all at once.

The enormous tiger began limping and whimpering as the attacks continued on, added to the slow effect caused by the continuous attacks on its ‘weak’ areas. The tiger became a plaything for Dave’s underlings.

Minutes later, Dave heard the final howls of the tiger as it dropped down on the floor with a thud.

Dave gained a good amount of exp that raised his level 106 from 2% to 88%.

Dave closed on the body of the tiger and began picking up the loot.

Demonic Shadow-Tiger’s pelt X1

Demonic Shadow-Tiger’s Fangs X2

Demonic Shadow-Tiger Rune

Shadow-Tiger’s Claws X6

Shadow-Set Diagram

100 Gold

Dave pocketed the items with glee on his face, Yet another Diagram for a set.

This was all thanks to him being the first to kill these types of Monsters, securing the best possible drops at the first kill.

Dave inspected the Rune first


Cat School/agility type Cannot be worn along with a Vitality or Magic Type rune

Head Piece

+100 Agility

Increases basic Movement Speed By 10%

“Oh, this would do great with types,” Dave pocketed the rune and opened the diagram of the Shadow-Set

Blue-Print; light-Armor Set: Epic-Tier

Shadow-Fiend Light-Armor (Full-Set)

X50 Fang of Demonic-Shadow-Tiger

X15pelts of Demonic Shadow-Tiger

X100 Claws of Demonic-Shadow-Tiger

X8 Cristalized Shadow-Worm Blood

X20 Moon-Silver ingots

X20 Cobalt Ingots

X100 Black Crystals

Craftsmen’s Level Required

Master Forgesmith

“Hmm, most of these resources are rare to find, Not even the Bristle Mines of the Blood-Rage has these, especially the Moon-Silver… I never heard of such a mineral in the game,” Dave.

‘I should probably hand this over to Lone Arrow, the Forgesmith she knows will be thrilled at the sight of another Epic Tier Blue-Print’

“Craftsmen sure have it easy, isn’t that right Bud,” Dave said to the Ghoul next to him who was eyeing the corpse of the tiger with a bit of glee in his eyes.

The ghoul didn’t respond.

“Bud, Are you alright?”

“Eat!” said Bud

“You want to eat this?” asked Dave

The ghoul nodded

“Euh…go ahead, enjoy yourself”

In a moment, Bud lunged at the corpse and began ripping it with his teeth and claws ripping and crunching bone and meat with his sharp looking teeth, eating at it like a maniac.


Dave’s two other ghouls looked at Bud with envy but they didn’t move.

“If you two want to eat you can go ahead,” said Dave

And as if on queue the two other ghouls started feasting on the corpse of the Shadow-Tiger.

It took the three ghouls about a minute to finish off the corpse, not even bones remained as they ate every single bit of it.

Dave had a troubled stomach after witnessing that so he decided to move on. But a notification popped before him

Some of your minions are about to Evolve

Dave pressed the window and noticed that the three ghouls who just feasted on the Tiger had a dark aura surrounding them.

After a moment the aura disappeared then the hulking size of Bud and the two other ghouls decreased a bit.

Dave inspected Bud and saw a different screen


Level 101

HP 101 000

DN 8000

MA 6000

A mutated and empowered form of the mindless ghouls.

[Shadow-Escape] Can periodically enter shadows to hid and ambush prey.

Pa.s.sive [Feast] Consumes the flesh of corpses to regenerate its HP

“So they can evolve after eating their prey…I wonder if they eat stronger prey, would they inherit their abilities too?”

Dave let the idea go as he heard once again another howl of another tiger nearby.


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