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The Mutated Grimm charge in rage against the boy in front of him and tried to grab him, but each time he got close, he missed and that made him go into a further rage.

Alpha: What? Can’t touch me! Your are a sad excuse for a Grimm, then again, you are up against me, a being of true power of our true creator, so it only make sense that you miss.

The mutated Grimm saw how the boy made a mockery of him and got even more mad and started to grab the trees near by and used them as weapons.

Alpha: Aww, did I touch a nerve? I’m suprised that you could understand me, we Grimm are not really intelligent, so my guess is that you was man made, i mean, if you were born that way, i would feel sorry for you.

Alpha made some backflips to dodge the attack’s and continue to insulting the Grimm, so it would be more enraged against him, When the trees landed in the ground, the Alpha saw an opportunity and started to jump on the trees that the Mutated Grimm held and grabbed on the mutant mane and starts to slash him with the axe he have, Cutting it’s Aura.

Mutated Grimm: ROOOAAARR!!

Alpha: Hahaha, YES! Scream in pain and show me what you can do!!

Alpha: {Hey s.h.i.tty System, how’s his Aura lvl, and how is the change going?}

System: {His Aura lvl is in 60% left and the semblence transfer is at 50%.}
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The Mutated Grimm suddenly jumps high in the air and tries to smash Alpha to the ground.

Alpha:….. Man you are stupid, Well time to finish this.

Alpha then brought out the training spear out of the item box and throws it to the ground under them so the tip was showing upwards and then started to scream in a ghostly fashion.

The Mutated Grimm felt a huge disturbance to it’s Aura and suddenly got thrown into the ground at a high speed and got himself impaled by the spear that Alpha thrown there before.

Mutated Grimm: Grrrroooowwlll!!

Alpha: So how does it feel to be impaled big guy? Must be a painful experience, HAHAHAHA!!

Alpha then started to cut the mutated Grimm’s arm and legs so it wouldn’t do anything to him.


Alpha: Oh shut up, this is the fate of us Grimm… “sigh” but one day, I will change that.

System: {Change is at 80%….. detecting electrical energy from the mutated Grimm’s eye.}

The Alpha was curious about what the system said and went toward the damaged Grimm and took his arm towards it’s eye and took it out.

Alpha: Hoh! So I have been observed, Did you enjoy the show? Who ever watching? Well if I found out who you are, I will do you like I did to this Grimm here!

Alpha then destroyed the eye and then the Grimm was also destroyed.

Alpha: “Tch” note to self, destroy their electrical things destroys them to.

System: {Change complete, the Semblence has been successfully been transferred.}

Alpha: Great, now for some more…. major changes, I hope that you don’t mind Gin, it will make you weaker at first, but you will thank me, HAHAHAHA!!


In the abandoned factory, Faust and Dilan who watched the entire fight was shocked, while Salem was in deep thought.

Faust: It cannot be! That boy should not be able to destroy our Grimm, It’s impossible!!

Dilan: {Is that really Gin, I guess his personality change when he is in that Grimm form, But still, What strength he has.}

Salem: Dilan.

Dilan turns his head towards the monitor that his queen where at and bowed.

Salem: Invite Faust and… Merlot was it, to our domain, we will talk more there, for know, come back and report.

Dilan: Yes! My Queen!

The Grimm who projected Salem, disappears into the darkness and left the two alone in the factory.

Dilan: Looks like you caught our Queen’s interest.

Faust: Yes….. {So far, Plan A is going smoothly, but I have to report to the Doctor about a boy fused with a Grimm, I’m sure it would bring valuable data.}


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