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Ryuugoroshi no Sugosuhibi is a web novel made by Akayuki Tona.
This lightnovel is presently ongoing.

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Hajiko: So its been a while since the last post I know, but there was nothing I could do about it because of RL. Whilch really did show mercy a bit today so I was able to translate a bit. So anyway Enjoy the chapter Part.

This Part was quick edited by me so there could be still errors in it, so please forgive me for that.

“I came according to your order, please have mercy.”

After walking to the front of Borudosu and Kosuke, Viare immediately bowed.

“The result of it will depend on yourself.”

“Will we talk about here?”

“No, if that muddlehead´s mouth slips it will be troublesome, we will change the location.”

Anyway first they needed to pay up.

Kosuke also brought a cream puff for Viare.

Hoping that she can be a bit more happy.

Because if they continue to talk like that, it will be nothing other than bullying a young girl.

“I can eat it?”

“It was bought so that you can eat it. If you don’t want, then I will eat it.”

“No, then I won’t hold back.”

Perhaps it was because of the sweet´s that her mental stress went down, so Viare´s expression became softer.

Although after she finished it her expression she became gloomy again, but her mood became a bit better, so it is not like it did not had any effect.

“Where will we go now?”

“To my inn. I also plan to have you also live there.”

“Can I afford the fee?”

“Compared to other inn’s the standard is higher and the fee is also more expensive, but the furnishing, safety and hygiene is guaranteed. Can you accept that?”

Kosuke nodded, having this town as base for a long time he should not be wrong.

An old historic looking building appeared before them after walking a bit. That is their destination the inn.

After entering, the staff which knew Borudosu greets him.

Borudosu walked to the counter while greeting him/her.

“Welcome Back.”

“I’m back. Can you help me to prepare a room for this kid? A Single room is fine.”

“No Problem. There are still free rooms. Please register your name here, and pay the fee according the days you want to stay.”

Kosuke signed the with his name in the roster.

They first paid for 10 days.

This was decided because if he couldn’t get used to live here and wants to change the inn.

“And what about this lady?”

“I, you mean me?”

“This girl will not live here. She is only here because we have something to talk about.”

“Is that so? This is the room’s key. Do you need a introduction for the restaurant, bath and other furnishings?”

“No need, I will tell him that.”

“Understood. In order to provide our guests a more comfortable stay, the staff will do its best. If something happens please tell it our staff.”

Saying so the staff gracefully bowed.

Seeing that Kosuke couldn’t help but also bow while saying “Nice to meet you/ Thank you in advance”.

Seeing  Kosuke reaction the staff couldn’t help but to laugh softly.

“We will go to Kosuke´s room.”

Borudosu lead them ahead, while describing where which furnishments are while advancing to Kosuke room.

This inn is a three story building, the second and third floors are guests room.

The restaurant and other furnishings are at the first floor.

The Bas.e.m.e.nt is the warehouse for storing ingredients and cellar purposes,  in general guests will not go there.

The room with the best illumination is at the third floor which is also the most expensive, the cheapest are the lage rooms at the second floor.

Travellers which decided to stay for a long term will chose a Single room, while those who only stay for one or two days will chose probably the large rooms.

Kosukes room is located at the east part of the second floor, while Borudosus is located at the east part of the third floor.

The s.p.a.ce of the room is more than enough for one person.

The provides furniture are only chairs, a table, bed and a wardrobe.

In the wardrobe is a basket, as long one give the basket with the dirty clothes to the staff they will clean it for you.

The window is made of gla.s.s instead of wood.

There was a railing which blocked the possibility for entering or exit via the window.

After putting the luggage into the wardrobe and the sword on the table Kosuke sat on the bed.

Borudosu leaned on the table.

And Viare knelt on the ground.

Because Viare´s movements were naturally, Kosuke didn’t feel anything wrong at first, but then asked.

“Why are you sitting on the ground?”

“Ah, because every time when I had been scolded I had to kneel on the ground…”

After saying that she stood up and sat next to Kosuke.

Because she was afraid of sitting on the chair next to Borudosu.

“Then let’s talk about that. Our demand is the same which we said previously, that you shut up and don’t talk about that.”

“Why can’t I say it? I really want know the reason for it. Being a Dragonslayer. If it comes out won’t you become famous, and be admired by everyone.”

Viare shyly asked.

But talking about Dragonslayer’s she couldn’t help but to be excited.

“I understand what you mean, but not everything will benefit you? If his ident.i.ty is exposed, the n.o.bles or big shots will arbitrarily arrest and use him. Because Kosuke´s situation is somewhat special, so we determined that we better not expose his ident.i.ty. And even if we really wants to get his ident.i.ty exposed it is still too early for that.”


Vaire which did not understood much about Aristocrats replied vaguely.

In order to help her to understand it, Borudosu used other examples.

“He himself also doesn’t want that his t.i.tle will be exposed. Do you want to do something which exclude others?”

“No, I also don’t want that. Uh, do you really don’t want it to be exposed?”

Vaire asked Kosuke next to her.

“After listening from other peoples who cares for me, I aslo think it is better to keep it a secret. So I ask you to keep it a secret for me? Please.”

Viare hesitate for a moment, but soon concluded.

The reason why she hesitated for a moment is not because she wanted to refuse, but because she needed time in order to accept the reason to keep it confidential.

“I understand. I will not tell anyone about that. I swear in the name of the G.o.ds.”

Despite in a weak tone, but she looked at Kosuke while verbally promising that.

“Thank you.”

“That’s great Kosuke. I was worried sick.”

“Supposed…, if I supposed lied just now. And I leaked it out to others, what would you do.”

Seeing Viare submissive appearance, Borudosu instantly exposed a mischievous expression.

“I would kidnapped you and taken you to a forest and tied you at a tree. Taking care of it would be like moving my hand or foots and hide the fact that you disappeared. You would then starved to death in the forest. Next to that there are also other methods, in short, it will be kidnaping you.”

Seeing Borudosu smiling and saying that, Viare let out an squeaking scream and grabbed Kosuke arms and shoulders.

Viare´s hair gently brushed Kosuke´s cheek.

It already been long since he stuck so close to the opposite s.e.x, so Kosuke was stiff of nervousness.

Although he didn’t knew if Borudosu would really be so ruthless, but he knew that he was indeed intimidating right now.

To kidnap someone without preparation is not a simple task, so it was only to scare her.

“She already promised that, why are you still scaring her.”

“I was only telling her the consequences, so that she will not accidentally gossip about that. Not only guild-staff and other adventurers also knows how reckless her personality is, so scaring her is just right.”

Perhaps because she couldn’t help but to accept what he said, Viare was completely speechless.

“Can you please let go my arm. I nearly can’t feel it anymore.”  

(TL: in the raws: I nearly can’t feel my blood circulation anymore.)

“Ah, I´m sorry.”

After Viare let go of Kosuke, a warm feeling flowed back into his arm.

After talking about the main topic, Kosuke asked the something which was on his mind.

“You did see my t.i.tle as a Dragonslayer with your Talent right? Can you tell me what kind of Talent it is?”

“My Talent is “t.i.tle Operation 2″ It can unlimited replace the t.i.tles of other and myself. In order to change someone’s t.i.tle one need to know their t.i.tle´s, that’s the reason I could see Mr. Kosuke´s t.i.tle.”

Viare´s t.i.tle is not always active, but only when she wants to use it.

So she won’t use it when she is at home, she only use it at work.

“The Guild employed you because of that Talent, right?”

“That’s right. My main job is to change the t.i.tles.”

Normally one can only change the t.i.tle once a day.

However with Viare this limit can be broken and the Guild spotted this convention talent.

Which is used to enhance the services.

“Are we done talking over it?”

“I have nothing more. What about you Kosuke?”

“I also don’t have anything to talk about.”

“Then I will go home. My family is still waiting for me.”

Viare stood up and walked to the door.

When she opened the door Kosuke said:

“Then from today on, I look forward to work with you.”

“Huh? Ah, that’s also right. After finishing the registration you can start taking requests. I also look forward to work with you Mr. Kosuke.”

Viare bowed then turned around to leave.


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