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Saving 80,000 Gold in an Another World for Retirement is a web novel completed by FUNA.
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Kuro Kurori ssu~

I’m back! ( `・ω・´)

And~ with a too!

I also changed the dialogue patterns, if there’s any dissatisfaction feel free to tell me.

82 Intimate Strategy

(Captain) 「Again with this, huh…」

(Mitsuha) 「Yeah, again with this…」

(Captain) 「How come they’re only little girls every time!? Are young girls the main force of young miss’s territory!?」

(Mitsuha) 「H-how rude! It’s because this is my hobb-…… No, it’s nothing.」

(Captain) 「……」

Anyway, I need to give Sabine-chan a gun first for self-defense before doing anything strange. That is the top priority for now. For that reason, we came to 『Wolf Fang』 Mercenary in a hurry.

And immediately, with my interpretation, the captain started the lectures for Sabine-chan.

There were some members who said that they would teach her, but the captain drove them away with a grim look.

(Mitsuha) 「Putting your hands on her is not allowed, you know… It’s because Sabine-chan is a Princess.」

(Captain) 「Hold your tongue!! Who’s going to put hands on a child…… Wait..! A princess!?」

Eh.., what happened? Somehow, the captain is shaking….

(Mitsuha) 「What’s wrong?」

(Captain) 「S-shut up! Boys are weak to princesses and n.o.ble daughters, you know!」


(Mitsuha) 「Umm, I’m also a n.o.ble girl too, you know……」

(Captain) 「Eh? Ah, speaking of which, so are you…… Well, Young miss, is an exemption. 」

(Mitsuha) 「What’s that supposed to mean!」

Well, the lectures went on like that.

(Mitsuha and Captain) 「「 ….. 」」

It’s finished.

(Mitsuha) 「How come you mastered it that quickly!!!」

(Captain) 「M-my position is……」

It ended in no time.

After Sabine-chan, Colette-chan and I just finished practicing with shooting targets, we compared the score.

1st Place: Sabine-chan

2nd Place: Colette-chan

3rd and 4th place are n.o.body

5th Place: Me.

……How did this happen!?

With frustration, we returned with transfer.

Oh, of course, with the car too. I was asked by the mercenaries where did I buy it, where did I learn to drive, and such, but they were convinced when I answered 『if you had the money, most things would be manageable』.

Yeah, it’s true in this society, right..

Thus, it’s already evening.

To explain what this car is, we will camp inside today.

I don’t know if I could say sleeping in a RV as 『camping』, though.

(Mitsuha) 「So, this is a refrigerator. There is also a toilet and a shower. However, unlike in the territory or royal residences, the water will flow from the tank above and the waste water will be drained and stored in the tank below, then we need to discard it ourselves, so don’t waste so much water, okay?

This is also the same like DVD and it’s connected to a TV, and this is……」

There are no problems so far. It’s because both Colette-chan and Sabine-chan have already used the equipments from Yamano Vicounty and the Royal Palace and I have already explained this car to Colette-chan in advance. In addition, Sabine-chan can also learn quickly. But! how about the explanation for this last thing?

(Mitsuha) 「This is the innovation from my homeland, it’s a 『Game Console (Geemuki)』.」

(Colette and Sabine) 「「Gee-muki?」」

They harmoniously let out a puzzled voice.

Yup, on the shelf, lies a first generation NES. It was a game console from around 30 years ago.

(TL Note: Here you go.)

Because we might get bored from the long trip, I brought a game console which is from my parent’s collections at home to kill time.

It might be difficult for those two if I brought newer type ones. In addition, if we play with the newest game console from the start, they won’t be able to enjoy the old ones. Hence, I plan to use the old ones first and then gradually shifts to the newer ones. For the games, I thought that we need to start from the one that would be good for beginners first such as Dragon Quest.

(TL Note: Wait, you don’t know what DQ is..?)

『Hyper Olympics』 is a pa.s.s because the controller seems to be broken.

(TL Note: Game‘s gameplay.)

It will be great if they can get along well by playing the game together and taking turns when they got bored.

……is what I thought.

The two became addicted to the game and kept on playing endlessly while traveling and didn’t even try to come to the front seat.

I could also heard from behind, 『Why didn’t you bring the torch if you want to go to the cave!』, 『You can’t open it without the key!』, 『The herbs aren’t enough, you know!』

It was me who continued to drive alone while listening to their voices.

Yup, not only Sabine-chan, but also Colette-chan who could now read Hiragana and Katakana easily and is currently being taught j.a.panese reading and writing in preparation for the future by me.

……How did this happen!?

When I was driving the car while feeling lonely, I saw a carriage ahead.

If it’s an oncoming carriage, I could avoid it by moving a little off the road. Unlike the carriage wheels, I can easily return to the road.

When we pa.s.sed by side-by-side, the person on the other side saw me with a startled look, but that’s not a problem. At that time, I put on a hat,, and also a mask.

Oh, it’s not the car you were startled at, but my suspicious look? Is that so?

This time, it’s a carriage which is heading in the same direction.

In this case, if I approach from behind and overtake them poorly, it’s possible I will surprise the person or the horse and will lead to an accident. Even if they won’t let me pa.s.s them, a car horn is also out of the question.

So, what should I do in this situation?


(TL Note: dunno what this sfx is about.)

And with this, it’s finished.

Yup, I transferred far ahead, away from the carriage with a continuous transfer. It is a continuous transition which cannot be seen with one’s own eyes.

Sabine-chan and Colette-chan in the back should felt a little shaking…….., No, they might won’t feel it at all.

Even if the pa.s.sed carriage saw the car’s appearance for a little bit then it disappeared instantly, they will just tilt their neck slightly and finished with that, so there’s no problem.

If this method is carried out continuously, it’s possible to advance with an astonishing speed because it’s a s.p.a.ce-leap rather than a s.p.a.ce distortion. …..but I don’t want to do that.

If I do such a thing, it will only be troublesome and won’t be interesting at all. The charm of traveling will be ruined.

And I screamed to the two on the back who were still absorbed in the game.

(Mitsuha) 「You two! Please care about me at least for a little bit!! I will cry, you know!!」

TL Note:

Game is love, game is life.

In before, NEET prodigies in the making.

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