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Read Scholar’s Advanced Technological System Chapter 1288 – Gravitational Wave Formula For The Z Particle

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Chapter 1288: Gravitational Wave Formula For The Z Particle

After a week of sailing, the Chang’e successfully “docked” on the Moon Palace.

The colonists who landed underwent their last medical examination in the s.p.a.ce station. After three days of basic training, they began to take the landing module to the moon in batches.

More than 50% of the news on TV and the internet these days were related to the eating, drinking, and living conditions of the colonists. Even some variety shows had started to become popular.

Lu Zhou heard from Director Liu that recently, many satellite TVs had come to Jinling to shoot variety shows at the s.p.a.ce launch site or the astronaut training base. The rental of the facilities was in the tens of millions of yuan per day.

Even though Lu Zhou was not very interested in variety shows, it was quite beneficial to allow more people to become interested in aeros.p.a.ce through the usage of ma.s.s media.

Even though only a few people had the opportunity to go to s.p.a.ce, with the advancement of technology, s.p.a.ce travel would sooner or later become a thing that benefited the general public.

After the successful settlement of the first group of colonists in Guanghan City, not only would the Chinese people become interested, but the foreigners would also be curious about these “people living in s.p.a.ce”.

What everyone did not expect was that this trend was actually pa.s.sed from the scientific and technological world to the cultural world. Aeros.p.a.ce related movies were even being produced in Hollywood.

Few people noticed the military conflict in western Somalia.

Only intelligence personnel from various countries were frantically scratching their heads over this matter. Some military arms companies and military security companies were annoyed by the loss of such a large market.

Even though many North American media had tried to trump up China’s military actions that had caused regional turmoil and civilian casualties, they had no direct evidence to prove China’s partic.i.p.ation in this battle.

In addition, the battle ended too quickly. When the New York Times reporter team finally arrived at the front line and prepared to shoot a set of war doc.u.mentaries, the post-war reconstruction work had already begun for two whole days.

This disappointed the American journalists who were looking forward to reporting an Iraq-like event. They returned home with empty camera cards…

At the ILHCRC headquarters.

At the public cafe.

Luo Wenxuan, the Secretary-General, read the news on his phone. He spoke emotionally.

“Who would have expected, that after a reckless person did a reckless thing, the destiny of a country was changed… What do you think?”

In the page he was reading was a black-and-white photo, and Marach’s name appeared in the text.

Even though Lu Zhou did not know him, apparently, he was the pirate who planned to attack the cruise s.h.i.+p he was on.

Not just that, apparently, this guy was a well-known local warlord, and he occasionally commanded his subordinates to act as pirates, looting and kidnapping many s.h.i.+ps from Asia.

Many of these s.h.i.+ps belonged to China.

According to the confirmation of the Ethiopian military, the body of this demon, who once frightened countless Somalians, was found near a farm.

Judging from the bullet holes on his body, he was fired at by a group of drones.

“I’ve never been to Africa.”

Luo Wenxuan: “?”

“I’m saying that I don’t care.”

Lu Zhou took a look at the rebuilding of war zone news. He paused for a second and spoke.

“However, I am very happy to hear such news.”

Luo Wenxuan smiled and said, “Because your research has been used in the right place?”

“Sort of… Leaving the unimportant things aside, I hope you can take a look at this.”

Lu Zhou threw a doc.u.ment to Luo Wenxuan’s lap, and it landed on top of his phone.

When Luo Wenxuan saw the doc.u.ment, he was stunned. He had a curious look on his face.

“What is this?”

“The gravitational fluctuation formula for the Z particle.”Lu Zhou’s finger tapped on the doc.u.ment as he said, “I suggest you read it carefully.”

After Wei Hong and Professor Dobrik left his home last time, they returned to Shanghai immediately. They followed the research ideas Lu Zhou provided and started researching the Z particle gravitational wave formula.

According to the division of labor between the two, the latter was responsible for the physical part, while the former was responsible for the mathematical solution.

To be honest, when Lu Zhou saw this paper, he was actually quite surprised. It took less than a month for Professor Wei to come up with this formula.

In his estimation, it would take the two people at least two months to finish the project.

He didn’t expect such a great physicist and mathematician in the ILHCRC team.

Even though they were not comparable to him, Lu Zhou was quite relieved to see more and more young physicists with great potential at the ILHCRC.

“Z particle’s gravitational fluctuation formula?” After reading a few familiar keywords, Luo Wenxuan touched his chin and said, “I read similar studies, but this is not—”

“Not your research area? Is that what you wanted to say?” Lu Zhou took a sip of coffee and interrupted him, “If you want to win the n.o.bel Prize, you should learn new things.”

“Fine… I will take a closer look.”

In the end, Luo Wenxuan patiently spent about half an hour reading the paper from beginning to end.


After reading it, his eyes froze.

When Lu Zhou saw the surprise in his eyes, he smiled at Luo Wenxuan and said, “Isn’t it incredible?”

“Yes… It is quite incredible.” Luo Wenxuan couldn’t hide the shock in his eyes. He looked at Lu Zhou and said, “If this is true, we will be able to reveal how the gravitational field through dimensions… Are you sure about this? The research was done by Wei Hong and Dobrik? I have never heard of either of them.”

“That’s because you lack the skill of discovering new talent.” Lu Zhou joked, “I hope you can work harder in this area.”

Luo Wenxuan asked eagerly, “Let’s not talk about this… What do you think of this research?”

The more cla.s.sical ADD model in high energy physics gave an explanation for why gravity was so weak compared to other interactions. That was because gravity could propagate to additional dimensions, so most of the “gravitational lines” were leaked into extra dimensions. This made the gravitational force in three-dimensional s.p.a.ce appear weak.

Using this theoretical framework, the universe was like a “wall” in a higher-dimensional s.p.a.ce. Electrons, protons, photons, and all other particles in the standard model couldn’t enter the extra dimension. Only the gravitational field lines could extend into this extra dimension.

However, even though the ADD model was a cla.s.sic theory, it was only a phenomenological model that was derived from experimental data and calculations. It wasn’t correct in an absolute sense.

So far, civilization had not yet mastered an observation method that could prove that gravitational field lines could pa.s.s through this wall and enter the extra dimension.

But now, everything was changing…

“You already know, so why ask?” Lu Zhou had a smile on his face. He interlinked his fingers on the table and continued, “As you can see, this can be a powerful tool. It will allow us to research how gravity causes s.p.a.cetime to bend, and research how s.p.a.ce bends, and… find out what gravity is.”

“This is something Einstein never fully understood.”

Luo Wenxuan was silent for a while. He then smiled bitterly.

“This sounds very difficult…”

“That’s for sure. If it is not difficult, someone would have solved this problem by now.” Lu Zhou smiled and said, “In fact, I think this research project is very suitable for you. The reason why I made a special trip to find you today is that I hope you will partic.i.p.ate in this project.”

“Huh?” Luo Wenxuan was taken aback. He then sat up straight and almost fell off the chair. He said, “Why… me?”

“Because you are the Secretary-General of the ILHCRC. You could be the next chairman of the board of directors…” Lu Zhou paused for a moment and continued, “How to make physicists at the ILHCRC value this research? How to ensure that the scientific research resources required for this project could be met? These are things you should learn.”

Luo Wenxuan couldn’t help but say, “Then why don’t you do it?”

“Because I can’t do everything…” Lu Zhou’s index finger gently touched the coffee cup on the table. He sighed softly and said, “Moreover, I have other more important things to do.”


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