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This was emphatically not a fict.i.tious world where under the public glare one can kill or possibly hit to fly another ten men all by himself. It was also not a world where someone wears underwear outside his pants. The people residing in this world were bounded by human logic. Regardless of anything, even if were for the king of mercenaries, king of killers or king of wrestlers, when one is against many then no matter how powerful one is, over a period that person’s power will become insignificant in front of that crowd.

If a formidable mercenaries king were to confront a hundred men all by himself without relying on dangerous weapons, then the only road left for him to walk would be the road of Hades.

And, in case of killers king, if he were to not conceal himself in the darkness and prey upon another step by step, then perhaps a dozen of martial artists could teach him how to live a normal life in place of his father.

There was a reason why a mercenaries’ king was a king, he understood how to kill one’s enemy on the battleground better than anyone else. He understood the art of surviving or retreating in dangerous situations. Moreover, how to stand till the last and grab the victory.

A Killers’ king had a reason for being a king, as well. He knew how to hide in the darkness. He understood better than anyone else about the maximum and the efficient exploitation of his environment that could be exploited while on a mission of killing someone. Moreover, to remain unfettered and beyond the law. Then only he could be known to others as the king of killers.

Four persons had to confront thirty men. Moreover, the odds of success was determined even before the confrontation started. One could see that these four men must have the determination to die for the result. Well at least they had weapons in their hand to support their courage, after all, even they would not be foolish enough to take a step forward if not for being equipped with these weapons.

Cai Guhua was apparently a big fan of some fiction, or maybe she was a T.V addict. Perhaps, that was the reason why she biasedly evaluated these four bodyguards of her own against those security guards and treated these thirty security guards who should be treated as ‘troublesome if in a group’ as lightly. Actually, if it was not for Xu Taiping’s, then these four bodyguards may have oppressed these thirty security guards, after all, a moment ago, these thirty were intimidated only by the name of their profession ‘bodyguard’. As long as, there was an intimidated crowd, the crowd was hopeless even if their number was in a hundred.

While reading a book, quite many people frequently came across the situation where even though the right side had many people in comparison to the other good for nothing hooligans, they still felt intimidated just by hearing a ruthless sentence or maybe because the leader of these goons was a renowned person. After all, No one likes to go against the people’s will of saving one’s own life before other, let alone carrying the role of a leader to shoulder the maximum burnt. However, this didn’t hold true in the case if that same coward crowd had a person who to provide the impetus. In such a case, even if the other party was fierce and tight, there was a high probability that the previous coward crowd would go against those hooligans. This was the vital role of the leaders.

Xu Taiping was clearly that type of bellwether for this group of security guards. He made these security guards realize that these bodyguards were emphatically not dreadful, and not worth anything if they were to fight in the locality controlled by them. That was the reason why those four elite bodyguards could only retreat after being beaten black and blue.

“The prime reason I asked you to come here was that of Li Sifan. I thought he might realize his mistake if his parents were to remind him. But it seems like the reason he is like this right now couldn’t be separated from your this kind of mother. Instead of trying to correct your own child’s mistake, you are trying to create an even more distorted sense of value inside him. This time he prescribed a laxative to some person, maybe next time he would give cyanide. Just wait till the day he kills someone and at that time, see if your money can save him or not!” Xu Taiping said in cold voice.

Cai Guihua complexion started to change from red to white and vice versa from vitality. She didn’t expect that a small security guard would dare to reprimand her in front of the public. After all, she was a wealthy woman of having worth more than dozens of hundred million. She couldn’t understand how this small security guard dare to teach her?

Well, one could always come across this type of person now and then. They were forever unable to look at their own shortcoming. Even if what other person said is through and through, they would only feel that others were just slandering them. What makes humanity feel sad was that the majority of these narcissistic people inside the society were riches and often it led to having a terribly distorted sense of value in the community.

Till now, Xu Taiping had many encounters with the three of the four young masters of the Jiang Yuan University. And, every one of these three masters had the family property of millions, however, regardless of who, every one of these three had an evil mind.

Well, one could imagine, what kind of negative influence they would bring to the society when these three would inherit their family industry and resources left behind by their parents and ancestor.

As for that last of the four young masters, Chu Hao, who Xu Taiping had yet to meet, he was looking forward to having an encounter. Xu Taiping wanted to see if he was also a hardcore fan of narcissism like other three or have a different disposition.

Anger always makes a person blind and it’s always easy for a person to commit a mistake when one loses oneself in rage.

Cai Guihua was thoroughly provoked by the words of Xu Taiping and did something which she wouldn’t have done otherwise. For teaching him, she used a very simple and straightforward method.


A security guard company can have a deficit of anything but human. Cai Guihua called her company, and at once two large vans carrying people came.

One after another seven-eight people came out from each van. Altogether a team of twenty bodyguards was standing in the position to attack this group of the security department.

‘A team of thirty individual’ VS ‘a team of twenty individual.’ The beforehand superiority of numbers, security guards had, reduced many or one could say it came down to zero. As for Tianlong security guards company, that side, every one of these guard’s essential quality was much higher than that of this side. Every one of them was standing there with their head high and chest out. There were even some bodyguards among this team of twenty. And, in a typical situation, one of these bodyguards could easily beat three of those ordinary guards.

“Child, don’t be afraid, mother will protect you. Now, Let’s see who dares to bully you!” Cai Guihua touched Li Sifan shoulder and said, “all of these security guards should leave the wishful thinking of going back unscathed today!!”

“Mother, you are best!” Li Sifan said while feeling happy.

“What? Do you all want to enter the university forcefully?” Xu Taiping frowned and asked.

“Weren’t you very rampant a moment ago? Weren’t you feeling superior due to numbers? There is still a difference of more than ten people between you and us, why don’t you continue to be rampant?!” Cai Guihua proudly said.

Xu Taiping laughed in ridicule and said, “you all are also only twenty people, why don’t you call few more, like that we will have a good play to watch.”

“Madam, we still have a few men who can momentarily come here!” a bodyguard said to Cai Guihua.

“Ha ha ha, good, very good. Everyone present here will be awarded 500 bonus after going back!” Cai Guihua heartily laughed to say.

“Really thank you, Madam!” Every one shouted loudly in the chorus. The prestige and energy of their shout were enough to intimidate surrounding people.

Before long, three more vans came. After a moment, almost fifty guards were standing behind Cai Guihua. Moreover, these fifty guards had proper training. Their c.u.mulative fighting was already good enough to crush Xu Taiping’s side.

If Xu Taiping were to hold a knife and were to take advantage of his agility, he alone could effortlessly destroy the fighting strength of these fifty people bit by bit, even getting rid of their whole force was not a problem. However, under the gaze of these many people, using a knife or gun was next to impossible, and at most he could only use police truncheon. This was an unfavorable situation regarding Xu Taiping.

However, even though the situation had come to this, Xu Taiping was still calm. He took a look at his wrist.w.a.tch and with a smile, he said to Chen Wen, “brothers we should continue to exert ourselves for a little while more. Don’t be anxious about getting injured; help will come in a while.”

“Really, help will come in a while?” Chen Wen asked while feeling somewhat nervous. Beforehand, he was slightly confident because of their numerical superiority, but now, the number of another side was clearly many more than them, furthermore, a lot more aggressive than his own team. Right now, he was really afraid.

“Offcoure, it’s true. Did I ever lie to you before?” Xu Taiping smiled to say, “only, after a moment we must not take the initiative to hit them. I will be responsible to start the ruckus and will make sure that it is them who takes the initiative to punch us first. Did you arrange everything in the surveillance room according to plan?”

“Everything is perfectly arranged, what should be recorded and what shouldn’t, they are clear!” Chen Wen nodded.

“That’s good. Now today’s greatest play can finally unfold.” Xu Taiping smiled to say, “let’s fight for once and for all. Let hold these four bulls.h.i.t young master and drive them away from the university for good!”


“Is there anything else you would like to say?” Cai Guihua sneered and looked at Xu Taiping. Around fifty robust men were standing behind her body. Every one of them was wearing black western suit and and were displaying their dignified manner to acme!

“Here is University!” Xu Taiping made a black face and said, “this is not a place where you can behave impudently. As long as you dare to move forward even a step, we of the security department will go against you to protect university’s property even if we are to die.”

“What bird does your security department is regarded as? Even if we are to add those who are responsible for sanitation duty, the personnel in the security department is not more than two hundred, but we of Tianlong security personnel alone are more than a thousand. We can destroy your security department as if we are taking a stroll in a park!” Li Sifan yelled while feeling proud of himself.

“Although, our number is less, however, we are bounded by our duty. We won’t allow your sinister fellows from taking a single step in our university!” Xu Taiping said while showing a righteous and imposing expression.

“Ha ha ha, now, I am going to enter your university with these men. Show me how you are going to stop us!” Cai Guihua held the hand of her son and went toward the university gate. Those fifty men also followed behind Cai Guihua toward the entrance.

“Younger brothers, make a shield wall to stop them!” Xu Taiping ordered. [T/N: a shield wall is a “wall of shields” formed by soldiers standing in formation shoulder to shoulder]

“Yes!!” every one of these thirty guards of security department grabbed each other hands and stood in front of the university gate and blocked every pa.s.s to the university.

“Give me to thrash them. Thrash them black and blue such that even their parents can’t recognize. Every one of you break into this university and smash the office of the security department. I want to see who can block your path!”

“Yes!!” As many as fifty men directly rushed toward those thirty security guards beside Xu Taiping and attacked. In a moment, Xu Taiping and his team were suppressed. After all, the difference between the numerical difference between both side was too big. Moreover, Xu Taiping was restraining himself and didn’t show his inhuman fighting strength. He also like other was showing how hard it was for him to hold his ground against these men of Tianlong security guard company. From time to time, fists were falling on his body, and before long his body was covered in bruises. Finally, security guards were forced to retreat inside the university.

In a flash, the university gate was seized by the Tianlong guards, and soon a group rushed inside the security guard-room and started to vandalize it.

“Brothers, for our university, we must refuel!” Xu Taiping gave a solemn and stirring outcry.

“Let’s go!! One group of university security guards yelled.

Right at this moment, several military vehicles came out from the depth of the university.

Since today was the day of the military parade, many of the leaders of the military district who came to watch the ceremony inside the Jiang Yuan university were sitting on these vehicles.

After a moment these military vehicles reached the University Gate. Seeing this, Xu Taiping at once took out electronic remote control of the gate and pressed it.

Every gate of Jiang Yuan University started to close. At this moment the subordinates of Cai Guihua were busy vandalizing the office of the security department, beating the university guards and no one noticed how the gate behind their body closed on its own.

With a creaking sound, a military vehicle stopped around fifty meters before the gate and along with that military vehicle other trucks which were carrying the soldiers stopped one after another.

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