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Read Second Lead Syndrome: A Second Chance Chapter 279 – A Couple’s Fallout

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Lena rushed back to the Li company after Tyler gave her Milo’s contact and address. 

It was Collin who greeted her when she arrived at the top floor. Collin said the meeting will end soon but Lena waited and waited in the office. It wasn’t until two hours later that Kris finally entered the room. 

Kris walked into the room as he was talking with Becca.

“I want the final paperwork sent to me by early tomorrow.” Kris spoke.

“Yes, CEO Li.”

“And I want to personally visit the Casino the day after.”

Becca nodded.

“Wednesday?” Lena stood up from the desk chair.

Kris finally glanced over and spotted Lena in the room.

“Didn’t you promise already to be at the SHYNE release event with me?” Lena pointed out.

“I did?” 

“It was just yesterday night. You said you have booked that date for a few weeks now just to attend the event.” Lena was a bit annoyed and it showed in her tone.

Kris turned to Becca. “Is it possible to reschedule?”

Becca shook her head. “Mr. Huang’s schedule is only open on Wednesday. He is going overseas the day after and his schedule is booked until the Casino’s grand opening.”

“It’s fine.” Lena spoke. “Work is work. You had this project way before we dated.”

“Are you sure?” Kris asked.

Lena nodded, but she looked like she somewhat hopped Kris would still attend the event with her.

“Alright then, book it Becca.”

“Very well then.” Becca smiled. “Will you still have dinner with Auntie Li tonight? Or since Miss. Shen is here now, you will have dinner with her instead?”

“Dinner?” Lena questioned Kris in a dark tone.

Kris walked over and sat on his chair that Lena just stood up from. “Yes. I’ll be going back to the mansion to have dinner with my mother.”

“Should I go too?”

“No. Seems like you have very busy with work lately. You should go home and rest early.”

Lena looked at Kris. “Ok…. Will you be home tonight?”

“I don’t know. Depends.”

“What’s wrong with you?” Lena bluntly asked Kris.

“What’s wrong with you?” Kris repeated back.

Lena furiously sat on the desk, ignoring that Becca and Collin was still in the room.

“Is this about lunch?”

“What about lunch?”

“Don’t act stupid with me. I had lunch with Tyler Huang, so what? I needed something from him so I offered him lunch.”

“At his hotel room?” Kris raised his voice slightly.

“AHa, you were stalking me. Don’t you trust me? If I said it was for work then it’s work. End of story.”

“I do. That’s why I am not even mad at you.”

“You are mad at me.”

“Does it look like I want to smack your head on my desk right now? I think I am very calm.”

Collin swallowed his fear. It does look like Kris wanted to smack someone’s head to his desk right now.

“Fine!” Lena pointed at Becca. “Then why is she here?”

“You should know very well she is work for the Huang. She’s here for work.”

“She looks like your secretary. Doing a job that Collin should be doing instead.” Lena added.

“Collin is busy with his wedding preparations. And besides, a woman can be my secretary. Don’t you trust me?” Kris used Lena’s word back at her.

“I am leaving.” Lena flung hair and started walking out. “before I smack your head on your desk.”

Lena slammed the office door hut before leaving. The workers all stared at the door… somehow the pity how much the door had been slammed today. They feel like they were not going to have a very good time for the next few days.

Once Lena left, there was a small silence in Kris’ office. 

“Are you just going to let her leave like that?” Becca spoke first. “A man should chase after his woman.”

“She’ll cool off.” Kris shrugged it off and continued to work. “You should get going anyways. Don’t let Mr. Huang wait for you.”

“Yes.” Becca nodded and then left. 

She was original working with Tyler, but since his younger brother took over several projects, CEO Huang has placed her under the younger brother instead.

After Becca left, Collin glared at Kris.

Kris ignored the tense glare from his friend and continued to work.

Collin shook his head. “When I have an argument with Stella, I buy her flowers,” Collin suggested.

“We’re not arguing. And I did nothing wrong to need to apologize to her.”

“….” Collin shook his head again. Maybe Tye can get through this stubborn head of Kris before he goes single again. “Then, I’ll be going.”

Once everyone left his office, Kris stopped pretending to be working. He stood up from his chair and looked out the window.

“Patience, Kris…..” He whispered.

However, that only irritated him more. He gritted his teeth and immediately punched the window. There was a small crack on the window. Kris ruffled his hair and sighed. He went to his secret wine cabinet and took out a gla.s.s to drink.

Only after a gla.s.s, he cleaned the wound on his hand. He went back to finish some paperwork before leaving for the night.

He walked out of his office. Everyone was still working late, not leaving until Kris left first. 

“There’s a crack on the window.” Kris told Collin. “I want it fixed by tomorrow.”

“Crack?” Collin was concerned. The window was a highly expensive and heavy-duty bulletproof window. How did it crack? He needed to tell Keso about it if this an issue. How can a window like that crack so easily?

“I’ll get it fixed by the morning.” Collin replied.

“Afternoon is fine.”


“I won’t be here early tomorrow.” Kris spoke as he walked over to his elevator and left.

Collin forgot to tell him to not drink too much… Instead, he quickly texted Hugh and Lay that Kris might be going for a drink tonight and they needed to make sure he doesn’t drink too much.

Kris drove back to the Li Mansion to have dinner with his mother. Madam Li was overly excited, asking why Lena did not join him.

Kris did not reply to any of his mother’s question and just ate the food.

Madam Li felt like something was off so she stopped talking to Kris. Instead, she talked to Becca about her work.

Right after dinner, Kris got up and left without another word to his mother or Becca. Madam Li looked at Becca with concern.

“I’ll go check on him.” Becca smiled and left, following Kris out.

Kris got outside and unlocked his car.

“Kris!” Becca yelled out to him. 

He stopped at looked at her. “Hmm?”

“You’re not staying overnight?” 


“Are you going back home to Lena?” 


Becca smiled. “Your mother is worried.”

“I’ll just be out with Lay tonight.”

“Ok.” Becca replied.

If Kris was going to be with Lay, that meant that he will go out to drink. Her smile widened. When a man is too in love, he will also fall down very hard. Becca did not know it was this easy to cause a rough patch in their relations.h.i.+p.

But of course, Kris never had a relations.h.i.+p before so he will not know how to console a woman. Her heart jumped with joy. 

Kris lied to Becca. He was not doing to go out with Lay tonight. Instead, he drove back to his penthouse. 

When he got back to his penthouse, he kicked his shoe off and walked to his room. However, he stopped once he saw that the light was on. He gently opened the door and spotted Lena sprawled out on his bed, headphones in her ear, and her eyes closed.

He smiled. He stood by the door and just stared at the stupid woman who has no sense of anything. What if he was not him and someone bad? Lena dropped her guard too often.

Lena did not know how long she was listening to music, but she was not getting tired at all. She rolled over the bed and took out her headphones.

‘Maybe I need a midnight snack.’ Lena wondered. She walked over to open the door and then…

“AHHHHHHHHH!” Lena threw her phone straight at Kris’ forehead.


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