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Second Saga is a Webnovel completed by Arcares.
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Suddenly the bushes in the forest moved. This time the entire group was gathered, so it could only be Hydra, though they still prepared themselves in case. As there were many nocturnal monsters it would be hard to easily let one’s guard done in a forest infested with monsters of at least level 50. This is also why they didn’t decide to farm monsters and only patiently waited for Hydra to finish his quest. If they caused any more trouble than what was already happening it would be devastating. Though, naturally, the main reason was to play with pan and teach him more tricks. As a figure ran straight out of the forest and pa.s.sed their camp without stopping, they were suddenly alarmed and Lila, called out instinctively.

“Hey wait, do you know Hydra?”

The object now slowed down hearing someone call out. Upon seeing that it was similar humans, the father, rushed and started bawling his eyes out.

“I was so scared! Please you must take me to safety I won’t be able to survive in this scary place alone.”


Dumbfounded they stared at the macho man acting like a wimp as if it was the most natural thing in the world. Although the next few minutes was about them awkwardly staring at the continuously bawling man another figure appeared from the bush. This time
Lila, Rina, Lockon and Goliath were all unable to react as they were still staring at the man bawling his eyes out. The young girl called out and waking them up from their stupor at the same time.

“Are you guys the friend’s of Hydra?”

“Yes we are friend’s of Shadow.”

“Don’t confuse her Lockon.”

Goliath reprimanded Lockon from the way the girl was breathing and her appearance it was clear the situation was not simple. Rina walked over healing her light wounds and stroked her back to calm her down. Finally the girl took a big breath and started to explain with the father was quietly still crying ignored in a corner. After explaining the situation the group started to back up and she excitingly was about ask them to take her with her when she felt something was wrong. Instead of having a heroic air to them they completely look terrified and were packing up to escape! That’s right the people Hydra told her who were suppose to be his friends were about to just up and leave her to die! She furiously shouted at the top of her lungs.

“Aren’t you his friends! You should be trying to save him!! He lured them away for us!”

Lila walked up towards her as it seemed no one wanted to play the bad guy towards the young girl who had tears flowing down her face. With a simple action Lila made it easy.

“That is that, and this is this”

Then she walked backed and started to clean up. As everything was cleaned up in the time that the young girl was shocked by the explanation she once again was ready to start yelling when Goliath walked up to her, picking her up and started to carry her over his shoulder before saying a few words.

“Girl you must know what foreigners are right? Well that man is a foreigner we all are. But that doesn’t mean we want to die with him. We aren’t cowards, but we aren’t stupid either.”

The young girl complaining pounding on Goliath’s back which kept doing -1 She didn’t even stop hitting him and even Rina had to heal Goliath a few times to keep his health out of critical.


Quest [The Liza kidnapping] has been updated!


The Rise of the Chief
You have successfully infiltrated the village of the Liza clan. Although you entered for a different cause you found out some concerning news, as a new clan Chief has just been elected. While also allowing the escape of the boy’s father and young girl, you have cause the anger of the Chief to be directed to you. Now the Chief will stop at nothing to have your head for dinner, as he is very hungry, to acquire the Ancestors lineage the Chief must feast on the blood on someone they deem worthy. That target has changed to you from the father. The Liza clan respects strength above all and escaping from their army while running miraculously through the swamp of death with no troubles has proven you to be a great warrior! You must either chose to sacrifice yourself for the greater good or find a way to quell the army. Because you are the reason that the army is marching on Beginner’s City you can not rely on the city guards nor the users or a penalty will be added. [Loss of stats indefinitely equivalent to 5 levels]
Difficulty: [Special]

“huh? What is the deal here? Are you kidding me? You’re literally asking a level 9 to somehow beat a frigging army at level 9…Isn’t that the same as telling me to sacrifice myself anyways… there isn’t any difference! I might have been able to gather an army to fight but nope that’s an even worse option than simply dying. This game is hard I just want to play normally. ”

Just when Hydra finally thought he has escaped successfully he was now in a predicament that would 99.9% with repeating 9’s infinitely so it was fair to say that he had no chance of survival. He was now too busy cursing to care about anything else in the world. Who could blame him? The game from the very moment he started, felt like he joined a horror game with ‘Chucky’ and ‘Chucky’ could never die. But thankfully it was still a game so as he realized that he could somehow calm himself down enough to quickly whisper his friends.

‘Did the NPC’s arrive safely yet?’

It didn’t matter who he whispered so he decided to whisper Goliath who would easily get to the point without dawdling.

‘Yeah they are here….But they told us some troubling news. So we packed up and ditched.’

Goliath responded with a smug att.i.tude. Though Hydra didn’t mind it as he was still probably a little unhappy about earlier. That’s what Hydra thought but he didn’t know that Goliath had met up with that same pig again thus the memory of Hydra getting revenge on him was completely wiped from his mind. But before Hydra could respond Goliath messaged him again.

‘What did you do to get this girl to like you so much? She hasn’t stopped hitting me and I even had to be healed a few times…’

‘Nothing I just saved her? What did you guys say to her?’

‘Nah, just basically said we were leaving you to die.’

‘Oh…. wait at least try act like friends.’

‘Don’t act like that. We warned you and you still went through with it.’

‘Yeah I know and now the problem has gotten even worse where are you guys let’s meet up.’

Goliath quickly explained his decision and direction they were running towards. As they would not willingly wait for Hydra even if he was paying them. Naturally that would be impossible anyways cause he broke!


“So that’s what happened….”

Lockon gave a worried reply after hearing about Hydra’s updated quest information. Lila rubbed in chin as if in serious thought before going ‘ah’ and looked towards Hydra.

“Okay! tie him up and leave him here so there isn’t any problems!”


Hydra stood up and pointed at Lila in discontent. At this moment, Pan who had been rather quiet because sudden events, (and Rina who took advantage to carry Pan) walked up towards Hydra. Pan then turned towards Lila stood up and pointed at her crying out in disapproval.


“Awh well in Pan says so I’ll let him go this time okay forgive me alright?”

Lila threw her hands in the air in defeat. Goliath had now found out an incredible plan for the future that only he would be able to implement after seeing that reaction. He started muttering while giggling in a corner with the father, who had cried so much his eyes were swollen and his skin was cracking. At this moment the young girl was keeping quiet in the corner. She wasn’t sure how to react to the sudden development. Naturally someone would be angry and their friends betrayal yet he acted as if it was natural and even chose to joke with them. She felt this man was curious and was different from other people she had met so far. But she wasn’t able to pinpoint exactly what that difference was so she could only keep staring until it came to her.

‘wait.. Pan? That’s it!’

“Guys. I have a plan!”

“Oh, you’re finally turning yourself in?”

“As expected of Shadow.”

‘No, seriously isn’t that opposite of what I would do?’

Hydra shook his head denying their claims. While Rina had a giant question mark floating above her head she didn’t seem to be too interested and went to pick up Pan and started to pet him.

“No that’s not it. But I know how to solve this!”

As everyone shrugged their shoulders they stopped listening. To them it didn’t matter if it came down to it they would seriously sacrifice him if needed. Even if they couldn’t catch him all they needed to do was tell the other users in at the city and solved. One dead Hydra for the peace of the City? Seems like a fair choice for them, so when Hydra said he found a solution they naturally didn’t think it mattered.

After hearing that Hydra had a plan but not what the plan was specifically they all kept running towards the city where finally Hydra reached his destination.

“Okay let’s split up here.”

“you better not be running away I have you on my friends list you know.”

“Don’t worry when I said I’d do this I meant it.”

Lila puffed out her cheeks in dissatisfaction but she didn’t continue to complain and they could already hear the roars of the Liza clan behind them. As Hydra went stealth and split up from his friends they left without a word. Arriving at the gates before telling the guards that a Liza army was approaching. The guards startled immediately rung the alarms and closed the gates. Where all the users started to gather on top of the gates. What greeted them was a giant army of Liza warriors.

Meanwhile, when Hydra went stealthed he obviously didn’t provoke the Liza that pa.s.sed him. He just simply waited until they pa.s.sed and as the Chief pa.s.sed as well Hydra eyed him with a furious gaze.

‘You better hope you this doesn’t work….’

Hydra ran in the opposite direction if anyone saw him, they would have definitely agreed he was leaving for his own safety and had no thoughts of returning!


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