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Read Secret Marriage : Wife Spoiling Husband 99 Cutting Ties With The Li Family

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Read WebNovel Secret Marriage : Wife Spoiling Husband 99 Cutting Ties With The Li Family

Suddenly the atmosphere in the room changed. It was so cold and deadly that it made everyone s.h.i.+ver. Li Yifeng was standing straight and staring at Li Youbin like a hawk watching his prey.

He was ready to take action, if neccessory to protect Li Xiaolu. When they had planned everything, he knew this was going to happen. But he never thought Li Youbin would actually shown his true colors.

He was here for revenge and if today Li Youbin dared to do anything, then he was prepared to go all out. No matter what, he is going to protect his elder sister.

Li Youbin was expecting Li Xiaolu to snap or shout at him. He was getting a dangerous aura from her but on her face there was a smile. That smile was as if she was looking down on him.

He couldn’t understand the reason for her smile. Shouldn’t she be angry at him?

“Confused Mr. Li? ” Li Xiaolu smriked, “Did you expect me to get angry or shout and yell at you? ”

“Oh! Then I am very happy to dissapoint you Mr. Li… ” Li Xiaolu smiled devilishly, ” You are correct, that I still don’t know who my parents are. But don’t worry, I will find them soon. My husband is a very influential man. With his help, finding my parents would be very easy. ”

“Meanwhile, I am very scared for you Mr. Li. Have you ever thought what would happen with you, when my real parents find out what you’ve done with me?”

Li Youbin snorted rolling his eyes. He never thought about this before. He was sure that his plan was going to work. In the future, he would somehow subst.i.tute Li Xiaolu to his daughter and make Li Xiaolu dissappear but now the situation is different.

“My oh my, What an arrogance Mr. Li. You really have too much faith in yourself. I heard my parents are very rich and they are searching for me….” Li Xiaolu smiled.

Li Youbin narrowed his eyes at her words. How does she know that? But still he is d.a.m.n sure that she can never find her parents.

“Am I correct Mr.Li ?Just imagine…. What will they do to you, when they know that I was being kept away from them because of you? What will they do, when they will know that you used me like a puppet for your own benefits?” Li Xiaolu sneered.

“They won’t do anything because you would never find them. You want to know why? I’ll tell you. I was not the one who took you away from your parents, it was someone else. He dropped you at the gate of an orphanage from where I picked you. Your only way to find your parents are through me. And I don’t think I have the heart to do that…” Li Youbin smiled evily.

“Are you challenging me, Mr. Li? ”

Li Youbin smilled nodding his head, “Ofcourse my dear. I am challenging you! You said your husband is powerful right, then go and find your parents. Let’s see if you can do that… ”

Li Xiaolu smirked, “You will see Mr. Li. And let me remind you one thing. When I find them, what they are going to do with you, I don’t know. But before that what I am going to with you, I’ll let you know… ”

Looking at everybody’s pale face Li Xiaolu smiled, “From everything I will make you into nothing, Mr. Li. Whatever you have gotten through me, your company business, Li Roulan’s acting career, your name your fame… you will loose everything Mr. Li. ”

“Ooo… I’m scared my dear” Li Youbin s.h.i.+vered, “You are going to destroy me? ” he laughed, “Dream on! My dear, you don’t have any proof. You can do nothing to me… ”

Li Xiaolu snorted glancing at everyone, “We will see. Also, from today onwards I cut all my ties with the Li family. I have no relations.h.i.+p with the Li family except for being an enemy. ”

Without waiting for anyone’s reply, Li Xiaolu turned around and walked towards the door. Pausing in her steps she looked back at them and laughed, “Oh! Before going I forgot to tell you something, Chen Yufan. You should have a really good sleep tonight, because tommorow you are not going to a have good morning. ”

“Goodnight! Everybody… ” Li Xiaolu blew a kiss and left. While everyone was in deep thoughts, Li Yifeng quitely sneaked out of the room and followed behind Li Xiaolu.

“Elder sister. ” he called.

“Hmm… Did you enjoy the show? “Li Xiaolu asked. Li Yifeng nodded excitedly, “You were amazing, Elder sister. But I have a question for you? ”

“What? ”

“Why did you not bring brother-in-law here, I mean if they had seen him then it would be great right? ” he asked hesitantly.

“Yeah, if Zhehan was here it would have been amazing. But it will all be finished in one single blow and I don’t want that. They have used me for so many years, hence I want to torture then slowly and have fun!”

Li Yifeng laughed as they entered the elevator.Getting downstairs, he escorted Li Xiaolu out of the hotel when he suddenly paused.

Li Xiaolu also stopped and looked ahead in suprised, “Zhehan? What are you doing here? ”

Zhehan sighed in relief on seeing her fine. Grabbing her by her arm he hugged her, “I came to pick my wife… ” he smiled before kissing her pa.s.sionately on her lips.


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