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Chapter 495: The One that the Dao begetsTranslator: CKtalon Editor: CKtalon

Qin Yun and Yi Xiao accompanied Ao Fang and the rest of the Skydragons into a hall.

The other True Dragon realm dragon children waited outside since they were just too many of them. The tiny guest hall could not contain so many dragons.

“Yiyi, bring them somewhere they can rest,” instructed Qin Yun.

“Yes, Dad.” Qin Yiyi smiled as she walked out the hall and said, “Everyone, please follow me.”

In a courtyard in Qin Manor.

Qin Yiyi led the dragons to sit down inside the courtyard. As she smiled and waved her hand, clouds rose around her. In the distance were the boundless firmaments. There was the gorgeous radiance of the sun rising, with divine birds flying gracefully in the sky. Floating islands peeked in and out of sight.

“This is?” The True Dragon realm dragons were somewhat astonished by the sudden appearance of this scene.

“It’s my dad’s,” said Qin Yiyi with a smile. “He has set up numerous array formations in Qin Manor. This one is a hallucination array. It’s said that even ordinary Skyimmortals can forget about escaping once they get trapped in it. He gave me control over some of the array formations and I thought that I might as well initiate the hallucination array. Even when it’s not being used to trap an enemy, the scenery is so beautiful and realistic that we can use it for enjoyment.”

“This hallucination array sure is impressive. None of us can see through it.”

“Miss Qin, how impressive of you to control this array just to make pretty scenery.”

The dragon children fawned over Qin Yiyi.

Qin Yiyi…

She was the daughter of the Great Chang world’s Sword Immortal Qin. In the Effulgent dominion, Sword Immortal Qin was now famous. In the future, he was likely going to be one of the most terrifying beings in the Effulgent dominion! The dragons in the Effulgent dominion might one day be relying on this extremely influential figure.

With Qin Yiyi’s status, this group of dragon children were naturally willing to pander to her and befriend her.

Speaking of which, the dragons were considered a rather powerful species in the Three Realms, but compared to the Daoists, Buddhists, Heavenly Courts, and the fiends… the dragons by themselves were too weak.

Ninety percent of the dragon forces had occupied a single dominion!

The remaining force was scattered across the Three Realms, making it appear much weaker. Even so, the dragons were friendly to all. They had good ties with the Heavenly Courts, the Daoists, and the Buddhists. They were also open to investing in the other cultures. For instance, the Heavenly Courts also had Dragon Kings. The Buddhists had Divine Dragon Guardians. There were even more dragons that became disciples of Daoists mighty figures. The fact that a single species alone could proliferate all across the Three Realms was quite impressive.

After all, they were one of the strongest ranked forces in the Three Realms.

That evening, Ao Fang bade farewell and led the dragons away.

“Brother Yun, the gifts given by the dragons are quite valuable,” said Yi Xiao with a smile. “Even the fact that you helped them conquer the Dragon Mountain world again does not merit such gifts. It looks like they are going out of their way to befriend you.”

“Since they have given it, keep it.” Qin Yun nodded. “Back when I saved you, it was all thanks to Puqu Dragonlord. I’m very grateful for that! Besides, both you and Yiyi are dragons. It’s only right to be closer to dragons.”

Yi Xiao nodded gently.

“Dad, Mom.”

Qin Yiyi walked in from outside and immediately said obsequiously, “Have a seat, I want to talk about something.”

Following that, she helped Qin Yun and Yi Xiao sit down.

“This girl,” said Qin Yun as he smiled sitting down. “Just tell us what’s on your mind.”

After letting her parents sit, Qin Yiyi said, “Dad, I plan on adventuring outside.”

“Adventuring outside?” Qin Yun and Yi Xiao exchanged looks.

Yi Xiao asked, “Where do you plan on going?”

“I wish to go to the Effulgent Great World. It’s such a ma.s.sive place. There are countless immortals, demons, and fiends there. There are many wonderlands. I wish to experience them all.” Qin Yiyi looked nervously at her parents.

“Brother Yun, see? I told you long ago that this daughter of ours would eventually fail to resist the allures of the outside world,” said Yi Xiao with a smile.

Qin Yiyi was taken aback.

“Your mom guessed it a long time ago,” said Qin Yun with a smile. “You are after all still young. Of course you’d eventually get sick of staying with your parents in the Great Chang world.”

“I’m not sick of it,” Qin Yiyi answered anxiously.

“I know,” said Qin Yun. “I have no problems with you going to the Effulgent Great World, but you will have to follow my arrangements.”

“Sure!” Qin Yiyi nodded her head immediately, looking as obedient as ever.

Her childhood experiences made her yearn a familial relations.h.i.+p, but after spending more than ten years in the Great Chang world with her parents, her heart was slowly itching to get out. She wanted to see new sights, and see more beings of all kinds.

Still, she knew enough to mind her father’s arrangement.

After all, she knew that the world was very dangerous.

Qin Yun was very approving of his daughter’s adventuring.

But most important was his daughter’s safety!

Qin Yun naturally made all the arrangements. He even gave her some of the life preservation items he obtained from the first round of tests in Green Touring Palace.


A spatial pa.s.sageway was formed.

Qin Yun and Yi Xiao watched as their daughter flew towards the spatial pa.s.sageway.

Qin Yiyi smiled as she looked back at her parents before venturing deep into the spatial pa.s.sageway. Moments later, she was in the Effulgent dominion.

The void rippled apart.

An underwater palace appeared in the distance. Qin Yiyi had arrived in a place near Ao Fang and a several other dragons.

“Junior Brother Qin, don’t worry. We dragons will naturally protect Yiyi’s wellbeing as long as she’s here with us,” said Dragon King Ao Fang with a laugh.

“Sorry for troubling you, Senior Brother,” said Qin Yun with a smile.

“It’s nothing,” said Ao Fang with a smile.

As for the Skydragons beside Ao Fang, they muttered softly.

“Now that this missus is here, we have to work hard at watching her. If something happens to her, we would be in trouble.”

“Those unruly dragon boys in the clan are to be warned. They are not to cause trouble for us.”

“This missus of Qin Manor is not one they can offend.”

They conversed via voice transmissions.

Dragons were promiscuous to begin with. It was common for male dragons to spread their seed across the world.

But they were not to place their sights on this Qin Yiyi, or there was no way they could answer to Sword Immortal Qin.


Green Touring Palace. Stellar Sea.

Stellar Sea was a cultivation ground in Green Touring Palace. Here there were stars floating, and each star spanned hundreds of kilometers wide. More than ten thousand stars were constantly moving in a complex fas.h.i.+on.

On one of the stars.

Qin Yun sat cross-legged on the surface of the star, which was extremely solid.

There were more than a thousand disciples cultivating in the sea of stars. Each disciple occupied their individual star, not disturbing one another.


Qin Yun waved his hand.

A wisp of misty rain flew out as it circled his surroundings. It was like a dream or a mirage, as the might of the sword began to slowly brew in intensity.

But what appeared as a surreal and gentle water-like sword flash had a terrifying sword might surge from within.

“Destroy.” Qin Yun had a look of antic.i.p.ation in his eyes.


In the infinite dreamy sword flashes, a black sword flash suddenly seemed to rip open the void. Even the Stellar Sea which was left behind by the Dao Ancestor, Heavenly Lord of Numinous Treasure, produced torrential void ripples.

“I’ve mastered it.” Qin Yun nodded when he saw this. “One of the three most powerful death blows of the Only Me Sword Song, Earth-shattering Heaven Battering, has finally been mastered.”

“It’s time to head to the next spot.”

Qin Yun left Stellar Sea.

He came to another cultivation ground, Wind Valley, in Green Touring Palace.

Stellar Sea, Wind Valley, Void Island, Broken Sword Valley, Mt. Five Directions…

Qin Yun headed for each cultivation ground in the Green Touring Palace, one-by-one, cultivating the move that suited each location the best.

Back when his Intrinsic Flying Sword extracted the powers of the Chaos Pure Gold and transformed into an intrinsic supreme-grade Numinous treasure, even his flying sword gained a wisp of the baffling Chaos concept. Qin Yun gained inspiration from it while studying it, and managed to master and adapt the Five Directions Sword Mountain of the Five Directions Sword Sutra. With that move, he managed to defeat Bear Mountain.

After defeating Bear Mountain, Qin Yun notified his wife before beginning seclusion in Green Touring Palace.

He felt that the wisp of baffling Chaos concept was extremely important to his Sword Dao. He naturally had to strike while the iron was hot. As he contemplated over the Chaos concept, he took the opportunity to cultivate the Hundred Great White Yang Metal Sword Art, Five Directions Sword Sutra, Netherfiend Records, and the other sword manuals.

And in fact, by truly focusing his mind, he managed to gain even more as the days went by ever since he contemplated over the baffling Chaos concept.

“Dao begets One, One begets Two, Two begets Three, Three begets all things.”

“The foundation of my Sword Dao was split into Heaven, Earth, and Man when I stepped into the Dao. This is the so-called Three.”

“And this baffling Chaos concept…”

“It feels more like it’s the essence of the Dao.”

“Could it be the One that the Dao begets?”


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