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Chapter 60 (Inside a dark room)

After looking at the map which Aira-san gives me carefully, it seems like n.o.ble villas are located in the southeast district of this imperial city. 

I was running until this place as if I was doing jogging, but I don’t feel any fatigue at all. 

As one expected, I can’t disregard this as my just imagination isn’t it. 

This probably because of the effect of forbidden spell, however, it is a power to be grateful about when I thought about the prospect of facing against the magma monster (again, I named it with my convenience). 

I stopped walking and look around. 

Fences and Gate are surrounding each mansion, in each of them, there’s also an excellently maintained garden. 

“Hnn, should be around here…” 

It’s not like the map that I carried have detailed drawing of each house. 

Should I ask someone who by? 

“You seems to be looking for something since a while ago, but, are you someone living in this district?” 

The one who called me out is a guard. 

A place where you can’t speak rudely if the partner turns up a son of some n.o.ble by chance. 

“Then, why are you here?” 

Suspicious expression floats on the guard face when he found out that I was not from this district. 

“I was looking for Arclight family mansion, however, since this is the first time I’ve come here… if possible can you tell me where the mansion is?” 


“I’m a Lunezret Academyー” 

“I’m Cecil-saー, an Arclight family daughter acquaintance. We’re students from the same cla.s.s. My name is Sagara Kurohiko. I came here to meet Cecil Arclight.” 

“No, I don’t think they know…” 

The guard began scowling at me. 

Don’t tell me is this place is a place where commoners not allowed to step their foot into? 

“Nn? Kurohiko?” 

The one who appeared in a timely manner is, 



Zix nodded toward the guard. 

“I see, so that’s how it is.” 

“Don’t mind it… however, that was quite the disaster huh.” 

“There is also that reason, but, due to yesterday incident, Arclight family has tightened its guard. by the way, are you going to see Cecil-sama?” 

“Arclight family house is right on the hill over there. because the position is slightly higher than the other mansion, it is a little bit hard to see; I also experience it when I come here for the first time.” 

Being led by Zix, we walk toward Arclight family residence. 

“I see…” 

“Don’t mind it. you have it hard too right.” 

Then Zix explained that 『due to him and Hirgiz-san worried about Cecil-san condition, they decide to take rest today』. 

“I wonder about that… I also don’t know whether I’d done the right thing or not. If I were to stop Cecil-san faster then this kind of thing might not happen. In that respect, I feel responsible.” 

From that expression, I feel a sense of guilt from him. 

“Because my power is not sufficient enough I’ve exposed Cecil-sama with danger… it runs chill down my back when I remembered if you guys have not been there. above all, I’m angry of my own worthlessness.” 

“Even if it’s like that, Cecil-san situation didn’t turn for the worst is thanks to you and Kyurie. one day I will repay this grat.i.tude one day.” 

“Lending and borrow between friends, I don’t really like such thing. ” 

Zix began smiling broadly. 

“Funn, Fine. all is even now right.” 

With how it looks, the mansion is two storied building. 

The land is slightly more wide compared to the other residents of the neighborhood. 

After giving Banton-san a light greeting, I followed Zix inside the mansion. 

Her age, I guess the same as Banton-san? 

Her figure is good, and there’s white hair mixed among her hair. 

“Now now, please do by all means go and meet ojou-sama. if it’s Kurohiko-sama, then Cecil-sama would definitely also want to meet.” 

She seems to have a huge expectation of me… how should I do about this? 

Zix which seems to understand my thought left to the back. 

“I will wait on the first floor.” 

“Not only me nor Hirgiz, the current Cecil-sama even rejected to meet Hana…  she might not want to meet someone she knows for a long time. however, at least I want to bring her some food.” 

With that being the case, it has been decided that I will be the one bringing her food. 


I feel this as 『meddling』 because I, myself thought such thing back in the days huh. 

This is Cecil-san room huh? 

Is she asleep? 

Well, I guess if there’s no respond if I call out then I will just return down. 

She might be still have not yet organized her feeling yet. 

Should I leave her alone? 

Is this a signal that I should leave? 

Let’s go back home for today. 

“Well, then I will leave the bread and soup here alright.” 

A trolley cart had been placed by the side of the room 

I put the tray on the top of the trolley. 

However, at that momentー 

I heard a sound that the door had been opened. 

When I turn around, I saw Cecil-san room door had been half opened. 

Nah, looking at the timing it’s impossible for that I guess. 

I try to go back in front of the door. 


I called out, but there’s still no answer. 

That’s it. 


There’s a lot of white furnitures. 

And also is that sofa and night table? Has been placed inside. 

The room is very clean and tidy. 

Then, looking at the bulging on the bed, I guess Cecil-san is there huh. 


Is it to take the food? Or possibly is it for the sake of peeking at me? 


I saw Cecil-san back of the head. 

Cecil-san just like that keeps silent. 

First, let’s just wait in silence. 

The silence is flowing. 

Just like that, time 

Add the darkness inside the room. 

At that time, 

“… what did you come here for?” 

Just when I thought the silence were going to continue for all eternity, Cecil-san speak out tearing down the silence. 

“It’s because I’m worried about Cecil-san. 

After saying that, I remain silent once again. 

“What are the things that you have imagined?” 


『Looking at her breaking her innocence is fine.』 

『Push that beauty down and make her degraded into a treasured doll is fine as a well.』 

Probably about those words I guess? 

“I’ve thought about all the possibility. and somehow, suddenly I’d become scared of it.” 


After we sink into silence for a brief moment, Cecil-san began talking. 

“Fufufu… but still, it’s really embarra.s.sing isn’t it? I was argued that an opponent where I can using all of my power finally appeared. Now looking at the result as if opening the lid of my weakness… finally, a 『opponent』 has appeared? What a laughable, me.” 

“However, aren’t you fought well, didn’t he said that he would make you his arch-enemy?” 

That’s why; I guess that is his real intention I suppose? 

“Being able to compete against Hibigami is thanks to Kyurie you said?” 

Only this time that her tone of voice sounds more stronger. 


Cecil-san fall silent once again. 

“…Like that.” 

“You’re always like that, trying to be loved by everyone.” 

“For you, toward the person who treats you kindly, anyone would do right.” 

I held my breath. 

It seems like she had slipped into her bed right after arrived here I guess? 

However, her beauty didn’t reduce a little bit. 

Howeverー the things that catch my breath is not about that. 

Sometimes Cecil-san looked at me in a sarcastic manner. 

“To tell you honestlyー” 

She continues talking while gripping the edge of the bed cover with her fingertips. 

“Looking at you is really annoying.” 


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