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Read Seirei Tsukai to Shinjuu Tsukai no Shounen Volume 2 Chapter 13

Seirei Tsukai to Shinjuu Tsukai no Shounen is a web novel made by Tenka.
This lightnovel is right now ongoing.

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At the spirit forest, leaving the man who attacked them there for the time being, Akito and the others decided to have a talk at a little farther place.

“Well then. Hiiragi-kun—- Seiza.”

When Rutia said that while sitting on a nearby rock, Akito says “yes…..” and doing seiza in front of her.

“Se, senpai!?”

Yuuka seems surprised because of that, but Rutia’s current smile instill a strong fear, and doesn’t allow Akito to defy her.

『Muu. For you who are my master to bend your knees, it means that I am also kneeling to her—-muu……』

Feny seems discontent with that,but it’s not related to Akito. Certainly, Feny is someone who possesses divinity, but currently she is Akito’s contracted spirit. It’s natural that she can’t defy her master.

Ignoring those 2 people, Akito looks up at his senior. Then she smiles,

“Well then. Why don’t you give me some explanations for various things? Hiiragi-kun. First, why did you ignore me recently?”
“Ye, yes! Well about that…… I, I didn’t mean to ignore you! Be, because of that incident……. There are a lot of problems……”
“……. How is it a problem?”

When Akito immediately answered as her smile was really scary, she tilted her head while smiling. That further instilled Akito’s fear.

Akito thought that If he doesn’t choose his words carefully , she might immediately deploy that large sword again, so he decided to answer honestly, and not choosing any strange words.

“Well about that…… Actually because of that incident, I got a lot of resentment….. and got attacked. Often……”

While slightly fumbling, Akito somehow said it. Then she sighed “Haa……”,

“Well certainly after that incident, I even heard rumours about you from my surroundings. But It’s okay if they hated you, right? Although there is a lot of people saying they want to challenge you.”

Because she said that, Akito remember that “challenge letter”. Then while looking at her face,

“Umm…… Sure, there were a lot of challenge letter came to me, but I rejected all of them…..”
“As I expected. Maybe the people you rejected got terribly angry. But, you are rank E, maybe because they were following the school regulation, so they didn’t say anything……”

At Element Academy, if someone want to solve their confrontation personally, they have to submit a “challenge letter”. Then there is also a rule saying “Challenge from someone with lower rank than you can’t be rejected”.
But Akito is rank E. he is one of a rare “The dunce”. Because of that, he could reject all of them.

He didn’t even think that it would come back at him in this way.

“But if it’s me. I don’t think that having a grudge is good…no matter in what form it is, I want you to receive my help . ”
“Se, senpai. I’m…… glad that Rutia-senpai is my senior.”
“Mhm. if you think like that please come to meet me often. If you have any problem, I might be able to help you…… okay?”
“Se, Senpai! As expected I really like you senpai!”
“Mhm, mhm. Respect me more~”

When Akito make a gloomy face, Rutia smiled gently at Akito. Looking at that, Akito lightly sheds his tears.

Because only Yuuka who kindly treated him who is lonely because all of his friends are going to Grand Magic Academy recently, he is happy.

“Hey!? If it stays like this, senpai would be stolen….. Even though I thought that this is my chance , since those 2 are not here….This is an unexpected ambush!”

Though it’s not related to the current Akito. As expected, someone like a reliable senior will sway senpai’s heart.

Thinking like that, akito who was shedding tears—–

“Well then, next. Who is this girl?”

Froze because of the next words. Because somehow Rutia-senpai’s eyes are not smiling. Her face is smiling, but her eyes aren’t. That expression is enough to incite Akito’s fear.

“Me? I’m senpai’s lover.”

Because Yuuka starts saying unnecessary things, looking at Rutia-senpai who smiles even more, the trembling Akito feels the trembling become bigger.


While smiling, Rutia moved her neck with a creaking sound and turned to Akito. To be honest, she is really scary.

『Muu…… This situation is interesting. However— that woman…… I’m also scared.』

Inside Akito’s head, Feny also groaned .Feny who is also seeing the scene, seems to also be scared as expected. Rutia may be able to kill people with a smile that even scares a divine beast.

“A, about that, let me say this first, she is not my girlfriend. She is the junior I have taken care of—- as, as educational guidance student I’m responsible for. “

Moving his trembling lips, Akito made his sentence towards Rutia. Then, she

“Ah, so that’s how it is, she is not your lover. Well, I thought that would be the case though~”

Somehow gave her consent.

“Se, senpai!? You’re awful! You should say that I’m your girlfriend there!”

Yuuka seems dissatisfied for some reason. In the first place, why should I say that? I would be killed by Rutia-senpai. That is Akito’s objection.

Then while saying “Fuun”, Rutia looked at Yuuka.

“But an educational guidance student huh. I have never thought that you would get the request. Moreover, even if one come, if it’s you, I think that you would reject it.”
“Ah, actually because of that incident, there were a lot that came. Well, I turned down all of them though…..”
“…..Isn’t that…… the reason you are resented?”

When Akito answered Rutia who told him that, she let out an amazed voice. Akito replied “no doubt about it…..”

“Then, why did you accept this girl?”

Rutia asked. Then while scratching his cheek, Akito answers.

“That…… I told her to stay with me. Because there is a bit special circ.u.mstance……”
“…..That, isn’t that the same with a confession……”

While sighing out to that, Rutia muttered. But, after that she immediately smiles.

“Well, if you have your reason, I won’t ask anything this time. Because it seems like a lot of troubles.”

It was a gentle smile. Akito thinks that she is the greatest senior as he expected. She won’t ask something you don’t want to talk about. Sometimes it’s more pleasant than any kindness.

By the way, Yuuka is blushing when she remembers that day when Akito said that. She is fidgeting while blushing. It’s a good when she is quiet. Akito thinks like that.

When he was thinking something like that, Rutia muttered “well then”, and move to the next question.

“Then, next. What are you involved in now?”
“Involved in?”
“Yes. it seems that somehow you are put in the wanted list, you know?”

Hearing that, when Akito is thinking after being reminded that the man who a.s.saulted him said something like that, Rutia took out something from her pocket and threw it to Akito.
Somehow catching that, Akito looks up at Rutia. Then she

“I get it from the teacher today. I was searching for you all day. Well. I’m tired.”

Said while stretching her arms. Then her voluptuous breast shakes. Looking at that, Akito blushed a bit, but he averted his eyes when he was asked “hmm? What?” by Rutia.

“As I thought, is senpai also a breast man……. Is it really breast!?”

Yuuka was shouting for some reasons, but he ignored her. Then when Akito opened that because he is told “Why don’t you try opening it?” by Rutia—-

—- A great reward would be awarded to anyone who bring Hiiragi Akito, student of Element Academy Cla.s.s 2-E to Grand Magic Academy. — Leader of Spirit Knight Order. Hiiragi Yuito.

He squashed it at the same time.

“That d.a.m.n father! What is he doing!?”
“Although he is your father, calling that leader with ‘d.a.m.n’ is really amazing.”

Seeing Akito threw the squashed search warrant to the ground while shouting, Rutia shows a wry smile.

“No, putting his son in the wanted list…… no. Eh? No……. Eh?”
“Mhm, let’s calm down first.”
“Senpai, are you okay?”

To Akito who panics in hurry while doing seiza, Rutia lets out a gentle voice, and Yuuka rubs his back.

While thanking both of them from the bottom of his heart, Akito took a deep breath “Suu, haa”.

“But, I wonder why it is Grand Magic Academy? Although certainly the other students should be there now.”

Looking at Akito, Rutia says while having a wry smile. Because of that, Akito also has some doubts.

“Come to think of it, I wonder why? Usually if it’s a search warrant, they will take you to the knight order’s branch. Although they may also bring you to the guild.”

After Rutia showed a thinking manner when Akito told Rutia about his doubt,

“No, but this timing…… it’s a bit, no, I think I just thought too much about it……”

She muttered something like that. Akito who worried about that, tries asking her “anything is fine, please tell me”.

Then she raised her face,

“No, I think I just thought too much about it. Because her….. Grandneal First Princess, Sylvia Lancaster-sama’s aim is you, the aim of the present battle simulation is to fight directly with you…… is it?”

Because the thing she said was too unrealistic, Akito leaked out such voices.

“Wa, wait a minute! If that’s how it is, why did she not mention my name? I mean the message from the other side is ‘prepare the strongest spirit users in the academy’! Why is it me!?”

When Akito panics and then speaks, Rutia smiled saying “this is just an a.s.sumption, tight?”,

“Perhaps that princess saw that fight with the military spirit, didn’t she? Then, maybe it’s just a misunderstanding…… Look, if it;s her it would be easy to order the knight order with only a single command.”

Akito is a little bit convinced when she said that.

Actually, Sylvia Lancaster is well known for her interest in fighting. I heard that she likes something like looking down on spirit users and dyeing their face with despair. Ooh, scary scary.

What would she do if a man who defeat that military spirit appeared in the same generation as her? The answer is simple. She might be itching to fight with me to decide who is the stronger one. Moreover, certainly if it’s her, it would be easy to order Akito’s father, Yuito with only a single command. If that’s what happened, the rest is simple. Because the search warrant directly from that leader of spirit knight order would be really conspicuous, so it would be fine after that to wait for Akito who will be caught soon.

— Actually it’s effective because it’s simple. then—-

(It’s really troublesome!)

Akito thought like that.

There, Yuuka who was rubbing Akito’s back let out an admired voice.

“As, as expected senpai. But, somehow I felt complicated! Are you liked by the princess!? Or does she have a grudge against you!? Either way I will freeze her!”
“Mhm. you musn’t okay? Because you really won’t hesitate to do that, so let’s stop talking about such things, okay?”
“Well then, I will just think about it!”
“Mhm, let’s stop thinking about it too, okay?”

Akito groaned to her who has started saying horrifying things. Then Rutia let out a voice while looking at Yuuka.

“Fu-n. you said that you will win against that ‘war princess’? By the way, what is your rank?”
“It’s S.”
“He~. So it’s S~ that’s gre………………… ha? S?”

She opened her mouth with a blank look, because of Yuuka who answered her calmly.

“We, well….. You are joking, right?”

Unable to believe it, Rutia quietly let out a voice. But, Yuuka’s answer to that was really simple. With just a serious

“I’m serious.”

She only said that. That simpleness, made Rutia thought that she wasn’t lying.

Then after that, Rutia looked at Yuuka for a moment, but after that she slowly turned her face towards Akito.

“Hey…… Hiiragi-kun. Is that true?”

Rutia who thought that he should ask Akito for the time being slowly muttered. Then,

“That’s true. Ah. I forgot to say, but because she is from the Frost family, she is the successor of the ice dragon.”

Akito immediately answered, furthermore he also mentioned the reason to clear Rutia’s doubt. Then her eyes rounded even more,

“Yes, this is all true.”

Because she quietly asked, Akito immediately showed a wry smile.

“He, hey, Hiiragi-kun. Actually…… what kind of circ.u.mstances do you have?”
“A, ahaha……”

Akito only replied with a wry laugh to Rutia who was really worried. there is no way—

『Muu. why do I felt that I’m being ignored for some reason?』

That he would be able to talk about his partner who murmured inside his head. That’s because Feny’s power is too strong.

Moreover—- I didn’t want to break his relationship with her. “The dunce” and “The reliable senior” who reached out her hand to him. That kind of relationship would be liked anywhere.

『Master is also troubled by a lot of things.』

Feny who understands what Akito is thinking, delve into that. Besides when he is having a wry smile, Rutia leaks out “well then”.

“Then what would you do? Hiiragi-kun. If you return to the academy, you might be chased around by the teachers who is searching for you. That said, going to Grand Magic Academy is far and—-“

Akito groaned “hmm” from Rutia’s words. Then, when he thought something like “Should I let myself be caught by someone?”, Yuuka opened her mouth.

“Ah, well then, I will give you a ride.”

Akito and Rutia unintentionally leaked out such voice from that overly simple proposal.

But, ignoring such things, Yuuka continues.

“As I said, while I enjoy a sky date with senpai on Brionac, I will accompany you to Grand Magic Academy?”
“No, wait a minute! That would stand out—–”
“I don’t care. If it can make senpai stay close to me, that’s okay.”

Akito protested in panic, but because she immediately replied he become unable to say anything. There, Rutia opened her mouth.

“I will ride it as well.”

From that serious expression, Akito unintentionally looked blank. But, Rutia keeps ignoring that.

“When I saw you fighting in the monitor that day, I didn’t come to help you. Honestly, I were really scared so that my feet didn’t move. But…………”

She paused her words once there, and looked down. Then she immediately raised her face, and

“But, I don’t want to feel something like that again. If you are doing your best, I want to be your strength.”

Said that. Looking at that, Akito

“Yes. Rutia-senpai. Let’s go together. Well, I don’t think there will be a danger though. I mean if it’s a dangerous place, I wouldn’t want to go.”

While having a wry smile, he replied to Rutia. Honestly, he felt happy and he thought that it’s okay if there isn’t any danger.

“Se, senpai…… U, Uu! It should be a date….. It should be a date……”

Looking at that, Yuuka let out a sad voice. But it completely didn’t reach Akito at the moment.

『Master. Somebody like you…… I really would never be tired seeing you.』

Feny seems satisfied with such scene. I wonder why? Akito thought.

“Fufufu. It’s not done yet….. If I throw her off on the way…… that said I have to take her from the beginning…… Ah. now senpai has the immortal bird Phoenix! If I refuse here, It would make me the one being left out…… Uh, Uuu!”

Somehow, Yuuka seems like she is fighting something. Akito stares at her thinking that she is having a hard time. She is truly an interesting junior.

Ignoring both of them, Rutia jumped from the rock, and had a smile.

“Now. shall we go right away?”

Because of her words, Akito comes to his sense. Then Yuuka also answered “Ah, yes!”.

“Serve me, the king of ice! Now, in accordance with that contract, show your form in front of me!”

When Yuuka chanted that, the seal shined and the wind ravaged. Then, in front of her appeared a silver dragon.

“Fu, Fuoooh! So this is the ice dragon!? It’s really beautiful!”

Apparently, Rutia seems to be impressed by the S-ranked spirit. Well, that’s a normal reaction.

(I couldn’t afford to waste my time like this.)

Akito has a wry smile while looking at Rutia.

“Well then, because I will be in the front, senpai will be in the middle.Useless meat— no, Rutia-san at the back.”

Yuuka gave such instruction, and is the first one get on top of the dragon. Wasn’t it a bit strange at Rutia-senpai’s part? Akito thought, but he climbed without concern about it.

“Here. Rutia-senpai.”

After that, Akito stretched his arm to Rutia who is struggling to get on. Looking at that, Rutia slightly blushed, but she immediately said “Thanks”, and took his hand.

『Hmm~ Master is really that kind of people, but…… hmm~. Well, it’s okay since it is interesting.』
“Se, senpai!? Guh….. If I pretended that I can’t get on as well……!”

Feny who looked at that, muttered something inside his head, and yuuka was panicking. Akito had some questions about that, but he immediately sat in the back of the ice dragon.

“Su, surprisingly it’s not cold.”
“Ah. I also thought the same thing.”

At that moment. Rutia and Akito said it in the same time. The ice and snow symbol, at the back of the ice dragon was surprisingly not cold. Moreover, it’s a bit warm.

The sitting comfort is also not too bad, and if it’s this, it seems we can go flying for a while.

“Well then, In order to not fall, senpai please hold me. Like this….. Like hugging me from behind.”
“O, Oh.”

Because he was told like that by Yuuka, Akito hugged her. Then,

“It, it’s happiness……”

For some reason, Yuuka started melting, but he decides to ignore her. Compared to that, Akito is also embarra.s.sed. Because Yuuka’s delicate body that seems like it would break at any moment, for some reason it tempted Akito’s heart.

“Well then, so I will be on Hiiragi-kun.”

At that time, Rutia who sat behind, hugged Akito. Then, that splendidly big chest are pressed against Akito. Because of that great softness, Akito nearly died.

“Kuh!? So it came to this, useless meat! You coward! If I’m the judge, I will give you a death sentence within 5 seconds.”

Yuuka shouted that in panic. Akito who honestly doesn’t understand the meaning, let out a sigh. Well, in a lot of ways, though.

“Kuuh!? Well nevermind. Then, Brionac. Ascend!”

After that, Yuuka who somehow calmed down, gives an instructions to her contracted spirit. Then the dragon roared “Guoooooh!”, and spreaded its wings. Then— *flap* *flap*!

Along with such sounds, the wind ravages, the trees sway, and Akito and the others ascends in the darkness of the night.

“Woah~. This is great.”
“That’s true. It’s my first time flying in the sky riding a spirit.”
“Of course for me too.”

When Rutia and Akito let out their excitement, the ice dragon once again roared “Guooooh!”. Somehow because Rutia is here, it seems that it doesn’t feel like talking in human language! He think that may be Yuuka’s instruction.

“Now, let’s go-! Head for Grand Magic Academy!”

Along with Yuuka’s shout, the ice dragon flew in the sky. Akito also rides on its back, and looks up to the sky while feeling the wind. He wonder what would happen from now on. While such uneasiness filled his chest…………

—the star‐studded sky stretched out.

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