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Chapter 102: The First Thing We Have to Completely EradicateTranslator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The Insect Demon remained calm despite hearing the voice; it did not hide or cower as an infinite number of translucent souls wrapped themselves around his body.

He ignored the pain caused by the Million Ghosts’ Soul Consumption, and instead laughed in disdain, “Bodhisattva Spirit King, you and I have always minded our own business, and I don’t plan on interfering with your plans either. I was just giving you a scare before, so why are you making things so hard? Aren’t you afraid I’ll take my revenge one day?”

A young man appeared from within the shadows of the cave; it was the Bodhisattva Spirit King.

The Bodhisattva Spirit King then said, “Insect Demon, do you think this world is like the world before, where you were allowed to do as you please? You went around committing ma.s.sacres and angered the public without even knowing it. If your power returns to the way it was, you really might destroy this world before it fully matures, n.o.body will allow you to do that. Even I can’t enlighten you anymore, so I’m merely here to send you off on your last journey to death…”

The Insect Demon laughed aloud, “Haha, a lot of people clamored so in the last world too, but I’m still well and alive. I have an infinite number of body clones, so how can you possibly kill me, Venerable Bodhisattva?”

Bodhisattva Spirit King smiled lightly before he turned, “Insect Mother, are you willing to convert into one of my followers?”

The Insect Demon was horrified upon hearing this, but its face remained calm, “Hmph, this act of sowing discord of yours is beneath you. As long as I remain alive, the Insect Mother can keep reviving herself, so why would it leave me?”

n.o.body expected the Insect Mother to softly say, “This humble insect is incredibly thankful that Bodhisattva is willing to enlighten this humble insect’s sins, so how I can anything of the contrary? This humble insect is willing to convert.”

The Insect Demon took a few steps backwards. The extreme pain of the Million Ghosts’ Soul Consumption hadn’t managed to cause a s.h.i.+ft in his expression, but he could not keep his calm at what the Insect Mother had just said.

He pointed an accusatory finger at the Insect Mother, “You and I have been companions for hundreds of years; and we’ve depended on each other in life and death. The situation this time around isn’t even as dire as other situations in the past, why are you betraying your promise?”

The Insect Mother only shook its head in answer.

The Bodhisattva Spirit King smiled and said, “You’ll never understand why a just cause enjoys abundant support, while an unjust one gains little. I’ll be honest with you; after I’ve destroyed your menace, I’ll be granting it a celestial future. It will no longer have to live a life of fear and worry. It won’t have to constantly hide in tunnels or caves, never seeing the light of day.

“This world is a hundred times more brilliant than the previous world, so it has always wanted to see more of it. Instead, you ignored it and continued with your malicious ways, constantly blackmailing it with your threats of murder. Despite my heart of pure kindness, I have no choice but to vanquish you.”

The Insect Demon was beyond angry, “You’re betraying me for such petty profit? Do you not have a heart?”

The Bodhisattva Spirit King shook his head a few times, “A demon like you talking about having a heart? How many innocent lives have you claimed? How many of the people that once offered you opportunities have you betrayed? Today is but the day that your sins have finally caught up with you. Insect Mother, use Bloodline Connection and summon all the body doubles of this demon back here.”

The Insect Mother nodded her head once, “Your humble servant obeys.”

Right after it had finished speaking, a wave of trembles racked its body.

Waves of invisible energy surged out of the cave.

Not long later, insects of different types and sizes appeared in the cave. It was a truly terrifying scene to witness as a h.o.a.rd of insects lined up across the floor of the cave; one truly terrifying insect was a giant scorpion as it had a comatose young man gripped tight in one of its claws.

“Sure enough, the sheer amount of body doubles you have is truly in the ten thousands. To avoid any more sleepless nights plagued by countless dreams, I’ll have no choice but to stain my hands red with blood today,

As the Bodhisattva Spirit King spoke, he started the preparations to act out his plan. The Insect Demon was terrified beyond words; it no longer possessed the ferociousness that was capable of controlling the insect swarm to commit murder.

Suddenly, the Bodhisattva Spirit King halted his actions. The Insect Demon thought he was finally showing mercy and immediately said, “Have mercy on me just one more time, Bodhisattva, and I promise I will turn over a new leaf.”

Bodhisattva Spirit King shook his head, “You can tell that to Brother Dragon, who will be arriving shortly.”

As the Insect Demon pondered what he meant, the bark of a dog signaled the appearance of a stalwart man.

“Vigilante A!” Just as the Insect Demon wanted to step backwards, it realized that it had been completely trapped by the million ghosts and could not move at all.

“Venerable One, this is where the Insect Mother is. Hm, why is the Bodhisattva here? Your humble canine greets the Bodhisattva.”

The yellow dog Xue Ba was shocked upon seeing the Spirit King Bodhisattva and immediately bowed in greeting.

The Spirit King Bodhisattva waved his hand in dismissal, as if saying that there was no need to bow, and said, “No need for the formalities, Brother Dragon and this genius canine, you have arrived just in time. The body doubles of this demon are all here and I was just about to eradicate it completely.”

In the System s.p.a.ce.

The System said, “What does this Bodhisattva Spirit King mean? We’re here to steal his kills and he’s not angry about it?”

Fang Ning answered, “Your intelligence is laughable, monks cannot stain their hands with blood. Do you think everyone is like you; so eager to farm monsters so that they can grow stronger and more powerful? I’m afraid it’s the complete opposite to this Bodhisattva.”

“Since you’ve said it like that, we have to keep this friend.”

“You’ve gotten smarter, this person is the perfect partner for us. Next time we meet any more dangerous monsters, we can call him along if he’s free. We’ll have him deal with the monster until it’s on the brink of death, then we’ll go and land the final blow…”

Vigilante A then said, “I am clear on Bodhisattva’s goal; I will bestow upon this demonic monster heavenly justice, and eradicate all of them.”

Right after he finished speaking, he immediately started breathing a large wave of dragon fire, which burned all the insects in the cave; only the young man wasn’t hurt. Then, the flames wrapped themselves around the actual Insect Demon.

The infinite number of ghosts had already retreated a while ago as they had all disappeared without a trace.

“Have mercy on me, Your Excellency The True Dragon. I am willing to dedicate my life to you and I will obey all your orders; if we cooperate as one, n.o.body will stand a chance against us. I too know how to operate the technology of the humans of this world, so we are like-minded, you and I. Please don’t kill me!” exclaimed the Insect Demon as it struggled in the flames.

Fang Ning glanced at the System Map and was quite speechless, ‘You’re even better at lying than I am. You say you want to dedicate your life to me, then you should at least change your name to green on the map first. Your name is so red it’s almost black, heck, it’s only gotten even blacker. Like I would be stupid enough to believe you.’

‘Look at my black and yellow dogs, their names turned green without them even saying anything. This is what you call genuine sincerity. If you can pa.s.s the System’s principle test, only then can we be rest a.s.sured.’

Of course, The Insect Demon knew nothing of this; it watched the expressionless Vigilante A and only knew that Vigilante A was absolutely unyielding.

After finding out using his induction that all his body doubles had been summoned back by the Insect Mother using Bloodline Connection, he finally understood that he was at his end and he involuntarily got angry, “Sh*t, I really should have released all my insect body doubles to kill all the living creatures on this earth. Then all the plans you bunch of celestial beings have would turn to dust!”

He then turned to glare at the Insect Mother, “You’re detestable, Insect Mother, you double-faced b*tch! You had planned to betray me from the very beginning, I was bluffed by you! If you hadn’t continuously told me to be patient and not to anger any powerful enemies, I would have long destroyed this world, then I wouldn’t be here today!”

Fang Ning glanced at the map again and realized that this fellow had turned all black without even a sliver of red. He was shocked.

Fang Ning asked, “Sir System, what does this mean?”

The System answered, “Why are you asking me when you’re so smart yourself? This b*stard has just transformed into a full-blown Destroyer.”

“Sh*t, then we have to destroy its body and soul! Out of all the monsters we’ve faced, he’s the first one to actually want to destroy this world. If we let it go, what will happen to my games and novels? It really deserves to die!”

A moment later, the Insect Demon turned into ash, before a puff of green smoke rose up from them, which prove it appeared in this world before.

System Notifications popped up then, [The System expended one Aggro Bar, one Morality Bar, casted Esoteric Skill “Flame Dragon’s Body Incineration”.]

[Insect Demon was inhibited by Dragon Force. Insect Demon suffered an attack of the Yang Attribute. Insect Demon suffered a critical Morality Attack. Insect Demon suffered the inhibition of Middle-Level “Deterrence”.]

[Insect Demon suffered continuous burn damage…]

[The System destroyed 9998 body doubles of the Insect Demon, one is left.]

[The System has critically injured the Insect Demon’s soul.]

[The System obtained 300 thousand experience points.]

[The System temporarily stopped a threatening existence to the world, the Host obtained three Favorability points from Celestial Dragon Forms of all Attributes.]

[The System obtained an overwhelming amount of Heroic Fame, Reputation has upgraded to “World-Famous Figure”, Morality Bar increased by one. Due to the effect of “Morality Envelopment” from “Incomplete Version Atmospheric Morality Technique”, total number of Morality Bars have increased to twelve.]

[The System obtained an overwhelming amount of Morality, all twelve Morality Bars have been replenished.]

The Bodhisattva Spirit King smiled lightly and was just about to speak on the matter of the Insect Mother, but Vigilante A beat him to the punch.

Vigilante A said, “There’s still one of its body doubles left.”

The Bodhisattva Spirit King’s face fell and his eyebrows furrowed, “D*mn, how can that be? I had fully activated my telepathy just now and had sensed its violent mood fluctuations; even it thought that it wouldn’t survive this time. Insect Mother, immediately sense if the Insect Demon still has one body double on the outside.”

The Insect Mother was terrified; if the Insect Demon wasn’t dead, he could just cultivate another Insect Mother once he revived. It wouldn’t be alive for too long if that happened.

It immediately activated Bloodline Connection and started shrinking rapidly once more; its physique had shrunk from the size of a rhinoceros to that of a wild boar.

The Insect Mother shook its head vigorously, “That’s not possible, I cannot detect any more of the Insect Demon’s body doubles in this world. I guarantee that every last one was summoned here.”

The Bodhisattva Spirit King’s eyebrows were still tightly furrowed, “Brother Dragon would never commit a mistake like that, but that Insect Demon’s flas.h.i.+ness betrays his lack of caution too. Could it be that he has a body double in the previous world?”

In the System s.p.a.ce.

The System was worried, “What do we do? If that monster really has a body double left, it’ll only spell disaster for us.”

Fang Ning was even troubled, “I’m thinking too. With its ferocity, the power it will gain after being revived will bring about unpredictable consequences. This thing is quite similar to the Bai family’s Elder Ancestor; it’s a lone wolf without a care in the world, so we have to eradicate it completely! I have a guess, so hand the body over to me.”


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