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Read Shadow Hack Chapter 732 – Scandinavia in a Desperate Situation

Shadow Hack is a web novel made by 云梦大领主, Great Lord Of Cloudland.
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Read WebNovel Shadow Hack Chapter 732 – Scandinavia in a Desperate Situation

Chapter 732: Scandinavia in a Desperate Situation

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

When Yuan Biyao thought that it was possible for Li Yunmu to fall to the devil path and become the target of execution, she shuddered in her heart.

But if Li Yunmu didn’t enter the Devil G.o.d Well, how else would he increase his strength quickly?

This question was extremely complicated. Yuan Biyao would rather have Li Yunmu hide in the eastern domain and live a comfortable life instead of facing dangers.

“Li Yunmu, hear me out! You don’t have much strength right now, so you don’t need to shoulder all the responsibilities of the world. You can calmly recuperate here and, with no one disturbing us, we will live happily!”

Looking at Yuan Biyao’s expectant face and hopeful eyes, Li Yunmu was slightly startled.

He realized that there was truth to her words, and anyone could get tired. Sometimes Li Yunmu also felt that he needed a rest. It wasn’t really necessary for him to get involved in all the disputes in the world.

He had already rescued his world, and everything else wasn’t worth staking his life for it. He also began to think that it would be better for him to take Yuan Biyao’s advice and find a place which the two of them could call their own world.

Just as Li Yunmu made his decision, the system suddenly gave him news which filled his gaze with astonishment.

[Scandinavia is in a desperate situation! The news that your strength has decreased has already spread. Zeus and s.h.i.+va will probably be unable to stay still.]

Li Yunmu was startled. “Do they intend to join hands and deal with Scandinavia? Shouldn’t there be an enmity between Zeus and the Eight because of last time? How could they suddenly want to deal with Scandinavia jointly?”

[Ha ha, what kind of person do you think Zeus is? Everything in his world is ruled by one word: Profit.

[If collaborating with the Eight can bring him profit, why would he refuse? Moreover, there have been several years of resentments and grudges between Olympus and Asgard, how could they be resolved so easily?]

Li Yunmu hadn’t expected that the matter would be so complicated. He couldn’t refrain from asking with a frown, “Given my present strength, I am only a trash in the eyes of Zeus and the Eight. Even If I leave this place, where should I go?”

[Then you don’t want to save Brunhilda? She is your first wife! You want to disregard everything for Yuan Biyao?! Then what about Brunhilda?]

The system’s words touched Li Yunmu’s heart, and he took a deep breath. “Alright, I will go! But what should be done about Yuan Biyao?”

[Coax her to sleep at night and then leave! I have already opened the map of the Ancient Lands and marked the Devil G.o.d Well for you. You only need to follow the map to reach your destination.]

In the evening, Li Yunmu coaxed Yuan Biyao to sleep, then put a sleep incantation on her so she would fall into a deeper sleep.

Using the energy in the surroundings, he wrote her a letter and sealed the cave so that others couldn’t enter it before she left.

The Devil G.o.d Well was located at the center of the Ancient Lands, it was protected by Fire G.o.d Zhurong and River G.o.d Gonggong, but the two of them kept fighting continuously without bothering about the Devil G.o.d Well in the least.

This meant that Li Yunmu didn’t face any obstructions when trying to reach the vicinity of the Devil G.o.d Well in the deep of night.

“This is the Devil G.o.d Well?”

Li Yunmu curiously looked at the enormous well, which was pitch-black inside, while the two guardian G.o.ds were busy fighting not far away from him.

“Gonggong, you still haven’t stopped attacking, do you want to continue fighting?”

“Hmph, Zhurong, do you think that your status in the Ancient Lands is very high? You are even inferior to the battle G.o.d Xingtian!”

“Pah! Aren’t you Gonggong the same as me?”

“Seems like I will have to teach you a good lesson today!”

Li Yunmu used the opportunity when the two ancient G.o.ds were not paying any attention to jump into the Devil G.o.d Well.

When he entered the Devil G.o.d Well, he found no water but a black energy that was constantly revolving around him. It made the place look extremely gloomy. Could it be that everyone who came down had fallen to the devil path?

What exactly was the reason behind it?

The system then explained it to him. [After entering here, everyone first have to subdue their inner demons. If they are unable to do so, they fall to the devil path. If they subdue their inner demons, they become G.o.ds. Because of the two extremes, this region has come to be known as the Devil G.o.d Well.]

Li Yunmu nodded while feeling the black energy permeating his body and gradually eroding it.

“What exactly is this black energy?”

[It is the essence which will increase your cultivation, but the effects of it will depend upon your inner strength. If you cannot subdue your inner demons, this black energy will become more and more turbid and dark. But if you can subdue your inner demons, it will gradually transform into white energy.

[Whether you end up as a devil or a G.o.d, it will depend upon your thoughts! Sit down, then begin to cultivate here! No one but your inner demons will disturb you in this place.]

Under the system’s guidance, Li Yunmu sat down with his eyes closed. He felt the energy moving against the flow, attacking his entire body, and sweat broke out on his forehead.

[Before you start cultivating, I have one more thing to tell you. The pa.s.sage of time inside the Devil G.o.d World is extremely slow. Even if you cultivate for half a month in this place, only four hours would have pa.s.sed outside.

[That’s why you don’t need to worry about Scandinavia’s situation. You should focus only on increasing your cultivation quickly. You can take care of other things later.]

The system’s words put Li Yunmu’s mind at ease, and he gradually calmed his heart down. He then began to rotate the energy inside his body and started to cultivate.

But trying to calm his mind in the Devil G.o.d Well was even more difficult compared to the outside world. Only after some time did Li Yunmu find the right state.

After that, his strength began to increase by leaps and bounds in the Devil G.o.d Well.

From lower stage sage flux expert, he broke through to mid stage sage flux expert. Then, he entered late stage sage flux expert level with complete ease, but when he reached the great circle of sage flux expert, he finally encountered a bottleneck.

Regardless of how Li Yunmu tried, he couldn’t continue breaking through.

A dark shadow had appeared in his body. It soon began to emit a demonic presence while slowly revealing a twisted smile.


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