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Shadow Rogue is a web novel completed by Chenyuan An Shang.
This lightnovel is currently ongoing.

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Chapter 60 Cla.s.s Change Quest

“Young adventurer, do you wish to spend your life in the darkness, to be a companion of the shadow?”

A sombre, gloomy voice rang out in the deathly silence of the hall, giving off an eerie echo.

“No I’m not willing!” Rui’s brow furrowed and he replied solemnly.

“Then you should leave!” The voice seemed rather surprised by Rui’s reply, before saying with a sigh: “You are not suitable to becoming a rogue.”

“Haha, is that so? However, I personally think that I am very suitable.” Rui shrugged, ignoring the voice’s suggestion that he leave, and walked towards the old man in the shadows.

“Without the will and determination to immerse yourself in the darkness, without the willingness to walk in the darkness, you will never become an outstanding rogue. Being the first person to go through a cla.s.s change, it shows that you have a lot of talent. I do not want you to chose a route that does not suit you.” The voice sounded out once again.

“Whether or not I can become an outstanding rogue, this is something for the future to tell, how can you be so sure? The standards that you set, is something that is suitable for, and not rogues. Using an’s standard to restrict me, a mere rogue, isn’t that too strict?” Rui said with a faint smile, as he walked to the front of the table, finally getting a good look at the owner of the voice, an old man whose face showed the pa.s.sage of time, though his presence seemed rather ordinary.

“Interesting!” Rui’s words made the old rogue teacher look at him in interest, and he asked: “What makes you think that you will be an outstanding rogue? Why are you so intent in becoming a rogue?”

“Paths are meant for people to choose, I will forge my own road and build my own future. Whatever lies ahead, I do not know, but I will fight my own battles.” Rui said with a faint smile, continuing: “As for whether I am so intent, it is because although I do not particularly love this profession, but it is without doubt that it has already invaded my life, and I will never be rid of its mark. It is indeed the profession that most embodies me.

“Is that so? Looks like you have a lot of stories to tell!” Looking at Rui’s expression, being a powerful person in his own right, the rogue teacher could definitely sense the light in Rui’s eyes, as well as a strong aura of a killer. The way he had moved when he had entered, how he took in everything in the room quickly, his eyes, movement, all of it revealed his profession. Rui looked extremely ordinary, so very ordinary to the rogue teacher. And such an ordinary person, coupled with the above, could only mean he was extremely good at hiding himself. Such a person, was indeed an ideal rogue.

“Not bad, you’re not bad at all!” The rogue teacher softly said.

“I think so myself.” Rui smirked.

“Such pride, not bad!” The rogue teacher’s mouth twitched, looking at the confidence on Rui’s face before saying: “Since you insist, then I shall give you chance. Since you think that you are outstanding, then let me give you a cla.s.s change quest. If you can complete it, then I will allow you to become a rogue. Furthermore, if you manage to show your prowess when completing it and do it well, I will give you an additional reward.”

“Cla.s.s change quest?” Rui was rather surprised, a cla.s.s change at level 10 actually had a quest? What kind of joke was that, it wasn’t even the cla.s.s upgrade yet! d.a.m.n!

“Everyone who comes to change will have a cla.s.s change quest, this is random. However, for you, the first person to go through the cla.s.s change, I’ll give you something special. After all, to become a rogue who lives in the dark, you need to have something else that no other profession has, perhaps a stronger will. Although talent is important, but sometimes a person’s disposition or quality is even more important. Since you think you can be an outstanding rogue, then prove it to me that you are worthy.

Now, go to the west of Datajia City where the Kobolds’ territory lies, and bring me the weapon of the Kobold Chieftain. Remember, you are a rogue!”

Ting! Congratulations, you have triggered a hidden quest: Steal Weapon!Quest Name: Steal Weapon!

Quest Description: Go to the Kobolds’ territory at the west of Datajia City, and steal the Kobold Chieftain’s weapon! Quest Reward: Successfully complete cla.s.s change, possibility of getting an additional reward from the rogue teacher! Ting! Congratulations, you have received instructions from the rogue teacher. You have learnt the skills:Stealth, Gouge, Eviscerate, Backstab, Kick!

Seeing 5 new skills in his skill tree, Rui was almost filled with tears. Finally! He had finally gotten the basic skills of a rogue! He no longer needed to use his frail body to fight like a knight or warrior.

Stealth: Active Skill, 0 Level, 0/1000 Cost 30 MPDescription Enters stealth mode with chance of being detected. When in stealth mode, your speed will be reduced by 80%.Skill lasts 30 seconds, and you will be revealed if you attack or are attacked by anyone.

Cooldown: 3 mins Gouge: Active Skill, 0 Level, 0/2000, Cost 20MPDescription

Stabs your dagger at full strength into the enemy’s body, causing 150% damage and a chance to cause a bleed effect!Cooldown: 1 min Backstab: Active Skill, 0 Level, 0/2000, Cost 20 MPDescription

Gather your strength to give the enemy a heavy kick. Does 80% damage, but has a chance to interrupt casting.Cooldown: 1 min!

As compared to rushing up front and fighting outright, a rogue who had his skills was like a true terrorist. Making use of his skills and dancing around the battlefield, able to control a cloth-user til death.

“These are the basic skills of a rogue, and I’ll teach them to you first. If you succeed in this quest and become an official rogue, they will then belong to you for good. However, if you fail this quest, I will take them back. Since you feel that you can be an outstanding rogue, then use these skills to help you complete the quest. I’ll remind you once again —— You, are a rogue!”

The rogue teacher said pa.s.sively, then waved at Rui, signalling that he could leave now.

After walking out of the rogue training hall, Rui took a look at the empty Datajia City, and went to replenish some supplies before handing west out of the city gates towards the kobolds’ territory.

Although he was the first to get out of the novice village, but that was only for his #22,222 Novice Village. In the entire Chinese server, there were at least a hundred thousand novice villages, and there could be any amount of other skilled players like him. He did not dare to guarantee that he could be the first. Although he did not know whether being the first to change would grant him any special rewards, but just being the first was a reward in itself. Even if he did not get any special rewards from being first, just doing well in the rogue teacher’s quest, perhaps that would grant him something unique.


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