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She Became A Heartbreaker After Entering The Novel is a web novel made by Young Master Yan.
This lightnovel is currently Ongoing.

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He slowly looked toward the opened window.

‘This is the 15th floor!’

Not really understanding why, he felt a sense of awe building up within him. Just as he was about to say something else, Fei Bai stood up. He took out his plastic gloves and put them on professionally.

“Have you heard of the by the lakeside of Mei Daier that happened last year?”

It was one of the famous in the past few years. A wanted criminal had absconded and spent money to hire forty to fifty mercenaries for protection, yet, he still tragically died in his room.

The young guy gulped. “Wow!”

Then, he calmly answered, “Nope, never heard of it before.”

Fei Bai stopped in his tracks. After some silence, he continued stubbornly, “It was me.”


Before he could even understand the gravity of the matter, the black leather-clad guy had closed in on him. An intimidating aura of danger and bloodl.u.s.t rippled through the room. Fei Bai placed his dagger onto his neck. He just needed to lightly slice, and he was as good as dead!

He was so shocked that his legs turned to jelly and he fell to the ground, speechless as he sh*t in his pants. His mind was filled with questions of “Who was here to kill him? Was it one of the loan sharks?”. Fei Bai dragged him by the collar as if he was holding up a little chick and threw him into the chair with his cold, stark dagger still on his skin. Then he heard the order.

“Change your Weibo post!”


Because he was trembling so badly, his hands became weak, and he changed his post quite a few times consecutively. Finally, Fei Bai was satisfied and retrieved his dagger. Without saying another word, he leaped out from the window.

After a few moments, the man regained his sanity as he quickly staggered toward the window and saw that Fei Bai had already climbed down the apartment. He adjusted his cap and disappeared among the crowd.

The young man was about to burst into tears.

If all he wanted was for him to change his Weibo, he could have just threatened him through a phone call or bribed him with some money! Did he really need to hire an to do this?! And in such a professional way at that!

The professional Bai had managed to avoid the camera and entered the car as he furrowed his brows.

A flashback surfaced in his mind. As he was climbing down the apartment, he had seen a poster hung on one of the walls of the tenant’s room. Although it was just a brief glance, he saw that the girl on the poster had apricot eyes. Her endearing and beautiful appearance seemed familiar. It was hard to dismiss this thought from his mind. This timid and demure nature reminded him of…

Fei Bai shook his head and thought that he was overthinking. How would she dare to march into the entertainment business? After his denial, he threw this thought into the back of his mind.


In the Public Relations Department of Lemon Entertainment. 

Ning Wentao stood behind Manager Huang. He had just finished the PR draft on his computer. A few t.i.tle options were displayed.

‘Breaking Down President Ning’s Free-Spirited Past’

‘Misusing His Daughter’s Name to Hide His Misdeeds’

‘Exposing the Truth Behind President Ning’s Love for Women’

‘Is President Ning the Downfall of Humanity, or the Plummet of Morality?’

Manager Huang pursed his lips and looked at Ning Wentao as he sighed.

“CEO Ning, have we really reached this point?”

Ning Wentao stood upright like a valiant hero. He furrowed his brows and gave out the order.

“Send it out.”

Manager Huang sighed.

If they continued to find excuses, they might as well start the discussion among the netizens themselves. By the time the photos and videos were leaked out, the netizens would not think on behalf of the lady. They would only have this on their minds: See, this is evidence that CEO Ning was misusing his daughter’s name to hide his dirty works!

However, if they were to rebuke the claims, another discussion would surface when the photos and videos were leaked out. It would look like a deliberate and desperate attempt to cover up, and they would not be able to wash Ning Meng’s name clean…

As he thought to this point, Manager Huang stood up and gave the order to the people in the PR Department.

“Send it out…”



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