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She Transmigrated And Started Different Life is a web novel produced by JennyS.
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He stared at her with interest. “You are first after a long time that could resist my fog. Interesting…”Isaa looked at him and waved her hand. But, nothing happened. She wanted to do it again but Kendra stopped her. “Stop trying. He is definitely stronger than you. It seems he is stronger than me as well but has no vicious intentions.”Looking at his bearing it seems he was just curious. She sighed internally. “How comes that you with your powers didn’t go to another place. How comes you are still on this continent?”He smiled. “I can ask you just the same. It seems you are quite strong. How comes you didn’t raise your powers further?”She shrugged. “Why should I? I am interested to travel. I plan to make my powers stronger before even considering going anywhere. And looking at this place…I might just stay here.”Isaa pursed her lips. “Brother, how can you say such a thing. Don’t you want me to be safe? If I go alone to another place and get bullied, who will protect me?” She looked at Kendra with big expectant eyes and blinked couple times.Kendra shook her head. “Isaa, even now your powers could be considered quite good. If you continue cultivating like I taught you, soon you might be even stronger than me.”Isaa sat there and thought about what Kendra said and then she turned towards her with a big smile. “It is fine then. I will become stronger, much stronger. And when you choose to follow me I will protect you. “Kendra stifled laughter and poked her head. “You foolish girl. You remember what I said before. Raising powers need to be steady. If you raise them to fast , you might hurt your sea of powers. Understood?”The young man narrowed his eyes and looked at the strange boy with interest. Kendra saw his stare and rose her eyebrows. “What are you stating at? And by the way, what do you want from us?”He looked at the strange group and smiled at Kendra. “I want to join in.”Isaa shook her head. “No. People that try to attack us, can’t join in.”Kendra patted her head to calm her down and looked up at him. “Why would you do that. We will go tomorrow our way. You go your way. We won’t bother you anymore.”She turned around and went into her tent. Isaa snorted and followed. But they heard laughter behind them. The young man winked at Kendra that turned around.”Didn’t you just promise to make one wish come true if I teach you this? Does your word mean that little?” He said with a mocking tone.His words made her embarra.s.sed. Her word was always something she was proud of. Breaking it makes her feel uncomfortable. She waved her hand with a sigh. Isaa wanted to protest but knew Kendra’s pride. If she says anything Kendra might lose her face and she was against it. She crossed her arms and looked at him with brewing anger in her eyes.He looked at her cute angry face and in pa.s.sing he patted her head, what made her stunned. But after she realized what he really did she almost jumped at him, but Kendra hugged her and shook her head.

Isaa suddenly had tears in eyes and blinked at Kendra. ”Brother, he is bulling me. Why did you stop me?”Kendra put her back on feet and with a small pat on her but she sent her into the tent, where Fluffy and Lilly were. She then understood. She sent the two into her own s.p.a.ce and sneaked look through the gap of the tent entrance.The young man stared with interest at Kendra. This boy seems to be too serious for his age. He felt the itch to make him change his serious expression. But when he saw those eyes that showed depth and intelligence, he gave up that idea…for now.Kendra wrinkled her eyebrows and but she changed her expression again to calm seriousness. It seems that some people will be hard to get rid off. And this person is great in hiding his real powers. She felt that the real power in him is much more than they thought.She shrugged. As long he doesn’t want to harm them or try something fishy, she will let him stay near. There is saying: ” Keep friends close and enemies closer. ” She is not sure who he is or what as a matter of fact, but keeping an eye on him is not a bad idea.She used her ring and summoned one more tent with a bed inside and turned to go to her own. Before entering she turned around and looked at him. “Go to sleep. You will do the same as they. If you want to join you will need to do something as well. Do you accept?”He nodded and was about to say something but she already entered the tent and put protection around it. He snickered and entered the tent and was stunned by the sight.From outside it was just some tent, like the one for the army but inside stood comfortable bed, table chair and on table piping hot food.He sat down and inhaled the aroma and he was stunned that such simple food could have such an amazing fragrance.He slowly put a spoonful of the hot vegetable stew into his mouth and with relish released the steam. Kendra this time gave him just food from common vegetables. She planned to feed those in need if there is a chance. Well, it could be considered true in his case.He slowly ate it with relish. The bread was soft and tasty supplementing the taste if stew. He even used the last piece of bread to clean the bowl and ate it with relish. He sadly looked at big bowl if stew and thought that he could eat a few more but for now it is good enough.He changed his clothes with a snap if finger but before he could even enter the bed, spell fell upon him cleaning his body. He hot stunned looking at himself and started laughing. That boy as it seems is quite a neat freak.From outside he heard a cold voice. “If you have your own bed please do as you want, but these are beds for us we prepared. If you go like that inside, without cleaning yourselves, I will summon back the bed and you sleep on your own as you wish.”He wanted to laugh, but he stifled it and with a heavy voice, he answered: ” Its fine. Thank you.”He didn’t hear anything g anymore and crumpled that he could have been given one more bowl if food, but when he turned around the table and chair were gone, together with the bowl. He shrugged laid down and with eyes open listened the sounds outside. But in wonder, he couldn’t hear anything and just turned around and slept.Kendra made a soundproof wall around his tent and invited Ta.s.sio and Lais into her s.p.a.ce where Isaa still was angry. She runs towards Kendra with big eyes and looked at him cutely. “Brother, did you send the bad person away?”Kendra shook her head and patted Isaa’s head while her face looked worried. ” What a ‘coincidence’ that this person, just happens to be right there where we pa.s.s. I don’t know his intentions, but let’s just be careful when he is around. I want him to be there where I can see his actions.”Ta.s.sio and Lais were worried as well. Ta.s.sio felt uncomfortable around this man. “This man is definitely not a simple as he is showing it. Kendra is right, its better if we keep our eyes on him. Isaa, Kendra is wise, let her think of a way.”Isaa thought about it and had to admit that their words made sense. She nodded and started yawning. Kendra picked her up and went into their tent after greeting Ta.s.sio and Lais.Isaa’s eyes started falling and as Kendra softly put her in bed she fell asleep even before her head touched the pillow. Kendra stroked her soft hair a few times while looking at her steady breaths and went into her own bed.It was even without saying that she used Purification spell when they entered the tent so she laid down with a calm mind. Her body slowly relaxed and even breaths came from their mouth.The young man looked at them with interest and looked at the beds inside it and realized that all the beds were the same. So, it seems that this kid just wants to travel lightly. He had urge to make this tent luxurious but this boy… He will not like that…Definitely. He sighed and turned around and went to bed. His stomach grumbled as he laid in his bed. But in other tent, Kendra smiled mischievously and closed her eyes. It serves him right. To just enter without their permission, it seems she needs to punish him. And she already had an idea…Next few days his job was to search for all the animals and plants in the surroundings of the camp. He would be in close proximity and others would do the further. They would change the scope further away and as they traveled, Kendra realized that there seem to be just a few settlements on their way. They tried to avoid to be seen by the locals, but at the same time they checked for power children. She would make Marcus, ( yes, it’s his name ), go to the village and let them get sleepy. They would then go from home to home and check with the Eye, but for no a wail. There were not even one with powers.They realized one more thing. There was such a big sea in their front yard but people still lived from land and cattle. It was strange but when she got near the sea she realized that without speedboats or stronger s.h.i.+ps, they can’t go to the sea. Even if the sea itself looked calm but the undercurrents seemed to be too strong for any common person. Unfortunately for them, their choice if villages were quite unlucky, but Kendra couldn’t change their mind, as she saw them quite content with the way they lived. So the people got healed and were purified as a gift from her. She didn’t want to make big changes in their life. Kendra made their lands bit more fruitful so they could survive days comfortably. Day by day pa.s.sed and they started getting near to bigger villages and as it seems a town. One day they just crossed pa.s.sage between two steep hills, they saw a small boy running towards them with petrified expression. When he saw them he runs straight at them while waving his hands at them. “Go, quickly, go. If you don’t run, they will catch you!!!” They looked at each other and Kendra with a wave of her hand knocked him out and his in his s.p.a.ce. She already heard from far away sound if horses. They calmly continued walking forwards. In their view came big entourage with over five dozen of people. Even from far could be seen that they were drunk to the boot. Marcus wanted to move forward but Kendra shook her head with a smile on her face.”I need to find out first what is going on. It’s easy to hurt or even kill, but who is right or wrong we will find out soon. “Marcus saw Isaa, Ta.s.sio and Lais not even changing their expressions as they calmly walked next to Kendra.Suddenly one of the youths summoned water ball and threw it at Kendra. She didn’t even try to avoid and the ball hit her with pure strength.She didn’t even twitch and continued walking calmly as the water slowly flew down her clothes. She put a fake smile on her face and approached them. Isaa saw her eyes and started trembling in excitement. Marcus saw that even Ta.s.sio and Lais were acting the same and choose to be quiet. He wants to see how she will handle this. But what he didn’t know was that Kendra when she gets angry, she turns to vicious killing machine…


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