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Read She Transmigrated And Started Different Life 270 270.Kendra Is At It Again

She Transmigrated And Started Different Life is a Webnovel completed by JennyS.
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Read WebNovel She Transmigrated And Started Different Life 270 270.Kendra Is At It Again

”Kendra, Kendra… wake up!” Isaa rushed inside their room and woke up Kendra that was tiered as h.e.l.l. She trained those with firepower then she went to train those a basic training to strengthen their bodies and now when she finally hit the bed something happened. ”I hope it is not life or death or I might harm someone.”

Her tiered voice stopped Isaa in motion. ”Actually, we do have a problem. Tao came to tell us that they started the war. All females are in the city as it is a safe zone while men started fighting with Illo and his people.”

”Let them fight, what does that have to do with us?” Kendra rose from the bed looking at her with red tired eyes.

”There is a problem in the city now. No food. Tao and Naila are trying to supply them but Illo gathered smaller groups from other sects and implemented them into his army. So whenever those two tried to bing food for the city they were hunted and attacked. They asked us to help them with the cloud.” Isaa’s voice became smaller as she could see Kendra holding dazedly her head.

”I am on my way. Are they both here?” Kendra stood up and summoned water ball that started was.h.i.+ng her face. In waterfall was added some ice power so the coldness on her skin woke her up and refreshed her senses.

”They are now here and waiting for our decisions.” As head of the village, the last decision is anyway on her back so she had to go and take care of it.

When they arrived at the main building, the two people’s appearance was very strange. Bunch of leaves was stuck in their clothes and hair but their faces still contained a smile. When they saw Kendra arriving they quickly both bowed. ”Chief…” Kendra waved her hand and saw that it was just a decoration as they seemed to be clean.

Kendra sighed and sat down in the nearest chair. ”Sit down. It seems you are hungry. Isaa, can you please bring them something to eat while we make plans. Please.”

Actually, Kendra always asked everyone politely to so something so no one ever denied her requests. The two people saw two men running after Isaa to help her while others sat down calmly.

Just then they realized that the whole room was round and there was no biggest chair or the best one. All the chairs were the same and people just sat down randomly as soon they saw the free chairs. 

Kimi saw their confused expressions and explained them. ”We think that unity is the most important thing here in our village. Looking at how well it works here we will try to implement it in our sect as well when we go back.”

They had to accept that information even tho they had no idea what is that about. But Tao, of course, was quite curious. ”So even tho Kendra is village Chief you all are giving your opinions about certain things.”

Everyone shook their heads. ”You misunderstood. We comment on everything! No matter what topic we are talking about we always consider everyone’s thoughts and learn always something new.”

Kendra smiled. ”Sects usually hide their own powers and abilities. We realized that when we talk openly about everything we learn more as there is always another approach to certain subjects. Now tell me your idea. How do you want us to help you? I wonder.”

They looked ta each other then Naila spoke. ”We wanted to ask you to borrow us the cloud until I don’t transfer enough food to the city. We captured many animals and we plan to bring them to the city. Tao can fly on his own and if I have the cloud, I can as well. then both of us can bring one animal each. Then night is coming so we would just throw it from the air and escape before they don’t realise from what side we are coming.”

Isaa arrived at that moment and shook her head. ”The meat from hight would turn into a patty and not only that, it could be waste of good meat. Naila, are you hiding dead r alive animals in your cave?”

She nodded. ”Yes. I have over twenty dead birds and about sixteen rabbits. I found even cow herd in one spot but Tao told me they were too heavy so we gave up that idea.”

Kendra pointed at few air cultivators. ”You all will coem with me. Naila you stay here to help everyone with food preparation. We will cook food and bring it to them already done. Its better that way.”

Naila saw in astonishment how the air cultivators rushed out after Kendra and Tao followed while she was pulled towards the humongous kitchen area where all, men and women started ma.s.s production of food.

Men were making bread while women started cutting fresh vegetables that they gathered just that morning. Naila’s eyes bulged out when she saw fresh fruits and vegetables. ”It’s almost winter how did you…?”

Anita patted her head. ”We have nature users as well fire users wind users and many more. In a combination with our powers, we grow vegetables until the first snow, then we let plants rest. When the snow is almost gone we already starting plowing the fields and seeding first vegetables. Trust me, we are never bored like those people outside.”

Naila just stared at everyone’s quick response and stood there not knowing where to start and who to help. Cynthia pa.s.sed her and chuckled. ”Come with me. We will cook outside the porridge in big pots. I will teach you a few things as it seems you are interested.”

The excitement on the whole procedure could be clearly seen on her face so Anita was happy to find one more person who liked cooking as she did… and Kendra. ”You know our Chief cooks amazing food when she feels like. Most of the meals we prepare she thought us. She said even if we are cultivators, we should never forget that we are as well normal people, with just bit stronger bodies. Even when we go out, we should enjoy the food as much we can even in the outside world.”

Naila saw few men was.h.i.+ng humongous pots and she curiously looked inside. ”Whoa, the whole person can get inside!”

While she was commenting bunch of people came back flying down with already cleaned meat. Few water users came outside and in combination with five users made hot water that cleaned outside tables.

The air cultivators brought meat down and with wind blades started mincing the meat on tables. Naima and Tao stood there in amazement and stared at the whole procedure that lasted just a short time. 

But what they saw next took their breath away…


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