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Read She Transmigrated And Started Different Life 283 283. Her True Wish

She Transmigrated And Started Different Life is a Webnovel completed by JennyS.
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Read WebNovel She Transmigrated And Started Different Life 283 283. Her True Wish

The evening pa.s.sed like that. Kendra went to everyone to greet them and say a few words here and there and on end, everyone went back to their home while a group of people sat in a big living room in the castle and spoke.

”Isaa, looking at this child it seems she changed a lot. What actually happened?” Lady Xara was sitting while Kendra lazily laid down her head in her lap.

Isaa became serious. ”Kendra…”

Kendra opened her eyes and just looked at the ceiling. ”I need to think about many things. But here, I can be just me. I can be naughty, playful and cheerful. There, outside, everyone is expecting something from me. Everyone. Mother, do you remember my greatest wish?”

Lady Xara patted her head softly and nodded. ”Yes. You wanted to live comfortably and just enjoy every day in a simple manner. Eat good, drink good, live good. But…”

”But as I hold such immense power inside I had to take responsibility. At first, I just wanted to create a safe place here. Where all of you could stay and live as you wanted. But then more and more dangerous creatures started appearing. To fight them I had to become more powerful and moved more and more away from the lifestyle I wanted for myself.” A small tear slid from the corner of her eye.

One by one tears started sliding down the side of her face but she didn’t even realize. ”Everyone is expecting me to do everything, but no one is there to do it himself. Why do I have to be this strong and powerful? I just wanted a calm life. Nothing more and nothing less.”

Lord Ca.s.sian’s face darkened. ”Child. This place is just as you wanted. Lock it out and let those outside deal with their world.”

Kendra chuckled. ”Father, that would be fine with me. Actually, that was what I planned to do. But father, there is a problem. The danger that is brewing, I fear it is not as simple as we thought. It will probably take a long , long time before I can finally rest again.”

Lady Xara patted her head and took a handkerchief to pad the tears away. ”Child, our amazing and wonderful Kendra. I know what you mean, but won’t it be enough to separate this world from outside worlds?”

Kendra went silent and just hugged her. ”Mother, can’t I just be a child. Never ever to grow up and just live like this forever? Hm? It’s so comfortable and soothing.” She didn’t answer her question but hugged her tightly and just closed her eyes. ”If I could just be a child forever, wouldn’t that be good?”

Lord Ca.s.sian was about to say something but Lady Xara coldly stared ta him and shook her head. 

Isaa felt like her heart was squeezing. She knew Kendras wish already for a long time, but seeing her cry like this made her decision to grow up regret from deep of her soul. At that time she felt that she made a good decision, but could see that Kendra was against it, then and now.

But now she was pushed to grow up fast and take huge weight on her shoulders. Isaa stood up and in just a few steps get closer to the two hugging women. She picked up Kendra from Lady Xara’s hands and sighed. ”Lats go to cultivation room. It’s time.”

She had to be hard for her. There was no other way. 

When the two of them disappeared the silence enveloped the room. The taskmaster sat by the side and didn’t know how to react. From one side he felt deep sorrow from Kendra’s words but on another side…

Two pairs of ic eyes stared at him. This time her parents coldly looked at him. Lord Ca.s.sian took Lady Xara’s hand and disappeared as well, leaving him alone with Ta.s.sio.

Ta.s.sio lived for a very long time so he knew about many things, so sat next to him. ”Yong man, we need to talk…”

Yes, among everyone in room Ta.s.sio was the oldest creature. Even older than Taskmaster.

He blinked at him as this was the first time in many years that someone said those words to him. 

Ta.s.sio shook his head. ”Your kind is full of themselves. I am from dragon kind and can live tens of thousands of years. Then I can go sleep for a while and live another set of years, until eternity. that is special about my kind. Calling you a young man is nothing. Whit only a few hundreds of years in my eyes you are just a child. And you act more as a child than a man. No wonder Kendra doesn’t take you seriously.”

Looking at the young man’s face Ta.s.sio shook his head. ”Kendra wants to stay a child but actually she has too many thoughts for her age. On the other hand, you have some hears and suppose to know many things, but you are too childish to become real deal. Tell me, when she cried and spoke about her wish, what was your first thought. But honestly…”

Taskmaster froze for a moment then answered truthfully. ”I could only hear that she needs to grow up. I felt happy about that…”

Ta.s.sio nodded. ”No wonder Lord Ca.s.sian and Lady Xara were p.i.s.sed off. The only thing from all the talk was her growing up. You are truly just a child. I think you will have now a huge problem.”

”WHta problem?” Taskmaster looked at him with worry.

Ta.s.sio calmly looked ta him with profound eyes. ”The moment she grows up, she might look for a real man. And you aren’t. Too bad. Really. Sigh…” He stood up and patted his shoulder. ”The moment she becomes grown up and see you lacking so much I do not think she will continue with you.”

Taskmaster jumped from his seat and stopped him. ”Please explain, please…”

”You didn’t even hear her real wish. I am sure this was not the first time she said those words, but you ignore them. All this time, you ignored her words, and today again. Can you even be called a man? I fear, someone else will steal her. I wonder what happened to Marcus…” Ta.s.sio turned around and flew out the window leaving the frozen man standing there.

Marcus… again.


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