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Kendra disappeared together with Cethin and coldly smiled at the crowd that started talking about what just happened. ”Sorry I pulled you into all this mess. But I fear that even between G.o.d’s and Creatures of the Eternals are spread these creatures. Soon you will see if any of your family members try to get closer to you. Be careful.”

Cethin hugged her and this time really rose her head and enveloped her lips for a long long time, making her fl.u.s.tered and breathless. When he was done he smiled brightly. ”Many now take me as a slow-paced fool that does not know many things, but Kendra realized one thing. Even tho I am not as powerful as you are, I am man with feelings and pa.s.sion. Teasing me like that is quite dangerous, you know?”

Actually at first teh chose to make their s.h.i.+eld soundless but then Kendra got the idea to let everyone hear and see what they wee donga after he had an idea with floating table and lights.

She didn’t expect that he will play along the whole time. She even turned herself into a jealous, unreasonable woman that wouldn’t even let anyone else than him near his body. At the same time, she let them know that she is the one who knows the arrays and that at the same time the reasons he is Taskmasters right hand is… she is his daughter.

Such news rolled over and over the Headmasters of other guilds and they realized why he always let her talk even tho he was there and why she ordered the others, cultivators, blatantly even befoe even he said a word. He was training her to become next Headmaster of Grounding Fairy Sect?!

Illo felt furious. If he took her as wife on time he would be able to take over the grounding Fairy Sect and become the head. But then remembered his own aspirations and just chuckled evilly. 

”Earlier or later she will get into my fingers and I will bring her to beg for mercy. Let’s now prepare for the next compet.i.tion, everyone go rest.” He just waved his hands and all the cultivators turned around like puppets and at the same time fell asleep on floors.

Cultivator itself is resistant to many things like sickness. So for a cultivator to sleep on a hard floor is nothing as he cant get sick. But the coldness from the stones was still uncomfortable so many cultivators brought their own beds. 

But his people just were lying on the ground with closed eyes and sleeping calmly while he smiled wickedly. ”Good that those two left. I anyway had to find a way to kill them as they were the only ones that I couldn’t control. Ther physiognomy didn’t go well with mine.”

Kendra just looked at Cethin and then at Illo but didn’t do anything. He was after all just one tiny bit of big picture, but soon the other part of him will be shown. The finals are in two days, let’s see who will go there…

Cethin could feel anger rising in her and hugged her tightly. He floated back to her dormitory and planted one more kiss on her lips, but this time it was the sweet kiss that lasted just a moment. 

He could see her small pout so he planted longer kiss and chuckled as he moved away from her. ”I fear we might start a family if we continue this. It’s not time yet. I need to go to gather all the Eternals and their families. I fear that the work of darkness go deeper than we thought.”

She knew that this might be last time seeing him for a long time so she jumped and hugged him one more time. ”Let me leave something on you.” As a small kitten, she started rubbing her head all over his chest making him laugh she was actually one of the ticklish people.

He pointed at his chest and sighed. ”What to do? Now I have wished not to clean myself for at least two-three centuries…” But saw her disgusted expression and chuckled.

She smiled at him as well and planted a kiss on his lips. ”Don’t be foolish and clean yourself often. It is enough if you just keep me in your mind and your soul. Anything else is irrelevant.”

Two hands softly enveloped her face and a long pa.s.sionate kiss started a burning fire in both of them, but a cough stopped them going any further. ”Brother in law, please calm your desire until the world is not safer for a while. Cna she calmly actually concentrate on you if the multiverse is so shaky?”

Isaa actually planned to pour cold water over them but knew that Kendra had a protective s.h.i.+eld on so she gave up that idea. But her word was enough for both of them to stop.

With a sigh, Cethin backed off again from Kendra and glanced at Isaa. ”Will send greetings to Palcca. He is getting crazy up there as well, but can’t come back at the moment.”

Isaa nodded. ”I know. In a few decades, we will go to the upper realm and then I will be able to see him again, but you and Kendra…”

Cethin chuckled. ”Don’t worry.” His eyes filled with love and pa.s.sion looked straight at Kendra. ”Me and her, we have eternity together. I am not worried.”

Promising not mere lifetime, then eternity together is something not many people are able to do, even cultivators tried not to give such promises as it is not easy to live with someone even few decades or centuries. Eternity is a heavy burden.

But to both of them, it was easy to say it. Kendra’s honest smiled suddenly enveloped his senses and as he dazedly stared at her she had same opinion. ”To me, you are someone who was not meant to me as destiny then somehow you are a piece of my own self. Like missing piece that was floating somewhere and finally came back to make the whole picture. You are the missing piece of my life. Cethin, the future and eternity is ours. Now go, we will see each other soon again. In a few weeks, I will send my parents to the Eternal realm and then your duty is to protect them. I fear things up there won’t be comfortable when you come back. Be careful as I told you before. I fear that the worm of darkness evolved again. If it can control even Eternals, the multiverse is in real danger. Be careful, please!”

Cethin smiled and then disappear while a small lotus flower floated towards her and stopped on her hand. The lotus flower was his sign and it became one with her hand showing a small tattoo on back of her hand. Kendra smiled while Isaa furrowed her eyebrows.

”Did he just marked you with this d.a.m.nable thing?”

She could see Kendra staring at the lotus flower and tracing its lines. ”I am willing to be marked by a man that loves me. I am his woman and he is my man, don’t worry, he is marked as well.”

Isaa looked at her and she could see mischievous smile appearing in corners of her lips.

”What did you actually do?”

”I make him a bit more obvious than he did to me.”

”Sister, what did you do to poor man?!”

Kendra saw Isaa’s face showing sympathy for Cethin and chuckled. ”I just made his body s.h.i.+ne every time some woman tries to hug him with the flag over his head with words. ”He is taken.”

”So he cants punch other women, not even his family members?”

”Hahahaha, you really believe that? I huge so many people in my family, why would I forbid him such a thing. It is just I said it loudly to see how many ”cousins” would suddenly appear. He is not a cuddly person from start on. If some random people try to hug him he might make some people angry that he didn’t plan. So I turned him into softie that listens to his wife. I will be his excuse not to get involved with all the females that suddenly come out… and there will be suddenly a large amount of those coming. After all his Elders have great plans for him.”

Her voice had heaviness as she knew something heavy was weighing his soul. That small trick was something she did just for fun, but as well to annoy his elders. She wanted to see how many of them will come to her to annoy her. Cethin had so many things to deal with and she plans to share some of his duties. After all, eternity is not so short.

Isaa sat down on a nearby chair and looked at the blinking stars. ”I heard Eternals live like commoners and have similar rules and regulations. How can you punish an Eternal? He is after all Eternal…”

Kendra lowered her eyes and looked at the lotus flower imprinted on her hand. ”By taking the eternity from them… that is worst you can do to Eternal. Turning them into mortals. What else…”


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