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Shift! The Side-Character Heroine is a web novel made by Drunk for Her, 醉卧笑伊人.
This lightnovel is right now Ongoing.

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On that day, Zhao Youyue was the first customer to procure the latest issue of “Meng Ya.” Perhaps, there were no readers like her, who were as eager to know how the “Chu Luoxun” that she possessed would appear in the novel, in this real world.

To know how would Chu Luoxun, or in the other word, herself appear, she simply breezed through the content where the main characters fed each other dog food…

After much frantic flicking of pages, she finally came upon her destination. With Leng Zi’s good writing, as usual, the appearance of Chu Luoxun was commonly uncommon.

It definitely would leave the readers with a strong feeling confused, with her contradictive personality!

She was already feeling much pleased about ‘her’ positive description of “Chu Luoxun”.

As usual, her possession of the character had allowed the creator to reach her peak writing state, so much so, that she was able to describe “Chu Luoxun fluently.”

Therefore, the immense level of presence that resulted from Zhao Youyue’s possession of any character in any work will make readers take greater notice of that particular character. Do remember that she has no level of presence, none whatsoever in reality…In a sense, this made up for that shortcoming.

In fact, the appearance of “Chu Luoxun” was full of contradictions in itself, in terms of the words used and also the style of writing.

Before this, Leng Zi used an elegantly b.i.t.c.hy style of writing in when it came to describing “Chu Luoxun.” Now, it was naive yet very dreamlike, which made the character much simpler.

Zhao Youyue personally believed that this female author, Leng Zi, who wrote for a physical magazine, should have a stronger writing style than most web novelists. Those who read magazine articles and webnovels at the same time would be able to tell the difference.

Of course, it would not always be the case.

Compared to physical book authors, the sheer volume of updates was what web novelists often pursued, causing their work to look like rough drafts. Basically, the material would never go through any form of refinement in order to meet the deadline.

Therefore, if given more time to refine, their writing style would be as good as that of physical book author’s. Some incredibly talented ones would even produce amazing pieces of work without any correction being needed.

Chasing a cat was “Chu Luoxun” first appearance. The description of the last scene where she was feeding the cat, gave Zhao Youyue such a warm feeling.

She truly felt that the description was superb! She was no narcissist, of course.

She became deeply attracted to this G.o.ddess, “Chu Luoxun,” for being a naïve and approachable beauty. Her optimism seemed to have been delivered to all readers through the paper!

Who would not like this character, after witnessing her positive att.i.tude?

Most of the readers were regular folk who would be inclined to such characters, unlike Yu Shengfan, who liked to spread discord through her venomous tongue. Many would have condemned little fish, if not for the fact that she was a blonde Lolita.

Well, cutie is justice, pretty faces alway wins!

Zhao Youyue really liked “Chu Luoxun” for sure; even if she was inhumanly perfect. Moreover, Leng Zi did a great job in depicting her!

Alright, she seemed to be flattering herself, wasn’t she?

Being not literary talented, Zhao Youyue could not find any words to describe her feeling towards “Chu Luoxun,” the moment she witnessed her own appearance in ink.

Like the heroine, Lin Meiyue, she realized that she was longing for this girl too.

There was no doubt that Zhao Youyue wanted to become a person like “Chu Luoxun” in reality, bringing others positivity and warmth through the best form of music!

However, “Chu Luoxun’s” exceptional musical talent was not mentioned in the scene of her appearance. Zhao Youyue continued devouring the story. For the first time, she was deeply infatuated with a character, even though it was actually herself…

After that, there were two scenes depicting “Chu Luoxun’s” musical talent. The first was when she performed together with Gu Yuan, where Lin Meiyue came across her by chance, the second was her stunning performance at the musical compet.i.tion, where she received a standing ovation from the audience.

As she was reading the first scene, she felt like she was again becoming Lin Meiyue, the fangirl of “Chu Luoxun.” Unsure if it was her own imagination, she could hear the music as she was reading the plethora of interesting words that Leng Zi used in describing “Chu Luoxun’s” music.

What did this actually indicate?

This indicated that Leng Zi was at her peak level while writing this, enabling readers to hear music by reading her words.

Certainly, the magical “Two Dimensional Gate” played a role in this. It enhanced the creator’s abilities. The efficacy of the enhancement directly correlates to the original level of the creator. Nevertheless, in a highly “intoxicated state”, one would incredible words!

One would have this thought after reading it—

How could one write it so well?!

Zhao Youyue was having mixed feelings now. The excellent description of “Chu Luoxun” gave her second thoughts about putting herself to death. She would be miserable if she read this in reality. Unlike Xu Jing’s case, she was emotionless and wanted to laugh instead…

This scene was already written so well, not to mention it only being the second scene, it could be the climax of the novel, already! 

The climax must not necessarily be where the male protagonist acts like a duplicitous jerk. It can be created purely by “Chu Luoxun’s” musical talent, for instance.

Zhao Yueyue felt like she was reliving the scene while reading the novel. What was the feeling of being personally drawn-into-the-scene?

This was how it felt like!

This could be described as the ultimate expression of words!

Normally, a person like Zhao Youyue, who has firsthand experience of the novel’s verse would lose interest, as she already knew the plot. This did not happen to Zhao Youyue, it even indulged her with the grace of “Chu Luoxun” G.o.ddess!

The other readers would be stoked!


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