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Shift! The Side-Character Heroine is a web novel created by Drunk for Her, 醉卧笑伊人.
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Actually, Zhao Youyue had set “Special Notification” on Su Li. As long as Su Li, the b.a.s.t.a.r.d group manager appeared, she would receive a notification. When she saw that post of Su Li, she could not help covering her mouth, giggling. In her mind, she applauded, “Wow, this Su Li really know how to ditch her responsibilities.” Although what Su Li spoke was the truth, but who would believe it?

In any case, Zhao Youyue would not bear the responsibility.

It was Monday night. Zhao Youyue had to sit for semester final exam tomorrow, but she was still playing with her phone at ease, simply because during daytime at school, she had pretty much indulged herself into studies. No matter it was the morning reading session, or the afternoon, she was studying quietly. Not even once had she taken out her phone.

In fact, students were usually more relaxed before the semester-end final exam, for instance this whole day was merely self study Based on the usual habit of Zhao Youyue, she was considered doing a great job if she could carry out her revision for one whole period. Now, she had studied earnestly during the last three self-study, thus she could act boldly, feeling as if she had made comprehensive preparations – Semester finals? A piece of cake!

It should not be a problem to enter the top 10 in cla.s.s.

Therefore, she had been playing with her phone at ease for the whole day.

However, under “Xu Jing’s possession”, Zhao Youyue could not help feeling that the revision time was not enough. There were still tons of flaws that needed to be amended as soon as possible. This was to prevent the situation where her test papers were circled due to her carelessness, although the teacher had already explained the questions before. She wanted to avoid all these incidents and bring out her full potential.

Xu Jing was not a genius, her IQ was also at average. However, she was a lot more diligent and attentive compared to others. If Zhao Youyue used “Xu Jing’s possession” mode to enter the exam, she could get rid of any worries about careless mistakes. At the same time, she would be patient and able to ponder on questions that would have confused her or those which takes away her will to take a challenge. Even for questions which she could not solve, at least for the simpler questions within the difficult ones could be solved. After all, normally those core mathematical questions will have some smaller questions within them. The first few questions will not be insanely difficult to solve.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, before solving such complicated questions, Zhao Youyue would already be trembling in fear and lost her will. To her, why spend time on difficult questions instead of double checking on some simple questions? After all, she was good at picking on easy targets…

That was why, after receiving the iconic character card “Xu Jing”, she needed not worry about her studies and exam questions anymore. As a result, when she was not using Xu Jing’s abilities, she appeared to be more playful, enjoying to the max and full of vigour.

In her studies, she would put more efforts than others, and in entertaining, she would also enjoy it more than others.

Anyway, everyone who knew Zhao Youyue raised their eyebrows when they noticed her behavior this entire day. Her deskmate Jiang Qing expected that Zhao Youyue would ask her to keep watch while she was playing with her phone, but surprisingly she did not take out her phone all day. Then, during the end of the cla.s.s, w.a.n.g Yang sitting in front of her wanted to talk to her about some webnovels that he recently discovered. However, upon seeing Zhao Youyue immersing herself in the lecture notes, yet emanating an elite scholar aura, w.a.n.g Yang felt awkward to even interrupt her for a second.

Most importantly, this earnestness of hers lasted not just a short-term, but the entire day. “This is scary. Could she be possessed by someone?”, w.a.n.g Yang who read a little too much of webnovels murmured to himself.

This notion had flashed across w.a.n.g Yang’s mind, but for sure he would not believe in it. Instead, he would take it as “Zhao Youyue was making a last-minute effort insanely because tomorrow is the semester finals”.

Obviously, Jiang Qing thought so too. Under the influence of Zhao Youyue, she too got the chance to study seriously. Otherwise, she would have slacked for the entire day. She was actually very playful, with a poor self-discipline.

Besides that, there was this Zhao Youyue’s ex-deskmate Zhou Fang, who noticed that Zhao Youyue was studying very hard. She felt pity for her, thinking that Zhao Youyue was struggling for nothing. It was too late to get serious now, hard work should be poured in at normal times!

Zhou Fang had a favorable impression on Zhao Youyue’s temperament because Zhao Youyue was easy to get along with. Unfortunately, she still looked down on Zhao Youyue in her studies. Even though she never expressed this in front of Zhao Youyue before, she somehow had strong a sense of superiority in her heart. In every monthly test or mid-semester exam for the first semester, she had better results than Zhao Youyue, mostly in the top 10s. The only time her results slid to the 16th was due the difficult mathematical papers which made her too nervous and lost her grip in the subject. That day, she secretly cried under her quilt, feeling that this was a huge embarra.s.sment. Well, for the best exam results for Zhao Youyue was only 19th in cla.s.s, basically she was hovering between the 20s to 30s.

Zhou Fang felt pity for Zhao Youyue. Projecting her thoughts towards Zhao Youyue, she thought that Zhao Youyue was living in shame all along…

There should not be any accidents for this semester finals too. Zhou Fang decided to fight her way to the top 5 and continue to fortify her status of top scholar. Then, she could continue to pay attention to Zhao Youyue with a sense of superiority and felt pity towards Zhao Youyue who was in the pit of shame.

Anyway, Zhou Fang still wanted to become deskmates with Zhao Youyue. This was because her new deskmate Tang Yan was a lot worse in personality compared to Zhao Youyue. She was too narrow-minded, and feeling good about herself although she was ugly. She was always noisy, had a big mouth, totally a b*tch and her results were terrible, around 40s to 50s in cla.s.s. Besides, Tang Yan always secretly copies Zhou Fang’s homework when Zhou Fang joined the chemistry compet.i.tion training. After Zhou Fang found out about this, she decided to bring her finished homework together to the chemistry laboratory.

She would only allow Zhao Youyue to “refer” to her homework. But most of the time, Zhao Youyue preferred to do her homework at home and searched directly for the answers online instead. Ah, there was a bit sad, as there would be fewer chances for Zhou Fang to provide her with”references”.

If Zhou Fang was considered pitying Zhao Youyue, then she was totally looking down on Tang Yan, her new deskmate. At the same time, she did not like much of Zhao Youyue’s new deskmate Jiang Qing, who were always chatting and laughing together with Zhao Youyue. Not to misunderstand, she was not jealous of Jiang Qing, but just felt like Jiang Qing was nothing good, yet her b.r.e.a.s.t.s were humongous. Despite Jiang Qing being a committee member in arts and literature, which was considered a cadre in cla.s.s, with a result at the 30s to 40s, she still looked down on her, totally. She was also worried that Jiang Qing would influence Zhao Youyue’s results. Wouldn’t she be more pitiful if this happened?

Sure enough, she was supposed to be the best candidate for Zhao Youyue’s deskmate!

After studying for the entire day, Zhao Youyue turned off “Xu Jing’s possession” mode when she went home. Then, she immediately became a lazybone missy, turning from a learning addict into a smartphone addict…

Then, she saw Su Li’s apology to the readers along with her responsibility-ditching remark, and of course the fans in Su Li’s group were on fire –

I’ve never met such a shameless person!


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