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Chapter 186: Divine Beast Egg with King Potential

“Then let’s gamble!”

5,000 gold coins was a bit higher than the price of a Divine Beast egg with Bronze-rank potential!

To a commoner family, this was a huge sum of money!

But to Lugh, this was nothing.

He had almost piled up a mountain of gold coins. Ever since he entered the Reclamation Troops, he had no chance to spend money!

Besides, it was impossible for Lugh to lose money!

Hence, Lugh began to cheat!

He began to carefully observe the data of these divine pet eggs!

From the beginning, Lugh discovered that the Pavilion of Treasures was really a scam!

The majority of the divine pet eggs on the shelves were Black Iron-Grade!

After searching for more than ten minutes, Lugh only locked onto three Gold-Grade divine pet eggs!

He did not find any Star Glory-Grade pet eggs!

“Lugh, what do you think of this?”

Katya picked out a beautiful, milky-white pet egg the size of a ping-pong ball and asked!

“Nothing much!”

Lugh shook his head!

That was the Flying Mantis egg. Its potential was only Top-Grade Bronze!


Katya put down the Flying Mantis egg and continued to search!

“What about this one?”


“I think this one might be good!”

Lugh shook his head. “I don’t think it’s good either!”

“What about this one?”

Katya began to seek Lugh’s opinion again!

When Lugh saw Katya pick up a black pet egg the size of a basketball, Lugh was slightly surprised. He felt that this lousy place seemed to be a little interesting!

The information about this pet egg naturally appeared in front of Lugh!

[Name: Blood-Eyed Golden Panther!]

[Talent: 1. Great Strength (Rare), 2. Reinforced Iron Bones (Normal), 3. Tough Fur (Normal)]

[Growth Potential: King-Grade]

[Awakening: Metal, Wind]

“How is it?”

Lugh smiled. “I think it works. It looks pretty good. You have a good eye!”

Katya happily said, “Okay, then I’ll take this one!”

Katya didn’t know why, but she believed what Lugh said.

Lugh could only say that Katya was lucky today!

The King-Grade pet egg was nothing to Lugh, but to ordinary Beast Tamers, it was definitely priceless.

However, he didn’t care. With the Divine Beast training system, he could even train Divine Beasts with G.o.d-Grade potential. He didn’t care about a G.o.d pet with King’s potential.

Moreover, this Blood-Eyed Golden Panther’s ability was completely destroyed by the Berserk Bear!

Even if Lugh got it, he didn’t want to sign a contract with it!

Katya accompanied Lugh to choose for a period of time. However, Lugh didn’t find any divine pet eggs with outstanding growth potential!

There was no other way. He could only randomly choose a Divine Beast egg with Gold-Grade growth potential!

It was not considered a loss!

It was just that he did not earn as much as Katya did!

The auction was about to begin. Katya brought Lugh to the private room of the auction.

This private room was located in a solemn location with a very good view.

“This private room is really not bad!”

“This is specially set up by the branch of the Pavilion of Treasures in Seven Star City for the purpose of guarding it!”

Although the Pavilion of Treasures was powerful, Morocco was the true ruler of Seven Star City!

If they wanted to make money in Seven Star City, they had to give Morocco some preferential treatment!

Sitting on the sofa, Lugh and Katia could clearly see the Beast Masters partic.i.p.ating in the auction!

The attendants of the treasure pavilion sent free snacks and drinks to Lugh and the others, accompanied by a pretty maid!

If they needed anything, they could tell this maid!

Lugh asked curiously, “Lord Morocco is not coming?”

“My father has been busy with government affairs recently, and he said that he is not interested in the items auctioned today!”

Lugh nodded. Katya’s words made him have no more expectations for this auction, so he just took it as a distraction!

However, if it was really a very precious item, the people of Seven Star City might not be able to afford it!

The two of them ate and drank. A few minutes later, the auction officially began!

A beautiful woman in her thirties with a mature charm walked onto the auction stage!

She was the auctioneer in charge of today’s auction at the Pavilion of Treasures!

She smiled and said, “Thank you all for coming to partic.i.p.ate in the semi-annual auction of Seven Star City. We have specially prepared a lot of precious divine pet eggs for everyone and precious resources to nurture divine pets. I hope that everyone will be able to have a satisfactory harvest today.”

“Now, let me introduce the first item for auction!”

A box covered with a red cloth was placed on the top. The beautiful female host lifted the red cloth, and a shiny pet egg appeared in front of everyone!

“The first item for auction is the Blue Cloud Eagle’s pet egg!”

“Everyone knows that the Blue Cloud Eagle is a Gold-Grade Fierce Beast and has very strong combat strength. Its pet egg is very rare. As long as it is cultivated well, it will be a powerful combat partner. Moreover, it can bring the Beast Master to fly in the sky. The starting price is 300,000 gold coins, and each increment must not be less than 10,000!”

“I bid 310,000 gold coins!”

“320,000 gold coins!”

“350,000 gold coins!”

Those who had some savings began to bid crazily.

Gold-Grade flying-type beasts were the dreams of most Beast Tamers.

In the end, the Blue Cloud Eagle was sold for 550,000 gold coins.

However, Lugh wasn’t interested at all!

One by one, the items were sold. Just as Lugh was getting sleepy from watching, he saw an interesting item!

A huge ice-sealed eyeball that was as big as a basketball. It looked horrifying!

As long as it was a divine pet or an item from a divine pet, Lugh could see the clues.

[Name: Mutated Magical Eye Beast Eyeball]

[Effect: After consuming it, the strength of the divine pet will be slightly increased!]

Strengthening! That was also a good thing.

The last time he was able to find the Bloodthirsty h.e.l.l Vine, it was mainly due to the Stormhawk’s ‘Eagle Eye’ talent!

The auctioneer on the stage introduced, “This is the eye of a Platinum-Grade Magic Eye Beast. After consuming it, it can slightly increase the strength of the divine pet. The starting price is 50,000 gold coins!”

After the auctioneer announced it, the entire auction venue fell silent.

Slightly increasing the strength of the divine pet was actually somewhat useless.

Beast Tamers preferred items that could increase the combat strength of the divine pet.

However, strengthening their strength still had a bit of strategic value, especially when hunting Fierce Beasts in the wild.

Very soon, someone made a bid: “50,000!”

Lugh also made a bid: “60,000!”

He directly increased the bid by 10,000 gold coins.

To Lugh, the value of this Magic Eye Beast was higher than all the previous auctioned items.

Moreover, he didn’t lack money at all, so he casually increased the bid.

He didn’t believe that anyone could compete with him.

Under the treasure chest, some of the partic.i.p.ating Beast Masters raised their heads and looked at the box.

The Beast Master who wanted to continue with the bid was pulled by his companion.

“What’s wrong?”

“That’s the Guardian’s box!”

The bidder silently lowered his head and shut his mouth.

He didn’t have to have the Magic Eye Beast’s eyeball.

He didn’t want to offend the Guardian just because of a Magic Eye Beast’s eyeball!

Seeing that no one was going to continue with the bid, the female auctioneer asked again, “Is there anyone else who wants to raise the price? The Magic Eye Beast’s eyeball is extremely rare and is very suitable for scouting divine pets!”

However, no one responded to her.

The entire auction venue was silent.

The female auctioneer awkwardly squeezed out a professional smile. “60,000 going once!”

“60,000 going twice!”

“60,000 going thrice… Sold!”

The female auctioneer had already accepted her fate.

Of course, she knew that the person sitting in the Guardian’s private room was not the Guardian.

However, it was not appropriate for her to say it out loud. If she wanted to make a profit, she would make a profit!

She would treat it as a good relationship.

60,000 gold coins bought it!

Even Lugh didn’t believe it.

However, he was still very happy. At least this time, he had finally gained something.

At this moment, Katya said with a smile, “You know why my father didn’t come, right?”

Lugh suddenly understood!

It seemed that he had taken advantage of Morocco?

But when he thought of the divine pet egg in Katya’s hands, he felt at ease!

It was clearly Katya who took advantage of him!

Perhaps, when Katya returned, she would be so happy that she would go crazy.

The pet egg in Katya’s hand was a Blood-Eyed Golden Panther that had the potential to become a King-Grade!

In the entire Seven Star City, other than Lugh, even Morocco did not have a divine pet with this potential.

The Beast Masters in Seven Star City were already extremely lucky to have a Star Glory-Grade pet, but Katya had a pet egg of a higher level!

Once it was known by others, it would definitely shock the entire Seven Star City!


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