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Read Shock! The Spell Is In English! Chapter 439 – Wind Wolf

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Chapter 439: Wind Wolf

The Wind Wolf subordinate compressed the wind attribute power into the wolf’s claws, and then three wind blades slashed towards Lugh.

The wind blades were much more powerful than the wind bullets, and they were extremely fast, after arriving in front of Lugh in less than half a second, Lugh still felt bored after seeing it.

This kind of thing was still useless to him. After all, after Big Mouth and himself merged, the strength of his body had increased a little too much. Moreover, Big Mouth had a great defense, and the defense of Big Mouth was invincible even when they were at the same level. How could this kind of existence, who was 10 levels lower than him, break the sh.e.l.l of Big Mouth?

In this battle, Lugh didn’t even have the desire to attack. He just stood there and waited for the opponent to attack him. Three sharp blades scattered and slashed at Lugh’s body.

When the three wind blades. .h.i.t Lugh’s body, an unexpected step occurred. These wind blades directly rebounded against his body and flew in the direction of Lugh’s body to other places.

The wind blades continued to fly backward and hit some shops’ houses. When these wind blades touched these houses, they immediately displayed their great power. Their momentum did not decrease, and they cut the tables, chairs, and stools in the houses into pieces. When they came into contact with some supporting steel, the steel was chopped into pieces.

Looking at these wind blades destroying the houses, one could feel the great power of these wind blades. However, these wind blades were unable to leave any scars on Lugh’s body. Lugh stood on the spot and looked at the other party without moving. He was really bored.

When the other party saw how powerful Lugh was, he was also shocked. However, he did not dare to disobey his superior. Therefore, he could only pretend to attack Lugh. The other party was not using any attribute attacks. Instead, he rushed over and wanted to engage in a physical attack. He wanted to wait for Lugh to become impatient and kick him away before lying on the ground and pretending to be dead. There was no need to risk his life to fight it out with Lugh.

The opponent approached Lugh and gathered the wind attribute power on his wolf claws. Then, a grey wolf claw slashed at Lugh’s body. Although Lugh did not feel any harm, he did not allow others to touch his body. Seeing the other party’s wolf claw swing at him, Lugh reached out and stopped the other party’s wolf claw. Lugh’s finger pressed against the tip of the other party’s wolf claw. Then, the other party’s wolf claw, which could break steel, was shattered by the darkened finger.

The other party was in pain, but he still did not dare to stop. After one of the wolf claws was shattered, his other hand chopped at Lugh’s neck. When the other party’s wolf claw chopped at Lugh’s neck, it made a sound of tearing steel, which was extremely painful, then, the wolf claw slashed at Lugh’s body, releasing a burst of flame. He did not expect that Lugh’s body could really be slashed like steel, producing sparks.

After the wolf claw attack failed, the other party grabbed Lugh’s arms again and opened his mouth. Then, he began to condense wind attribute source energy spell. A small wind bullet smashed onto Lugh’s body. After a series of attacks, Lugh was still uninjured. When the other party saw this, he continuously retreated. He didn’t dare to attack Lugh anymore.

Lugh saw that the other party didn’t dare to attack. How could he let him off after saving himself? He had launched so many attacks. He hadn’t even retaliated yet.

When the other party needed to mediate, Lugh would stick to the other party’s body and move at the same speed as him. In the eyes of outsiders, the two parties seemed to be hugging each other and jumping.

However, powerful people could tell that this was Lugh. According to the other party’s speed, he would then move at the same speed. This meant that Lugh had extremely strong speed control.

When the Wind Wolf subordinate saw that he had failed to leave the other party, he quickly launched another attack. He opened his b.l.o.o.d.y mouth and bit towards Lugh’s shoulder. When his teeth bit Lugh’s shoulder… After biting hard, he found that he could not bite at all. Then, he used all his strength and found that his teeth were actually starting to fall out. He did not expect that the other party’s body was actually stronger than his teeth.

The Wind Wolf subordinate bit for a while and found that his teeth were starting to crack. He immediately stopped biting down, then let go of Lugh’s shoulder and quickly stopped attacking.

The Wind Wolf subordinate stopped. Although he did not dare to attack, it did not mean that Lugh would not attack

This Wind Wolf subordinate had attacked Lugh so many times. If the other party could hurt him even a little bit, Lugh could let him go, but the other party could not even hurt him with all his strength. This made Lugh very disappointed and a little angry. After all, he scratched, bit, and used attribute attacks. Even his saliva fell on Lugh, which made Lugh very angry.

Lugh grabbed the Wind Wolf subordinate in front of him. The Wind Wolf subordinate wanted to run away when he saw it, but his speed was simply not compatible with Lugh’s. After Lugh grabbed the other party’s hands, he punched the other party’s face. Then, the other party’s wolf teeth were knocked off by Lugh in a circle.

The Wind Wolf subordinate spat out a mouthful of blood. At this moment, he felt as if his brain had been hit by a sledgehammer. He was completely stunned and unable to react. Now, he was a little dizzy. He really wanted to faint, but just as he was about to faint… Lugh’s second attack landed on him. He quickly took a step forward with his left leg and kicked out the Wind Wolf subordinate’s lower body.

Wind Wolf’s subordinate was kicked by Lugh until he spun in mid-air after work. He spun from head to foot. Lugh hit the other party’s abdomen in an integrated spring and released him… He flew out a few dozen meters like the others. The impact of the extreme speed charged towards the fat rich kid. The rich kid’s face turned green with fear when he saw this because Wind Wolf subordinate was too fast… If he was. .h.i.t by the Wind Wolf subordinate’s body, with his pampered body, it was very likely that he would be smashed to death.

Fortunately, his other subordinates were not to be trifled with. When they saw their companion, the Wind Wolf subordinate, rush towards the fat rich kid, they ran over extremely quickly. Then, they opened their arms and hugged the Wind Wolf subordinate in their arms, hoping that the Wind Wolf subordinate would be less injured.

However, this person must have underestimated the power of Lugh’s full-strength attack. When he held the Wind Wolf subordinate in his arms, he only felt that the world was spinning. This was because his body was now directly affected by the Wind Wolf subordinate, causing him to be unable to stand steadily. Then, the two of them quickly rolled backward. After rolling for more than ten meters, the two of them barely managed to stand up.


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