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Read Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss Chapter 528 – Wanting to Kill Someone with Another’s Knife

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Chapter 528: Wanting to Kill Someone with Another’s Knife

“Flowing Clouds Sect!” the anger on Qing Lingyan’s face was replaced with surprise. Her eyes regained clarity and after pondering for a while, she shook her head and said. “It’s not possible. The martial arts techniques she used is absolutely not of Flowing Clouds Sect. She can’t be from that sect.”

“I also know that. It is just that I’m afraid that she has some relations with Flowing Clouds Sect. It is still better to report this matter to Palace Master first,” advised Ghost Shadow patiently.

“Then you can all return to report this to Palace Master first, I still have things I have to do,” said Qing Lingyan with a cold expression.

“Young Master…” Ghost Shadow wished to speak up more but hesitated. He could tell that Qing Lingyan did not wish to let off Ling Chuxi easily, but since things now involved Flowing Clouds Sect, he also did not dare to be careless. However, he also knew that this young master had an extreme temperament and wanting her to heed advice was not such a simple matter.

“You can all just go. I know my limits in this matter. As long as we don’t personally take action, even Flowing Clouds Sect can’t say anything. Could it be that they would really crush Cold Moon Palace over such a little thing?” said Qing Lingyan viciously.

“Then I shall bid you farewell first,” said Ghost Shadow. He felt uneasy in his heart and wanted to quickly return to Cold Moon Palace to report this to the palace master. It was only her who was able to make Qing Lingyan heed advice.

“Just go,” said Qing Lingyan with a wave if her hand.

Ghost Shadow and the rest bowed and retreated.

“Young Master, what should we do next?” asked a handmaiden carefully. She had been following Qing Lingyan for many years and naturally she knew that Qing Lingyan would not let go of this matter so easily.

“Go to Ding Lin Country. Isn’t Nan Xia Country a va.s.sal country of Ding Lin Country? I am sure they are unwilling to withstand the threat of such a strong cultivator appearing in one of their va.s.sal countries, isn’t that right?” sneered Qing Lingyan.

The few handmaidens were shocked in their hearts as they all lowered their heads. They understood in their hearts that Young Master intended to kill someone using another’s knife! That poor young maiden called Ling Chuxi, this time she and the young master would really not rest till either one of them died.

The carriage driven by Jiang Wuhen carrying Ling Chuxi and Ling Yichen traveled along the main road to Nan Xia Country. Along the way, everything was peaceful and nothing else happened.

In the carriage, Ling Chuxi continued to cultivate using the other two streams’ application and acupuncture methods, familiarizing herself with all three streams of martial arts techniques of the Golden Pill Sect. The battle with Ghost Shadow allowed Ling Chuxi to experience more deeply the mysterious strength of this set of martial arts skills. With the cultivation of Great Fulfilment Pinnacle stage and the Seven Strings Finger and Needle Methods, she could still have a chance of gaining in battle against an opponent in the realm of True Essence. The Golden Pill Sect was indeed one of the five great sects of the past. Regardless of medical skills or martial arts techniques, each indeed had their own unique points.

Ling Yichen’s injuries were no longer so severe after this period of recuperation, and so he was also immersed into practicing his cultivation just like Ling Chuxi. Seeing Ling Chuxi’s cultivation improve so greatly, Ling Yichen’s pressure to advance was that much greater as well. This time, if it were not because of him, perhaps Ling Chuxi’s situation would not have been so miserable. If things continued on like this, without mentioning him wanting to stand guard by Ling Chuxi’s side, he was afraid that it was only a matter of time before he became her burden. Therefore, with this in mind, Ling Yichen cultivated even harder than before.

Jiang Wuhen saw the two of them working hard to advance their cultivation, so he quietened down quite a bit and did not disturb them, obediently driving the carriage at a high speed. In his free time, he would occasionally be in daze, what he was thinking about was unknown.

When the towering walls of Nan Xia capital appeared, Ling Chuxi’s heart felt a little fearful. The deadline of half a year was just around the corner, and she did not know how Second Elder was doing. Although Mu Liufeng said that Second Elder could hang on for half a year, Ling Chuxi still inevitably had some unease in her heart.

With the guidance of Ling Yichen, Jiang Wuhen drove the carriage towards the Ling residence. The moment they reached the door, Ling Chuxi and Ling Yichen felt that the atmosphere there was even more solemn and serious than before.

‘Could it be that something has happened to Second Elder?’ Although she knew that this was something unlikely, Ling Chuxi still felt uneasy and quickly leapt off the carriage and ran inside the residence.


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