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Read Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss Chapter 540 – Gloating Over Another’s Misfortune

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Chapter 540: Gloating Over Another’s Misfortune

Without forgetting to put on the pretense of being serious, Ling Chuxi, was still acting anxious and worried. “Fifth Highness, I do know a little bit about medicine, should I help diagnose you?” In this instance of gloating over another’s misfortune, for Ling Chuxi to even say such words, would it be possible for her to gloat even more?

Si Nanchen’s guards looked at Ling Chuxi a little hopefully. If anything happened to Si Nanchen here, they would be in deep trouble. The saying, “In urgent situations of sickness, simply choosing any doctor will do” could be used to describe their current att.i.tudes. They didn’t even bother to think about if Ling Chuxi could really diagnose Si Nanchen accurately?

“Quit pretending! Give me the antidote now!” yelled Si Nanchen. He did not notice the odd gazes his guards threw his way and instead glared at Ling Chuxi with his eyes blasting fire.

“Your Highness, you have really wronged us,” said Ling Chuxi with an expression of innocence and sadness. Her expression was as spot on as spot on could get, looking as though she was Dou E being falsely accused.1 Then, she said in a small voice with a solemn expression, “However, since I really do have a bit of medical knowledge, seeing the Fifth Highness’ symptoms of having a crooked mouth and twisted nose, it is obviously your epilepsy acting up. Go back and take a cold bath for six hours and you will naturally recover from this episode.”

‘Epilepsy?!’ exclaimed Si Nanchen, almost spitting out a mouthful of blood. This despicable woman. Forget about the fact that she had poisoned him. Now, she was even talking nonsense about him being epileptic when he wasn’t! It was not possible for those with hidden diseases to ascend the throne. This woman was extremely sinister and despicable!

“Talk less bullsh*t, won’t you?! You’re the one with epilepsy!” spat Si Nanchen ruthlessly as he glared maliciously at Ling Chuxi a few times. He knew that she would definitely not admit to poisoning him, but this method she just gave him to resolve the poison should be true. After all, he was the fifth prince of Ding Lin Country and even if she had huge guts, she would still not dare to let anything serious happen to him in Nan Xia Country.

“Let’s go!” snarled Si Nanchen as he ruthlessly glared at Ling Chuxi and walked out while holding on as best he could. Now, it was not just his body, even his organs felt like there were tens of thousands of ants crawling all over them. He really wished to strip his clothes off and roll all over the floor, he did not want to stay here even a moment longer.

“Oh, Fifth Highness, do we still need to keep this private room empty for your use?” asked the fifth princess’ teasing voice which could be heard coming from far behind as Si Nanchen rushed down the corridor.

Si Nanchen’s face darkened and with a stumble, he almost fell to the ground.

“All right. Let’s eat, let’s eat!” exclaimed Ling Chuxi as she entered the private room with all smiles. Li Shaoqiu’s face was full of wors.h.i.+p as he followed behind her. An expert indeed, Ling Chuxi was a true expert. So what if the other party’s ident.i.ty was so prominent? In the end he still obediently left with his tail tucked between his legs.

“Master, how did you poison him just now? Teach me, teach me,” asked the fifth princess eagerly the moment they entered the private room. Even the experts in Si Nanchen’s group who were all in the realm of Great Fulfilment couldn’t even detect a hint of it, so of course Ling Chuxi was unable to speak of it.

“Such words cannot simply be spoken. I did not poison anyone. It was simply his epilepsy acting up,” said Ling Chuxi with a serious look on her face and in a tone of voice that wasn’t just ordinarily stern.

“Then… Master, teach me how to make one’s epilepsy act up,” said the fifth princess whose eyeb.a.l.l.s were darting all around anxiously as she tried to win Ling Chuxi’s favor. Indeed, it was sufficient for the heart to know such a matter, how could Ling Chuxi easily admit to it?

“Eat first. After we eat, we’ll head back and I will teach you then,” said Ling Chuxi. Ling Chuxi had already witnessed the cruelty of the fight for the throne, and since the fifth princess was already caught up in this whirlpool, then it was time to teach her some more things, otherwise she might not even know it when she died.

“That’s great. Master, this time you can’t go back on your word. When I learn this, I will let Xia Zhuoyi, that idiot, know how amazing I am,” said the fifth princess yearningly.

Black lines of anxiety ran down the faces of the rest of the group when they heard this as they silently mourned for Xia Zhuoyi.

In a famous play, the character Dou E like swore to the heavens that blood will rain, snow will fall in June, and three years of drought will occur to prove her innocence upon being falsely accused. After her father became an official, he cleared her name.


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