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Read Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss Chapter 665 – Escaping with a Great and Imposing Manner

Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss is a web novel completed by White Day.
This lightnovel is currently Ongoing.

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Chapter 665: Escaping with a Great and Imposing Manner

“Really? Then I truly have to thank you. You are so shameless, you belong to a different realm. Ren Youran, you are dead meat today,” Ling Chuxi turned up her nose at Ren Youran’s words. What was he calling “leaving a road out”? Back then, if it were not for Big Brother appearing in time, even if she had nine lives, they would have all been lost at his hands.

“Good, good. Then, today I will let you see my true cultivation.” Knowing that it was more likely than not hard to escape today, Ren Youran gritted his teeth and risked it all.

Ren Youran raised his entire body’s Battle Qi to its extreme, resulting in a stream of qi flowing rigorously under the city gates. Under the great suppression caused by this qi, the city lord plopped his b.u.t.t on the ground as he turned pale in fright.

Ren Youran did not stop, continuing to urge on his Battle Qi even as his body blew up like a balloon and trails of blood started to ooze out of his eyes, nose and mouth.

“This isn’t good, this old fellow is fighting with his life!” said Ling Chuxi instantly. Ren Youran actually wanted to self-implode with his excessive use of Battle Qi and die together with Ling Chuxi in order to kill her. Although self-imploding Battle Qi can temporarily surpa.s.s the users limit to its apex and even exert strength far beyond its users usual capability, once it was used, the user’s body meridians will inevitably be severely injured and it could be said that there was only a small chance of survival for the user.

Ling Chuxi truly did not think that Ren Youran would actually be so decisive in his intentions like this. Not daring to be careless, she gripped her sword tightly and went to attack Ren Youran. Ren Youran actually being this determined was something that Ling Chuxi never thought he would be capable of.

Ren Youran’s Battle Qi erupted at the same time Ling Chuxi launched an attack towards him. Although his strength had always stayed in the realm of Great Fulfilment, the hard cultivation he had practiced his whole life could not be underestimated. This time, he was using his life as a bet, continuously raising his Battle Qi to its limit and surpa.s.sing the level of strength it was usually at. Since he was doing this, the strength of his Battle Qi had far exceeded the level of the realm of Great Fulfilment.

Ren Youran’s eyes, nose and mouth were constantly oozing blood and his facial expression became incomparably ferocious. The Battle Qi he was emanating surged violently, rolling up stormy waves, forming a cohesive storm that rumbled towards Ling Chuxi.

Ling Chuxi circulated her True Qi to protect herself and used all her might to slash down with her sword. A dazzling light tore through the s.p.a.ce the sword pa.s.sed through, carrying an icy cold chill with it.

However, once her sword hit the ground, there was a light floating feeling surrounding it, as though there was no longer the strength of any Battle Qi around it.

“Shameless!” cried Ling Chuxi immediately when she saw that Ren Youran had suddenly retreated at full speed under the aid of his Battle Qi that had been urged on to the extreme. Ren Youran’s figure flew away as fast as lightning, and with a blink of an eye, he was already ten yards away.

It turns out that his self-imploding Battle Qi was not generated in order to fight Ling Chuxi to death, but to escape with his life! Looking at the speed at which he ran away and seeing the dust that was kicked up behind his since long gone figure, Ling Chuxi was truly left with her eyes popped and mouth hanging agape.

This person was actually so afraid of death to such an extent! Even Ling Chuxi almost felt a little admirable of him! It turns out that she had overestimated him. She had originally thought that in front of so many people and within the borders of Nan Xia Country, he was finally going to have a little bit of dignity as a cultivator. She never thought that he would still be so shameless. She had even thought that he was so determined earlier on. Truly, how hugely wrong she was in thinking that as it was all just an illusion!

It was not hard to imagine that after today’s incident, Ren Youran’s “great name” would once again be spread out amongst all the various countries for the wrong reasons, and he wouldn’t be able to lift his head again in this lifetime. Although his previous reputation of betraying his master to seek fame wasn’t that great, other people still respected him as a strong cultivator along the martial arts path. However, after today, he shouldn’t even dream of getting this most basic respect.

Even so, Ling Chuxi was not willing to let him off so easily. This traitor would definitely bring trouble again if he was let be. With a s.h.i.+ft of her feet, Ling Chuxi speedily chased after Ren Youran. She managed to catch up to him within a few yards using her quickest speed and then ruthlessly volleyed out a move.


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