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Chapter 898: Back to Boasting

“Yes, Sect Master.” The disciples of the Su family were not stupid either. They all knew that Lu Chengfeng’s background could bring a lot of benefits to the Golden Pill Sect, so they turned to Lu Chengfeng and replied respectfully, “We juniors greet Elder Lu.”

“Ah, no need to be so formal, we are all family now. The Golden Pill Sect’s business is my business, so if you guys have any problems, please come to me,” Lu Chengfeng waved his hand and said amiably.

Duan Feiyu had no objection towards the agreement between Ling Chuxi and Lu Chengfeng. Although the status of the special guest elder was quite high in a sect, they were still not considered a disciple of that sect. It was up to him if he wanted to go to the other sects and become a special guest elder in those sects too. Generally, to have become a special guest elder, the person must have a good relations.h.i.+p with the sect. Otherwise, one wouldn’t do such a thing.

As for Lu Chengfeng, he was originally a freeloading guest elder in the Celestial Sect; no one cared where he went as the Celestial Sect didn’t take him seriously. To be in the Celestial Sect, cultivation was the most important criteria. If there was a problem that couldn’t be settled by Duan Qingchen, the Lu family wasn’t of much use either.

Hence, Duan Feiyu and others didn’t take this matter seriously. They just congratulated Lu Chengfeng with a smile.

“By the way, Elder Lu, we have just returned, and only one of the crystal mines left by the ancestors of the Sect was found, so about the payment…” Ling Chuxi trailed off in embarra.s.sment.

She had just thought of this problem. The special guest elder wasn’t a member of the sect, so there was no reason for him to help the sect. That was why sects spent a lot to support the special guest elder, but the current Golden Pill Sect only had one White Jade Crystal mine. This really wasn’t considered rich at all.

“Ah, there is no need to be so polite, Sect Master Ling! Since my fate seems to be tied to the Golden Pill Sect, why talk about payment? You have abundant spiritual Qi over here, so just consider me cultivating here as my payment.” Lu Chengfeng laughed and said generously. He was so overwhelmed with happiness and pride at his new position that he didn’t care whether he got paid or not.

The ancestors of the Lu family had been special guest elders of the Celestial Sect, so their acc.u.mulated wealth was larger than an ordinary small sect. If they were talking about wealth, Lu Chengfeng was quite financially stable.

“Mister Lu is undoubtedly the descendant of a famous family, with such righteousness and generosity. It is truly our Golden Pill Sect’s honor to have Mister Lu here,” Ling Chuxi said charmingly. Lu Chengfeng had saved Ling Chuxi a lot of money, so of course she would happily flatter him.

“Lord Sect Master is too kind, hehe!” Lu Chengfeng was so blissful and ecstatic that he felt like his body was floating off into the sky.

“Elder Lu, we shall make a move first. Please take care of the matters in the sect,” Ling Chuxi said respectfully, her tone leaving Lu Chengfeng feeling incredibly happy.

“Alright, off you go! Don’t worry, I will be here to ensure the safety of the Golden Pill Sect.” Once Lu Chengfeng had been promoted, he began to boast.

“Elder Lu, if someone comes looking for trouble, you don’t have to act all high and mighty again, just chase them away on the spot.” Ling Chuxi became worried after seeing his boasting. He was the true special guest elder of the Golden Pill Sect right now, and if he got slapped by someone, the sect’s image would be damaged because of him.

“Don’t worry, Lady Sect Master, it won’t happen again.” Lu Chengfeng instantly toned down and blushed.


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