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Read Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 785: The return and subsequent jealousy match-ups?

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Read WebNovel Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 785: The return and subsequent jealousy match-ups?

Chapter 785: The return and subsequent jealousy match-ups?

The girls left Fei Fei. The other Fatal Forest members looked on with admiration and adoration. The girls headed back to the villa area.

On the way, the girls exchanged no words. Even Flandre is taciturn, she walked while holding hands with Astrea. She knew her elder sisters were busy with their own thoughts so she stayed quiet.

Hinagiku broke the silence first.

“Hey, Kotori, do you think we should go?”

The girls looked at Kotori. They were waiting for her input. Kotori thought about it and she took out the Chupa Chups in her mouth.

“We should go, not going would attract more trouble than is worthed it…”

Kotori looked around.

“If we must go, we should at least verify Fei Fei’s information. Why is the imperial family suddenly so interested in us? What’s the real motivation behind inviting us to the ball?”

Hinagiku and Kurumi nodded. Hinagiku added.

“I feel like this ball is just a farce for something bigger…”

Kotori fell silent. The others also mused with their own thoughts in silence until they arrived at the villa. Kotori flailed her arms around to cheer the girls up.

“Anyway, we need to investigate further, we don’t know enough to say or do anything for now.”


They all agreed with a nod. With a preliminary plan in order, they loosened up. Astrea, Tohka, Flandre, and Yoshino released sighs of relief. They don’t know the gravity of the situation, they just felt relieved from not having to stay in that tense mood.

For them, everything’s peachy as long as everyone’s having fun.

The girls came back home while giggling and chatting out loud. They opened the door only for Ikaros to suddenly lift her head up.

Her eyes rippled with emotion. She flapped her wings and she flew into the living room.


The girls cried out. But, Ikaros already made her way into the living room. The others followed. When they came inside, they stopped with a shocked look on their faces.

The room was filled with Ikaros’ falling feathers. A figure was napping on a table there. Ikaros placed her hands on his back with a look of absolute bliss.

While they were stunned, Flandre, Astrea, and Tohka yelled in sync. They immediately ran over to the napping figure.




Wu Yan felt three distinct weight weighing down on me. He tried to shake them off, he felt like he’s falling for a brief moment before a strong impact hit him on the back of his head.



Wu Yan immediately woke up when he got hit with that sensation. He’s no longer sleeping on top of the table, he was lying on the ground with three differently-sized girls hugging him with glee.

“That hurts…”

Wu Yan hugged Flandre, Astrea, and Tohka. He rubbed the back of his head while getting up. The other girls were delighted to see him too, however, that feeling dissipated just as quickly as they came.

“So you came back home, huh? Took you long enough…”

Kotori asked with a displeased look. Her arms were on her waist so she’s veritably annoyed.


Wu Yan greeted the other girls with a wave.

“Yo, long time no see…”

“Be serious for once will ya!”

Hinagiku knocked Wu Yan on the head, waking him up once more. He quickly noticed his current situation and he awkwardly laughed, frustrating the girls to no end.


Tohka rubbed her face against Wu Yan’s chest, she asked with closed eyes.

“When did you come back?”

“A few hours ago, I didn’t see anyone around so I chose to nap on the table…”

Wu Yan patted Tohka’s head and he stood up with the other girls in tow.

“Right, don’t call me Shido, call me Wu Yan instead!”

Tohka tilted her head and she compromised.

“Okay, Shido! I understand, Shido!”


Wu Yan chuckled.

“Fine, whatever floats your boat I guess…”


Flandre clung onto Wu Yan like a Koala bear. She pouted with a pair of puppy eyes.

“You left for so long, Flan missed you…”

“It’s been more than 10 days, right?”

Hinagiku stared at Wu Yan.

“What held you back so long?…”

Wu Yan bitterly laughed. He shook his head as he explained his situation.

“Yeah, I admit I was gone for quite a while. I stayed in that world for more than 3 years!”


Kurumi touched her lips with her slender finger. She squinted before she questioned him.

“You don’t look like you’ve aged a single day…”

Kotori mumbled while chewing on her Chupa candy.

“This guy is a True Ancestor, given his immortality, 3 years is nothing to him!”

“Hey, I am still under 30 years old!”

Wu Yan protested.

“3 years is an eternity, okay?”

“Ara ara, poor you…”

Kurumi got close to Wu Yan and she whispered into his ears like a temptress from beyond.

“Hubby-sama, did you missed us? More like, do you want to…”

Kurumi rubbed his chest in a very salacious manner. She also stuck her body up against Wu Yan, it didn’t help that she started shaking her body like she’s dancing. Wu Yan gulped down his saliva with a flushed look.

Kurumi started flirting with Wu Yan in front of the other girls. Their eyes burned with righteous fury. Tohka jumped out first.

“Don’t stick to him so closely!”

“Ara ara, that’s too bad…”

Kurumi whispered into Wu Yan’s ears.

“Let’s continue this discussion tonight…”

Kurumi parted from Wu Yan while his family jewels started turning blue. He bitterly laughed when he realized what she was up to.

She’s getting back at me for staying away so long…

“Haven’t had enough?”

Wu Yan’s smile froze up when a frosty voice came from behind him. He turned around only to see Hinagiku crossing her arms at him. She told him with an expressionless look.

“Why don’t you go after her if you like her so much?”

Wu Yan’s lip twitched and he looked at the girls around him. His awkward smile turned into a distorted look where he’s not sure if he should cry or laugh.

I thought they were on good terms with each other, jealousy is still a thing between them, huh…


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