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Read Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 969: Either be patient or be assertive

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Read WebNovel Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 969: Either be patient or be assertive

Chapter 969: Either be patient or be a.s.sertive

Wu Yan wanted to laugh but he decided against that, he held his laughter and his face went red as he watched Natsuki in amus.e.m.e.nt.

“I am so sorry! I am so sorry!”

The waiter kept bowing and apologizing to Natsuki. Meanwhile, Natsuki sat there like she didn’t just get tea spilled on her.

Natsuki’s cool look is gone, her shoulder and upper torso were wet with tea, her white goth lolita dress is soaked with tea. Her hair also got wet, the tea really soaked her hair.

She crossed her arms with closed eyes. She continued sitting there in such a state for 5 minutes. It’s like she’s trying to process reality. However, Wu Yan knows this is just her sulking.

Wu Yan waved for the waiter to go away all while holding his amus.e.m.e.nt back.

“It’s okay, you didn’t do it on purpose. Go away for now…”


The waiter quickly scurried away.


Wu Yan beamed at her. She didn’t respond to him. She continued crossing her arm like an emotionless doll. This is just her way of showing her embarra.s.sment.

Since Natsuki isn’t replying, Wu Yan pursed his lips. He had an idea and he cheekily called her again.


“You wanna die?”

A frosty voice instantly came from Natsuki. He shook his head.

“Don’t get angry, you didn’t respond so I…”


Natsuki turned her head the other way. It just looked like she’s sulking in front of an adult, super cute.

“You okay?”

Wu Yan teased her.

“Man, the legendary demon killer, the Witch of the Void, Minamiya Natsuki can’t even dodge spilled tea?…”

Natsuki gave Wu Yan a cold look and he zipped his mouth. He gestured a zip motion near his lips to signify his submission. Natsuki looked away and she frowned.

She touched her wet locks of hair while mumbling.

“That’s weird, I tried to stop the tea but my magic power suddenly disappeared…”

Wu Yan flinched, he looked around like he had an idea. He could see a few shady individuals hiding behind a pillar some distance away.

Wu Yan instantly knew what transpired.

“What are you looking at?…”


Wu Yan hurriedly looked back. Natsuki was leering at him with a stern look and he just couldn’t help but feel like laughing out loud.

Cough cough cough

Wu Yan coughed to get rid of his laughter bug.

“Don’t you feel hot? Black tea is brewed to a temperature of at least 80 degrees Celsius, you know?”

“Mind your own business.”

Natsuki’s curt response made Wu Yan unsure whether to get annoyed or amused by her.

Wu Yan took out a handkerchief and he started wiping her face.

Natsuki got petrified.

Feeling someone wiping her face, she looked at Wu Yan who had a warm and smiling expression. Her heart started racing…

“I-I can do it myself!”

Natsuki felt weird being touched by Wu Yan like this, she wanted to pull the handkerchief away from him but she’s no match for Wu Yan when competing in strength.

“Don’t move!”

He scolded her. Natsuki stopped as Wu Yan continued wiping her. Her hand stayed on Wu Yan’s hand all while he’s wiping her face.

As for Natsuki, her mind already went blank…

“As expected of Nii-san…”

Kotori nodded, she praised Wu Yan’s speed.

“Seizing the opportunity when it arises, that’s the Ratatoskr’s G.o.d of Conquest for you!”


Kojou watched the scene unfold with cold sweat.

“N-no, that’s not Natsuki-chan, the real Natsuki-chan would have whacked the vampire-sensei with her fan the moment he went out of line…”


Yukina’s eyebrows twitched.

“He’s so skilled at doing that, how lewd…”


Kanon who worshipped him praised.

As for Nagisa, she watched the whole thing with puffing cheeks. When she reached full puffiness, she decided to look the other way, pretending that she didn’t see anything.

She patiently waited for Wu Yan to finish wiping her hair and face. Then, she looked at Wu Yan with a weird look.

“I didn’t think you had so much grace in you…”

Wu Yan rolled her eyes at her. He let her Tsundere side speak for her.

“Now that we are done with your face and hair, that leaves your clothes, the black tea will stain your clothes if we just wipe it like this or use magic to evaporate the water, right?”

Natsuki agreed and Wu Yan chuckled.

“Okay, my house is nearby so you can change clothes there…”

“Distance is not a problem for me, I can just teleport…”

“Do as I say!”

Wu Yan stopped her right in her tracks. Natsuki raised an eyebrow, a heavy pressure started lashing his body. Wu Yan just ignored her animosity.

For girls like Natsuki, to score familiarity points with her, you either need to wear her defense down or you have to be a.s.sertive!

Wu Yan isn’t known for his patience. That’s why he chose to go on the offensive, he’s immortal anyway so she can screw him six ways from Sunday and he would still be fine.

He got rid of his m.a.s.o.c.h.i.s.tic thoughts and he pulled Natsuki up from her chair.

“Let’s go, you don’t want to stay soaked like this, right? Or do you want to sit longer in that state?”

Wu Yan pulled her out of the cafe.

“Unhand me!”

Natsuki struggled.

“I can walk on my own!”

“Just listen to me!”

“Let go!”



The two tussled with each other as they exited the cafe.

“Let’s follow them!”

Kotori jumped out with her squad of four other members. They quickly trailed Wu Yan and Natsuki…

Itogami Island, Souther Residential region, inside an apartment…

Wu Yan came out of the bath only to see Natsuki sipping black tea on the sofa. He helplessly shook his head.

“You just got soaked by black tea, and now you’re drinking black tea again? There has to be a limit to how much you can dig black tea…”

Wu Yan retorted.

“Anyway, the hot water’s ready, go take a bath and get rid of that black tea scent on you. The clothes are also there, wear those while we clean your stained clothes…”

Natsuki sighed after giving Wu Yan a glance.

She didn’t think there would come a day where she takes a bath in a man’s home.

Technically, this is Kotori and Kanon’s home too. It would be unfair to call it a man’s home.

She gave herself that excuse as she stood up. She went inside the bathroom and ‘bam’ the door closed.


Wu Yan dryly laughed.

“She ignored me…”

She removed her black tea-smelling clothes and revealed her tender but strangely charming body.

Then, she picked up a piece of clothing near the clothing rack. Before she entered the bathtub, she casually looked at the piece of cloth she had and her eyes went wide.

She hoisted the cloth up just to make sure her eyes weren’t playing a trick on her. Then, veins started bulging near her temple as anger rose up within her.


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