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Read Show Me The Money Chapter 256 – Violet Blue Two Swords

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Chapter 256 – Violet Blue Two Swords

“Alright, I’m going.” Wu Junxiao’s consciousness tossed the Elemental Skill Book to Fatty. “I can only come out thrice and will completely vanish after. This is already the second time. Hurry up and fix the Elemental Mystery Realm.” Wu Junxiao’s mark of consciousness disappeared to the Elemental Mystery Realm, only his lingering voice echoed by Fatty’s ears.

While his party was nearly annihilated, the harvest wasn’t bad. When Fatty returned with a Recall Scroll, the rest were already out farming monsters.

“You’re back? What did you get?” The others instantly came back upon Fatty’s return, noisily urging him to show the loot.

“It’s fine as long as you’re back.” Liu Lan’s eyes glistened with tears, scaring Fatty out of his wits.

“It’s nothing. It’s just a game. Not like we’re dying for real,” Fatty hastily consoled Liu Lan.

Then, Fatty told them about what happened. The rest exclaimed repeatedly and told Fatty to take out the Crystal Maze of Terror for them to see.

“Can’t do it here. We need a place where there’s no one else.”

Everyone summoned their mounts and rode all the way out to a deserted plain over a hundred miles from Black Tortoise City.

This place was bare of liveliness. There weren’t many monsters here, so players wouldn’t choose this place to grind.

Fatty was about to release the Crystal Maze of Terror when his face abruptly changed. The group all turned to look towards a direction at once.

Whoosh whoosh… Several arrows struck them. The damage was negligible, but it successfully pulled them into fighting status.

Two teams of players, one to their left and one to their right, raced at Fatty’s group and surrounded them. However, all of these players had suffered injuries at different levels, as if they were in the middle of some mission.

“What a coincidence.” Cloud Dragon Sailing couldn’t suppress his excitement and spurred his mount to walk back and forth.

“There’s no door in h.e.l.l but they just have to barge in.” Invincible East smiled creepily.

“There must be something good that makes you two guild masters personally lead your people here.”

“Heh, you’re right, but this good thing has nothing to do with you.” Cloud Dragon Sailing laughed loudly.

“You guys were so mighty last time with so many people, ahh. This time, I want to see where you can run to,” Invincible East sneered.

“Why must you be like this? It was but a small conflict. If it really bothers you so badly, I can transfer the store’s owners.h.i.+p to you.” Fatty shrugged as if helpless.

“My a.s.s! Stores are on sale everywhere now. What’s the use of transferring now?!” DoWhateverIWish cursed.

“Our talk has failed, then?” Fatty swept a glance at Invincible East and Cloud Dragon Sailing.

“We shall talk with this!” Invincible East turned the sword in his hand and jumped off his mount.

“We just got Violet weapons that can rival Celestial ones. Lemme try it on you.” Cloud Dragon Sailing also leaped off his mount. The two guild masters didn’t give the order to gang up, instead, each strode towards Fatty’s group with a sword in their hand.

The sword Invincible East was holding was violet in color while Cloud Dragon Sail’s was blue, both covered in strange magic runes. At this moment, the swords trembled and emitted a metallic resonance. Sword lights shot out and slashed out several deep marks on the ground.

“Great swords!” Xiao Jian’s face abruptly changed.

“Sword name Violet Cloud.” Invincible East stood, hugging his sword.

“Sword name Blue Streak.” Cloud Dragon Sail slightly flicked his fingers on his sword; a soft sword hum echoed.

“While these two swords aren’t Celestial-tier, they are copies of one and hold seventy percent of the model Celestial weapon’s power. Over one thousand of our brothers died farming it. We’ll have to ask for your opinions on them.”

“Arrogant!” Fatty snorted coldly and summoned Inky. Then, he and Han Shen vanished at the same time.

Cheng Xiong flew up in the air and cast down light upon light to buff his party.

Liu Lan took one step forward to face those people, her s.h.i.+eld heavily dug into the ground

Xiao Jian unsheathed his sword and stood by Liu Lan’s side, ready for combat.

“You’re ready?” Invincible East stood still and waited for them to get ready with a smile.

Invincible East cast a glance at Cheng Xiong, his memory for the man was still very fresh. Last time when they had a one-on-one, Cheng Xiong had relied on Float to overpower him.

Whoosh. The violet longsword swung up. From it, sword light roughly ten meters long sliced the air and flew at Cheng Xiong.

The attack’s momentum startled Cheng Xiong. He frantically summoned a magic s.h.i.+eld and cast all kinds of buffs on himself.

Crack… The magic s.h.i.+eld was as weak as a paper sheet as it shattered at one touch. Without obstruction, the sword light slammed into Cheng Xiong.

Puff! Blood splattered as a huge wound appeared on Cheng Xiong’s stomach. If it weren’t for Cheng Xiong fully buffing himself earlier, the attack could have insta-killed him.

His face gloomy, Cheng Xiong quickly used Heal on himself and floated even higher up. The sword’s power was above his imagination.

Not only Fatty’s group was frightened by the attack, but even Invincible East also didn’t expect it to be so powerful. When he carefully read the sword’s details again, the smile on his face couldn’t be suppressed.

“Haha, just now was only a normal attack. Come, let’s try its additional skill this time.”

Invincible East strode forth. Violet lights circulated along the blade of the sword.

“That level of Violet item indeed can rival a Celestial one,” Fatty muttered.

Without having to check the stats, one could tell its quality from its attack power alone. One casual movement from these two swords and an overwhelming energy wave would emanate. They obviously weren’t ordinary.

Boom! Cloud Dragon Sailing hacked his sword at Liu Lan’s s.h.i.+eld. Creaks resounded as countless cracks emerged on the s.h.i.+eld. Shortly after, the s.h.i.+eld burst into countless shards. It was actually directly smashed in one strike.

This kind of ‘smashed’ meant completely destroyed, unable to be fixed.

One sword strike and a Gold s.h.i.+eld was destroyed. Cloud Dragon Sailing completely ignored Liu Lan and slashed his sword at Xiao Jian.

The longsword in Xiao Jian’s hand was but a normal Violet weapon, so it was impossible for it to directly clash with the opponent’s sword that could rival a Celestial weapon. Xiao Jian swiftly turned his body and thrust out his sword. Avoiding using the tip of his sword, Xiao Jian met the opponent’s sword blade with his sword blade and gently nudged the Blue Streak away.

“No matter how good a sword is, it still depends on the user.” Xiao Jian chuckled and quickly moved his feet, pummeling Cloud Dragon Sail with a barrage of attacks.

“Don’t meddle, guys. See how I destroy him!” shouted Xiao Jian.

“Brother East, don’t get involved either.” Cloud Dragon Sailing was unwilling to show weakness.

Both players were Warriors using the same type of weapon. No one wanted to admit he was the weaker one and simply wouldn’t let a third person interfere.

Cloud Dragon Sailing was coming strong, but Xiao Jian refused to take his attacks head-on. He only used his sword blade to easily deflect the Blue Streak Sword, putting Cloud Dragon Sailing in a flurry every time.

Invincible East sighed. He didn’t do anything and just stood still hugging his sword, but secretly had his guard up against Fatty and Han Shen. He knew clearly how strong these two were. A single moment of carelessness could provide them with a chance to kill both him and Cloud Dragon Sailing.

Even if their underlings could annihilate the entire enemy party to avenge their death, their lost faces couldn’t be regained.

A good weapon could improve one’s overall strength, but that was it. To bring into play a weapon’s full potential, the ability of the user must be taken into account. Just look at Cloud Dragon Sail, even with such a powerful sword, he was still repeatedly knocked back by Xiao Jian.

“Money Grubber, LittleLi’s FlyingDagger, you guys are the top experts in the rogue rankings, yet you don’t have the guts to come out and have a fight with me?” Invincible East opened his mouth to provoke them after waiting for a long time without any movement from the rogues.

To be a rogue, patience was the basic quality. The rogues didn’t show up, but Invincible East didn’t think just some words from him could force them out anyway. He quickly charged at Liu Lan.

Unlike Xiao Jian, Liu Lan just didn’t possess that kind of ability. After one round, Invincible East had knocked away her spear and thrust the Violet Cloud Sword at her throat.

Clank! Amidst the crisis, a cold metal gleam swept at Invincible East’s neck.

Invincible East retracted his sword to block. With a ding, a bolt dropped on the ground. Fully aware of the power of Fatty’s G.o.d Slayer Crossbow that was capable of insta-killing a knight back in the tournament, Invincible East didn’t dare to let the bolt hit him.

Fatty’s figure flashed. Right after, another bolt came screaming. Invincible East quickly turned his body. The bolt barely grazed past his face.

Invincible East staggered as a number rose up from his head. Two more successive attacks quickly ensured and instantly wiped out a third of his health.

Invincible East hastily jumped to the side and looked around, but was unable to discover any sign of Han Shen.

“It’s Shadow Kill! Guild Master, watch out for your own shadow!” a player of the Sun Moon Cult shouted.

Invincible East violently stabbed down his sword. A black figure jumped out from his shadow, spinning several times in the air before landing.

“Guild Master East, so that’s all you’re capable of.” Han Shen slightly waved his dagger with a faint smile.

Invincible East’s face turned purple with rage. He let out a loud shout and hacked the Violet Cloud Sword towards the distant Han Shen.

“Sword Radiance Soars to the Skies!”

Fwis.h.!.+ A half-meter-wide and several dozen-meter long sword light swept out from the Violet Cloud Sword towards Han Shen. Judging from its speed, it was impossible to dodge unless one had teleportation-type magic.

Invincible East’s lips curled up into a cold smile, scoffing at the fact that the enemy actually thought he was a weakling like that trash Cloud Dragon Sailing.

“Underworld Umbra.” Han Shen vanished, leaving only an eerie, hazy figure in his spot.

Whoos.h.!.+ The sword light sliced through the figure and kept going for a hundred meters before it gradually dispersed.

Being sliced through by the sword light, the hazy figure took a long time to recover. Han Shen reappeared, his face deathly pale, and his health less than a tenth left.

“Good sword,” Han Shen praised from the bottom of his heart.

“Your skill is not bad either.” Invincible East was surprised that the opponent could survive his attack.

Shhhh… The sound of a sharp blade cutting through flesh rang out. Cloud Dragon Sailing was like a mad tiger with over ten wounds on his body.

“Brother Cloud Dragon, quickly finish it, don’t tangle with him!” shouted Invincible East when he saw the situation. If this continued, the only ending for Cloud Dragon Sailing would be ground to death by Xiao Jian.

“Blue Streaks Sever the Land!” Cloud Dragon Sailing gritted his teeth. The Blue Streak Sword stabbed into the soil and the ground instantly ruptured with rumbling sounds as countless cyan sword radiances broke out from underground.

“A Sky of Violet Cloud!” At the same time, Invincible East drew his sword across the southern horizon. of violet clouds instantly appeared in the sky. From these clouds, huge violet swords rained down on everyone.


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