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The Unpredictable Future

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

“Ling Tian, although this is not really good news, but I’m sure you won’t mind me telling you.” Yun Meng Xin looked up towards Ling Chen’s face, “Just then, big brother told me that Long Tian Yun has already ordered that anyone who joins “Heart’s Dream” will be repeatedly chased down and killed.”

“Ah?!” The girls all simultaneously cried out in shock. However, their shock immediately turned into anger, “This low-life Long Tian Yun is simply too evil. He’s relying on such under-handed tactics!”

Once this information had been spread, even with Ling Tian’s fame, the number of people who were brave enough to join Heart’s Dream could be counted on a single hand. After all, the Yan Huang Alliance, at its peak, had tens of millions of players. Heart’s Dream had just been established, and had not even ‘grown its wings’ yet, much less become a powerhouse. Who would dare to risk being chased down by the Yan Huang Alliance just to join a guild like this?

“Hahahaha!” Ling Chen started laughing loudly, “This isn’t strange at all. I would feel strange if Long Tian Yun didn’t give this order. However, this won’t have much of an effect on us.”

“But, because of this, no one will be willing to join our Heart’s Dream. This means we won’t be able to develop.” Xiao Qi anxiously said.

“Why do we need other people to join?” Ling Chen asked.

“Ah?” All of the girls were shocked by this question, and stood there in silence. Didn’t guilds need more people in order to become stronger? Moreover, wasn’t the whole point of having the first Guild Creation Token to attract players to join?

“We are enough for Heart’s Dream. Our goal is to help Meng Xin. If strangers joined, would their goal be the same as ours? Additionally, if too many people join, Heart’s Dream may not even totally belong to us anymore…” Ling Chen looked at them earnestly, “Also, none of us have any experience in creating and managing a large-scale guild. If Heart’s Dream was suddenly inundated with a large wave of players, would any of you know how to manage all of them? What if some of them were spies sent in from other guilds?”

All of the girls fell silent.

“In all honesty, the six of us are enough.” Ling Chen said as he smiled. From the beginning, it was never his intention to develop Heart’s Dream into a large guild. This was completely unnecessary. To him, it wouldn’t be very difficult to fulfil Yun Meng Xin’s dream, so there was no point making things so complicated.

“But, in that case…” Xiao Qi was still worried, but after some thought, she smiled, “Never mind! I believe that big brother Ling Tian knows what he’s talking about. Although it’s only six of us, but it’s also nice and cosy like this!”

“En!” Su’Er nodded, “To be honest, I like it like this. I believe… everything that big brother Ling Tian said.”

Of course, Mu Bing Yao and Shui Ruo did not have any objections. They all looked towards Yun Meng Xin. After all, the whole point for the existence of Heart’s Dream was for her. Seeing the looks in their eyes, Yun Meng Xin laughed, “Today is the first day our Heart’s Dream was officially established. We should go out and have a big meal! Let’s go.”

“Yay! Let’s go, let’s go! I want to eat all the yummy things I’ve been waiting to eat. We’re in a game anyways, so we won’t get fat… Su Su? Su Su? Are you alright? You looked so lost in thought.”

“Ah? No-nothing…”

“Were you still thinking about that incident? Don’t worry, don’t worry, my dad already ordered security to be doubled, so everything will be fine. Let’s go, let’s go… Big brother Ling Tian, we’re all girls, so as the only man you have to treat us!”

Ling Chen: “……”

Today was the first day that Heart’s Dream had been officially established. The six people put down all of the worries, and had an incredibly relaxed and happy afternoon together.

No one knew what would come in future. Right now, they just purely wanted to use “Heart’s Dream” to fulfil Meng Xin’s wish so that she could have true freedom. None of them knew what this beginning signified; none of them knew what sort of cruel joke fate would play on them; none of them knew how tumultuous Heart’s Dream’s future would be; none of them knew how much joy and sorrow Heart’s Dream would bring; none of them knew that this man that all of these girls were relying on would one day create such a miracle…

This was a beginning that none of them would ever forget.

Although Heart’s Dream was a tiny guild, it was still not easy to fully establish it. For example, territory was a very important matter. They only had six people… seven, when Tian Tian joined. With such low numbers, it would be impossible to obtain and hold a large territory. As such, their small building was enough for now. It was just that the small building’s defence was very, very poor. After the one month protection period elapsed, it would not be able to protect the guild members from attacks. As such, the all-important Guild Sign had to be kept somewhere safe. Ling Chen left all of this for Yun Meng Xin to organise as she wished.

The Heart’s Dream guild members enjoyed their time together until night-time. When Ling Chen and Shui Ruo logged off, it was already 7pm. They did not feel hungry at all within the game, but as soon as they woke up in the real world, the hunger hit them immediately. Ling Chen got up from the sofa, and walked into the bedroom. Shui Ruo got up from the bed, while Tian Tian remained lying on the bed, still in the game.

“Shh…” Shui Ruo motioned for Ling Chen to be quiet, “Big brother, let’s go make dinner, then wake her up when it’s ready. She looks so happy right now, so I don’t want to pull her away just yet. Also, when we logged off, Tian Tian told me she’s nearly LV2.”

“Oh, that’s not too slow,” Ling Chen said, “At this rate, she should be able to leave Novice Village in about ten or so days.”

Presently, the Novice Village was not as crowded as it had first been when the game had opened. As such, levelling up did not take as long due to there being more resources for everyone.

“Yeah, so soon our Heart’s Dream will have a new little member. By the way, big brother, how are you going to develop Heart’s Dream?” Shui Ruo curiously asked.

Ling Chen shook his head, “To be honest, Heart’s Dream doesn’t need developing or expanding. What we have is already enough.”

Shui Ruo blinked, waiting for Ling Chen to explain.

“The bet between Meng Xin and her dad was that she would gather wealth and reputation to match that of the entire Yun family’s within two years. Heart’s Dream’s fame has now already surpa.s.sed the Yun family’s. Of course, reputation doesn’t just take into account being known, but also status and acknowledgement from the community. Now that Heart’s Dream has its official establishment as its foundation, its reputation will definitely skyrocket over time. As for fortune… this is even less of a problem.” Ling Chen casually said. To him, money was something that could be easily gained now.

Shui Ruo smiled as she nodded, “Mhmm! I believe you, big brother. Then, big brother, let’s go make dinner. When Tian Tian logs off later, she’ll definitely say she’s starving.”

“Alrighty.” Ling Chen held Shui Ruo’s small hands. Her hands were so small and soft that he couldn’t resist picking her up and hugging her.

“Ah, big brother…” Taken off guard, Shui Ruo put her arms around Ling Chen’s neck.

Ling Chen carried Shui Ruo out of the bedroom, and put her on the sofa. He gently pressed himself against her, with an evil smile on his face, “Before making dinner, I want to first taste my Ruo Ruo.”

After Shui Ruo’s body had recovered, Ling Chen didn’t need to hold himself back anymore. However, with Tian Tian around, he was unable to make a move most of the time. Now that Tian Tian was in the game, he couldn’t resist, and began to pry off Shui Ruo’s clothes.

“But… but Tian Tian’s in the other room, if she suddenly…” Shui Ruo didn’t resist, her voice becoming more and more fl.u.s.tered.

“It’s okay, she likes playing so much, so if we don’t call her… she won’t come out for a while.” Ling Chen flung Shui Ruo’s clothes aside, then took her bra off. Immediately two round ‘snow rabbits’ jumped out.

A sweet fragrance filled the air as Ling Chen’s hands travelled downwards to Shui Ruo’s skirt. He pulled them down, revealing a pair of beautiful, white legs. Ling Chen’s hands grasped Shui Ruo’s b.r.e.a.s.t.s and started to feel them gently. Shui Ruo gasped, and embarra.s.sedly closed her eyes. After a short while, her body started writhing in ecstasy from Ling Chen’s hands.

Ling Chen’s breathing became heavier and heavier. He kissed Shui Ruo’s tender lips, and their tongues intertwined. He began to alternate between feeling Shui Ruo’s b.r.e.a.s.t.s and taking both of their clothes off.

Shui Ruo’s moans became louder and louder, as her face became redder and redder. Ling Chen held her hips as he gently eased himself into her, becoming one with Shui Ruo. At this moment, Shui Ruo let out a cry of pure pleasure…

After a while, it had become completely dark outside. Inside the living room, the sounds from Ling Chen and Shui Ruo had not ceased. They were both panting and moaning heavily. Shui Ruo gazed at Ling Chen with deep longing in her eyes as she wrapped her legs around his waist.

Shui Ruo’s body shook as Ling Chen thrust into her again and again. Her red lips parted, letting out gentle moans, making her sound like a little kitten. Her entire body felt as if it was aflame, and her skin all over her body had a healthy red glow to it.
[Note from the author: What do you think will happen next? Congratulations, you’ve guessed correctly!]


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