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This lightnovel is presently ongoing.

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It’s Great Being A Man

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

“Here are the Spatial Orbs you wanted; they’re all completed.” Elder Dita took out the Spatial Orbs and gave them to Ling Chen.

“So fast?” Ling Chen was quite shocked. He counted them and found that there were exactly 500 of them, just as he had requested. Less than half a day had pa.s.sed since he had pa.s.sed the Spatial Stones to Elter Dita, while last time it had taken Dita more than 1 day.

“But of course.” Elder Dita looked quite pleased with himself as he spoke with a red and ruddy face, “After coming here, my entire clan’s potential has been unlocked. My soul has truly been awakened.”

Dita’s words were filled with overwhelming grat.i.tude towards Ling Chen. Anyone could see that the Dwarves now saw Ling Chen as a G.o.d and felt wholeheartedly grateful towards him. With a single sentence from Ling Chen, they would dive into flames without even frowning.

“Also, we only used less than half of the Spatial Stones.” Elder Dita took out the remainder. “What do you want to do with the rest?”

Li Xiao Xue cut in and said, “I heard Meng Xin say that these Spatial Stones can create permanent teleportation channels. In that case, can we link the new city with Azure Dragon City?”

“Of course we can!” Elder Dita immediately patted his chest as he replied, “With such a large piece of Spatial Stone, let alone connecting to Azure Dragon City in the East, we can even connect the most extreme points of the entire continent. However… the only problem is that Azure Dragon City is one of the continent’s main cities. If we want to set up a teleportation channel there, we need the approval of the mayor.”

“I’ll take care of that,” Ling Chen said confidently – he was quite familiar with Azure Dragon City’s Mayor. Back then, he had helped him with some important matters, so it was unlikely that the mayor would refuse.

“If that’s the case, the biggest problem will be easily solved.” Li Xiao Xue looked at Ling Chen as she smiled. “When the new city is opened, players will be able to directly travel from the Azure Dragon City to the new city without us having to provide teleport scrolls. If we knew about this, we wouldn’t have had to rush to make teleport scrolls and waste so much money… Ling Tian, it’s great that you’re back.”

“After coming back are you going to leave immediately? Have you found the things you’ve wanted to find?” Yun Meng Xin suddenly asked… what she asked was what everyone was wondering. Everyone turned to look at Ling Chen, waiting for his reply.

“Not yet.” Ling Chen shook his head then looked at Su’Er as he smiled. “But I’ve found most of them, and all of this was because of Su Su. However, Xiao Xue is right – this new city was created because of me, so I have some responsibility towards it. As such, before the new city is completely settled, I’ll be staying here. Of course, even if I wanted to leave, I wouldn’t know where to go without Su’Er’s guidance”

“That’s great!” Xiao Qi exclaimed. “I was worried that you would leave immediately. That’s right, big brother Ling Tian, can you tell us what you’re looking for now? I also heard that Su Su joined the Heaven’s Secrets Sect, which can tell one’s fate and see the future – is that true?”

Ling Chen shook his head and then nodded. “I can’t tell you what I’m looking for yet. However, with Su Su’s help, I’m sure that I’ll soon be able to find everything that I’m looking for. When that time comes, you’ll know. I was able to succeed time and time again because of Su Su’s guidance. She’s never been wrong before – it’s very mystical.”

“That’s right, the Heaven’s Secrets Sect’s power is very mystical.” Greenwood meaningfully nodded. “In our Fairy Clan, there are records of the Heaven’s Secrets Sect. Although they can’t go against the heavens and change one’s fate, they can see the heaven’s will as well as the heaven’s secrets. That was why, back then, there were always countless people looking for the Heaven’s Secrets Sect. They wanted them to reveal the heaven’s secrets.”

“They’re so powerful? Is that really true?” Winter of That Year’s eyes widened as he continued to madly eat.

“So awesome!!” Xiao Qi grabbed Su’Er’s arm and shook it as she said, ‘Su Su, can you take a look at my future then?”

“This…” Su’Er lowered her head as she said in embarra.s.sment, “I’ve only just attained some accomplishments, and my power isn’t sufficient; I can only use my power once in a long time, so I can’t right now…”

“Ah… oh, so it’s like that. That’s okay, we have lots of time in the future,” Xiao Qi said as she giggled. She was most likely joking with Su’Er. She believed that Su’Er’s ability allowed her to find things in the game, but predicting the future of things outside of the game… how could that be possible?

“Speaking of the new city, Ling Tian, can you guess just how big the waves of this battle were?” Li Xiao Xue asked. “I thought that this event would be incredibly shocking to the rest of the world – after all, Qi Qi’s fire incinerated 2 million troops, the Skyfall Dynasty and Battle Alliance defended against the Yan Huang Alliance and many other alliances, and Ling Tian returned and obliterated the remaining attacking forces. Every one of those things were incredibly shocking; however, the results far surpa.s.sed anything I expected.”

“That’s right, that’s right!” Xiao Qi also became quite excited. “Now, almost the entire world is talking about our new city. An army of more than 10 million players is the largest force we’ve ever seen in virtual gaming history, and yet we successfully defended against them… now that I think about it, it’s simply unbelievable!!”

“Many people captured Qi Qi’s attack before they died, and it’s being called the most heaven-defying magic in the history of virtual games. Qi Qi’s also being called the most powerful mage in history by countless players and was given the t.i.tle ‘Flame Empress’. The Skyfall Dynasty, Battle Alliance, Disillusion Alliance, and my Snow Moon Loulan’s fame and reputation have skyrocketed overnight. And there’s also you, Ling Tian.”

Li Xiao Xue looked at Ling Chen in frustration. “Of course you would be viewed as the sun in the sky and be praised as a G.o.d. I’m sure there’s no one who doesn’t view you to be on par with Eve. You’re now the second Boss-level player. Now everyone in the world has their eye on the new city, and almost every player is looking forward to its opening because they want to personally witness the player city that they all thought would be destroyed.

“On the other hand, the Yan Huang Alliance, Golden Age Alliance, and all of the other guilds that partic.i.p.ated in the attack have been completely humiliated and are being mocked by everyone else. They lost immeasurable strength and gold, and they also lost their reputation. It’ll take them at least a few years to recover. Adding on that ridiculous display at the end, they completely lost all face. It’s impossible for them to attack the new city again within a short period of time, nor will they have time to take revenge against us. During this period of time, perhaps Alliance Master Xiao and the 3 Heavenly Kings will be able to make sufficient preparations. It’s a pity that no one recorded that final spectacular scene. Otherwise, the situation would be even more amazing.”

“Flame Empress…” Xiao Qi unhappily pouted, “Isn’t that almost the same as that Flame Emperor? I don’t want that t.i.tle!”

“There’s nothing we can do about that. Male sovereigns are called ’emperors’ while female sovereigns are called ’empresses’. That’s the highest praise they can give you,” Yun Meng Xin gently said as she smiled. “However, in the eyes of every player in the world, you’ve far surpa.s.sed the ‘Flame Emperor’. Although your t.i.tles are similar, your position in their hearts is much higher.”

At that moment, a green light flashed as one of the Fairy Clan’s elders appeared. He spoke in a serious tone, “A group of people from the Vermillion Bird City came from the south gate. The one at the head says he’s the Vermillion Bird’s Mayor and that he wishes to meet the Vermillion Bird’s Representative…”

“Vermillion Bird’s Representative?” Everyone looked over to Xiao Qi. This was because Xiao Qi was now inextricably linked to the Vermillion Bird – even her life was given to her in exchange for the Vermillion Bird’s life. Even her profession’s name was [Vermillion Bird’s Representative].

“They’re probably… looking for me, right?” Xiao Qi stood up as she asked in hesitation.

Ling Chen immediately thought back to how before the White Tiger had died, it had told the truth of its death to the White Tiger’s Mayor, who used various methods to reduce the impact of the White Tiger’s death on White Tiger City. As the guardian beast of the Vermillion Bird City, the Vermillion Bird wouldn’t simply die without any regard to Vermillion Bird City – perhaps part of its duty, as its power and life, was pa.s.sed on to Xiao Qi.

“Qi Qi, let’s go and have a look.” Ling Chen walked over and took Xiao Qi’s hand and summoned Snow Cherry before they flew towards the south gate. There were some inexplicable secrets regarding this matter, so he only took Xiao Qi and no one else.

Snow Cherry’s white wings spread out as she flew in the air. This was the second time Xiao Qi had been so close to Ling Chen as they sat on a mount. However, although their frame of mind was completely different, what was the same was that their hearts still beat uncontrollably. Xiao Qi leaned back against Ling Chen’s chest as she lowered her head and spoke in a small voice, “Big brother Ling Tian…”

Xiao Qi’s incredibly soft and gentle voice almost melted Ling Chen’s heart. He softly replied, “Mm?”

“Big sister Dia Wu really is your wife, right?” Xiao Qi asked in a small and hesitant voice.

“Mm, and she always will be,” Ling Chen replied as he smiled.

“You’ll love her forever, right?” Xiao Qi’s eyes slowly dimmed.

“Forever and ever,” Ling Chen resolutely replied.

“In that case…” Xiao Qi slightly raised her head, her eyes hazy as she asked, “Then… does our promise still count?”

The instant Xiao Qi asked that, Ling Chen’s communication device received a text from Su’Er.

“Big brother Ling Tian… does our promise… still count?”

The 2 sisters asked him the exact same question at the exact same time, but they used different methods.

Ling Chen’s heart pounded. Back then, when he detected it, he had tried to avoid their feelings towards him because he was afraid of hurting Shui Ruo and them… how could he not like them. However, now he felt more and more that if he let them down, it would be the greatest sin in this world.

He replied in a soft but resolute tone, “Our promise will forever count!”

The same words were conveyed to both girls through different means. He could feel Xiao Qi’s heart begin to beat faster and faster as she leaned closer to him, a red glow of happiness across her face.

Within his heart, Ling Chen could almost see Su’Er’s loveable and embarra.s.sed manner. Suddenly, he wished he could see how cute and adorable she was.

 It was great being a man… especially a main character.


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