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Time Barrier

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

After the Mountain Giant was sealed by the barrier, Ling Tian City lost its solid defensive line. The Forgotten City’s soldiers, who were previously scared witless, quickly reorganised and once again furiously rushed towards the city gates.

At that moment, the Fairy Clan’s 10 elders as well as all of the Celestial grade Fairies descended from the city walls, forming another defensive line. However, this defensive line couldn’t compare to the Mountain Giant. The instant they appeared, the 17 Heaven’s End grade Supreme Commanders and 60 or so Celestial grade Commanders rushed out, completely suppressing the 10 elders. The Fairies’ power was not suited for fighting, and there were more enemies of every grade. Just as the battle in front of the city gates began, the Fairy Clan’s experts were forced back repeatedly and were completely suppressed. They were unable to retaliate at all, let alone defend.

The Forgotten City’s soldiers had essentially reached the city gates without any obstruction and started to attack the city gates…

Ling Tian City’s gates were forged by the Dwarf Clan from Chilling Star Iron, and they were supported by the Fairies’ buffs. It would be impossible for players to destroy these city gates. Even for the Forgotten City’s soldiers, destroying the city gates within a short period of time was not possible. However, as countless weapon and magic attacks bombarded the city gates, which had been in perfect condition before, cracks started to run along them. However, as the Forgotten City’s soldiers attacked the city gates, they bore the dense attacks of 900 Fairies, causing ma.s.sive amounts of casualties every second. 

“What a waste of time; all of you move out of the way!!”

A low voice came from the sky as the elder in black addressed as ‘Wind G.o.d’ appeared above the city gates. As he spoke, a berserk look appeared in his eyes as he waved his Magic Staff, causing a berserk gale to sweep towards the Fairies on the city gates.


The gale from the Mysterious G.o.d grade Mage G.o.d was simply too monstrous, and all of the 900 Fairies, who were not weak at all, were sent flying far away. The closest they fell was 300 metres away, destroying the Fairies’ arrow formation. The elder in black’s gaze then turned towards where Yun Meng Xin and the others were standing on the city walls.

“Ignorant players who dared to resist our Royal City, go and die!”

The elder in black coldly laughed as a green light flashed around his body as a tornado swept towards the city walls… the attack from a Mage G.o.d was able to instantly kill everyone gathered there.

In the distance, Greenwood, who was fighting with the white figure, felt his eyes about to burst and he roared, “Hold it!!!”

However, to avoid damaging the city, Greenwood and the white figure had moved quite far away, and he was unable to return to protect them. He could only watch as the terrifying tornado roared towards the city gates. The white figure also stopped attacking and slightly frowned.

The instant the tornado was about to hit, everyone on the city walls could smell the scent of death… it was a completely overwhelming power, and although they were experts among players, they didn’t have the power to resist or defend at all against a Mysterious G.o.d grade expert’s attack.

In the distance, the woman in red’s gaze became serious as she suddenly raised her right arm. The blue ring on her ring finger flashed with a light blue light, and a strange gaze appeared in her eyes as she lightly drew back her hand.

A snow-white figure of a woman appeared in front of the players with her arms outstretched, hurriedly creating a defensive barrier. The tornado smashed onto the barrier, and the jade-green barrier only lasted for 2 seconds before shattering. The tornado, which had been weakened by half, smashed into the woman’s chest, causing her to cry out. Her face turned pale, but she did not retreat, and she looked like a weak willow defending the front of the city walls, coldly glaring at Black Demon.

“Ying Xue…” Yun Meng Xin and the others, who had thought that they were definitely dead, let out a breath of relief and then looked at the Fairy Princess in front of them worriedly. The situation was incredibly extremely dire.

No one would be able to bear to attack the ice-cold Fairy Princess who was as beautiful as a G.o.ddess when facing her, and Black Demon was no exception. He turned his gaze towards the Fairy experts below and coldly smiled. “You think too highly of yourselves.” After muttering, he flipped his palm, causing tens of sharp wind blades, that were sharper than even real knives, to descend toward a Fairy who was desperately fighting, slicing into his body.

It was a middle-aged Fairy who was at the Celestial grade. He had been surrounded and attacked by 3 of the Forgotten City’s Celestial grade Commanders, and he had long since been heavily wounded. He couldn’t defend against the Mysterious G.o.d grade Mage G.o.d’s attacks at all, and the instant the tens of wind blades stabbed into him, his body stiffened as he silently fell.


“Uncle Greencloud!!”


Tens of sobbing voices cried out. The Fairies who saw this felt as if ten thousand arrows had pierced into their hearts, causing them to scream in anguish. They rushed past the enemies in front of them, desperately rushing towards the fallen Fairy hoping that he had only fallen and had not died. The elder in black coldly laughed and raised his hands as a gigantic vortex of wind slowly gathered above his head.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d!!” Greenwood’s body trembled, his entire body feeling cold as flames of fury burned within his eyes. When he saw that the elder in black was about to attack again, he roared and took out the Fairy Clan’s strongest bow. Extremely furious, he unleashed an Endless Jade Arrow towards the elder in black.

The instant the Endless Jade arrow was shot out, it tore through the air like it was a thin piece of paper. The sound it gave off was so powerful that even the powerful man in white’s heart felt as if it had been twisted.

Black Demon, who was just about to unleash his attack, suddenly felt a heart-piercing sense of danger from behind him. Without even thinking about it, he used the power of the wind to quickly move, instantly appearing 10 metres above where he had been. The jade-green light immediately pierced through where he had been an instant ago, causing ripples of shock to appear within his heart. Just as Black Demon sighed in relief, his pupils contracted… because the jade-green arrow had suddenly changed direction and was shooting towards his chest.

This time, Black Demon was caught completely unprepared and was not able to dodge the arrow. When he was. .h.i.t by the arrow, a ball of green light exploded as Black Demon cried out in pain. The berserk Nature energy from the arrow sent his body flying backwards, and even the Forgotten City’s experts below were caught within the shockwave. They were sent flying 100 metres away, and 30 or so Gold Corps warriors were instantly killed.

Greenwood tightly gripped the bow and was just about to rush towards Black Demon when the white figure blocked his path.

Greenwood coldly laughed, a mocking look on his face, “In order to destroy an innocent player’s city, the Forgotten City moved out 2 Mysterious G.o.d grade experts, what extravagance! I doubt that you spent that much effort 10,000 years ago in the battle with the Demon Beast Clan. What I never thought was that a Mysterious G.o.d grade peak-level expert would rush into the battlefield and shamelessly kill those weaker than him!!”

The white figure’s eyelids flickered as he calmly replied, “I already warned you that the ‘other person’ would not be as principled as me. What he does has nothing to do with me; my duty is to tie you down. If you want to save them, you’ll have to defeat me first.” 

Greenwood did not say anymore, and he released all of his Fairy power as he madly attacked the white figure…


The Wind G.o.d Black Demon, who had been injured by the Endless Jade arrow, was completely infuriated and roared, spinning in the air as he gathered a dark-green energy vortex, and after condensing it for 10 or so seconds, he narrowed his eyes as he shouted out, “All of you can go die!!”

The dark wind was like a demon’s sickle, spiralling towards Ling Tian City’s city gates.

Countless tearing sounds reverberated through the air, and the heavily-damaged city gates were finally destroyed, the Forgotten City’s soldiers flooding into the city. The thick city walls had also been destroyed on both sides by the wind, allowing even more of the Forgotten City’s soldiers to rush in. They started to destroy everything inside… the 8 Celestial grade Fairies who had been caught in it lasted only for a few seconds before their HP was cleared and fell to the ground.

Greenwood’s furious roars sounded out from far away, but because of the white figure, he was unable to return. The 10 elders’ eyes were completely red, and tears could be seen within them as they watched the Fairies fall. They almost burst into tears… the Fairy Clan had been hidden away for thousands of years, and they had only died from old age. None of them had died from accidents or battles before. Because the Fairy Clan was in decline and only had 2,000 Fairies, they were incredibly familiar with each other and were like a ma.s.sive family in which everyone knew each other. 

This was the first time seeing their family dying in battle, and they roared with fury. Tears streamed out of their eyes, and their hearts dripped with blood…

With the city gates destroyed and the Forgotten City’s soldiers swarming into the city, even if the Mountain Giant could regain its freedom, there was no chance of turning the tables. Yun Meng Xin could no longer hear anything, and her vision became hazy. When she saw the sight of Ling Tian City being destroyed, her body swayed, and she fell backwards from the ma.s.sive psychological impact.

“Big sister Meng Xin!” Xiao Qi and Su’Er hurriedly ran up to support Yun Meng Xin’s body. When they saw that there were more and more of the Forgotten City’s soldiers entering the city, tears started to fall from their faces.

Far away, in the sky.

“Since the saviour hasn’t arrived, looks like I have to act,” the woman in red said as she looked towards the West, the smile gone from her face.

“You don’t seem to look very happy,” The young woman with golden hair replied.

“Indeed, although part of me wants to see him go crazy, it won’t make me happy,” the woman in red said as she raised her right hand, the ring on her middle finger starting to gather a dense yellow light.

“Go crazy? Why?” The young woman with golden hair asked before adding, “There were so many people attacking last time and millions of defending players died, but he didn’t go crazy.”

“Ah, Yola, this time’s different from the last.” The woman in red shook her head as she pointed down at the chaotic scene below. “It’s completely different. Players can revive an infinite number of times. Even if they die 10,000 times, they won’t truly die. However, many Fairies died this time… after living creatures that belong to this world die, they’re not as lucky as us players, and they will die permanently, never to wake up again. Knowing how fiercely protective he is, what do you think his response will be after seeing this?”

Yola opened her mouth and lightly trembled as she replied, “I suddenly… somewhat pity the Forgotten City. However, how are you going to help them? Kill them all?”

The woman in red rolled her eyes. “Do you think I’m a G.o.d? I’m not even able to deal with that large crowd of Heaven’s End grade soldiers, let alone those 2 Mysterious G.o.d grade ones. All I can do is stall until that man returns… as for whether he can save Ling Tian City after he returns, that’s up to him.”

After speaking, the yellow light from the ring covered her entire right hand. She then pointed towards the Ling Tian City as she said in a low voice, “Lachesis, make everything here fall silent… Time Barrier!”


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