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Read Silver Overlord Chapter 414 – Commotion

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Chapter 414: Commotion

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ever since the incident with Ye Tiancheng, this was the first time that Gan Provincial Governor Lei Sitong had come to Pingxi Prefecture for an inspection.

The Ye Clan’s case in Gan Province was huge as it had shocked the whole nation. Following the incident, Pingxi Prefecture’s officialdom also experienced ma.s.sive changes. All officials ranked above the Seventh Grade from the Prefectural Governor’s Office to the Military Governor’s Office were basically replaced. More than eighty percent of them were considered to be Ye Tiancheng’s accomplices and officials who lost their influence because of the Ye Clan. Many of those who were not involved in the case were also later relocated to serve at different locations.

Following such consolidation, there were only a few officials who were able to hold their positions firmly.

Huangfu Qianqi who took credit for capturing Ye Tiancheng was appointed as the Pingxi Prefectural Governor for a brief moment before he was also relocated elsewhere half a year ago. The Pingxi Prefectural and Military Governor’s Offices were now run by new officials who were all affiliated with Lei Sitong. The whole prefecture was officially under Lei Sitong’s control.

The purpose of Lei Sitong’s visit to Pingxi Prefecture naturally spoke for itself…

“Everyone in Gan Province now calls Lei Sitong as Tiger Lei. This tiger is usually silent but once its fur is ruffled, even the influential clans in Gan Province such as the Ye Clan can be torn apart into bits and pieces without a single trace left. Just the thought of it can send s.h.i.+vers down one’s spine. Tiger Lei is a vicious, ruthless, and short-tempered man with a strong backing. He has a bunch of military personnel under his command who are as fierce as coyotes and tigers. In Gan Province, he makes the rules. Currently, all the tyrannical clans in Gan Province tremble in fear whenever they encounter Tiger Lei. Even the arrogant and domineering Shatu people became more honest this year — they no longer cause any trouble in Pingxi City. Tiger Lei has not come to Pingxi Prefecture since his appointment as the Provincial Governor, yet he came to visit as soon as you returned. The purpose of his visit could be to mark his territory and declare his power to you…”

“I met the Provincial Governor last year and got a basic understanding of his temper. It is indeed true that the Governor has a bad temper and uses vicious tactics, but I don’t think his intention was to show his superiority. I think he simply wanted to reminisce and discuss what happened in the Imperial Capital!” Yan Liqiang smiled in reply.

He wasn’t surprised that the Provincial Governor wanted to meet him. Based on the timing, it was highly likely that the Provincial Governor had heard the news of his homecoming and planned to let him spend two days with the family before making his way to Pingxi Prefecture. One of the main reasons why the Provincial Governor wanted to meet him was none other than to ask about his plan on the Shatu Seven Tribes since the Emperor had appointed him as the Qiyun Protectorate General. When he was still in the Imperial Capital, he had let Manager You spread the information. But as the Provincial Governor, Lei Sitong obviously would not settle for information obtained from rumors unless he met Yan Liqiang in person.

Just as Lei Sitong wanted to meet Yan Liqiang, Yan Liqiang also wished to meet Lei Sitong. Lei Sitong was one of the people he wanted to during this trip back to Gan Province. If he could get the support from Lei Sitong, success would follow. With this meeting, he could take advantage of the opportunity depending on what Lei Sitong had in mind.

“Liqiang, you need to guard yourself well. The winds howl around the highest peaks. Your status is different now and your reputation precedes you, not only in the Gan Province but also in the northwestern provinces. You went to the Imperial City and made a name for yourself. There were even some vivid rumors which claimed that you can communicate with deities in your dreams. Tiger Lei is the Gan Provincial Governor. You are now here in Gan Province with such a high reputation and you also hold the position of Qiyun Protectorate General which he has no command over. It is hard to predict what Tiger Lei has on his mind! You must not let your guard down around him!”

“You are right Uncle, I’ll be careful!” Ever since he acknowledged Old Master Lu, whenever Yan Liqiang was around him, he would address Old Master Lu as Uncle. “I wonder who are the current Pingxi Prefecture and Military Governors?”

“The Pingxi Military Governor is Liu Yucheng. I heard that he used to be a trusted commandant of Tiger Lei. The Pingxi Prefectural Governor’s name is w.a.n.g Jianbei. He used to be a clerk from the Provincial Governor’s office. They are not from Gan Province and seem to be from influential clans in the southern region. I have met them before. They were outstanding figures selected by Tiger Lei.

“Lei Sitong has only been in Gan Province for less than six years, but it was only after he seized the Ye Clan last year did he truly establish his authority as the Gan Provincial Governor. Inevitably, he’d promote his trusted aides to take control of Pingxi Prefecture.”

“Although Tiger Lei appears to be a straightforward man, he is in fact a cautious man with many tricks hidden under his sleeve. It was all clear when he relocated Huangfu Qianqi to Weiyuan Prefecture as the Military Governor. Weiyuan Prefecture was the Ye Clan’s lair. Although the Ye Clan had fallen, the influence of the Ye Clan and their supporters did not just disappear overnight. When Huangfu Qianqi sided with Sun Bingcheng in taking down Ye Tiancheng, he was at odds with the Ye Clan. Tiger Lei killed two birds with one stone by relocating Huangfu Qianqi to Weiyuan Prefecture…”

Yan Liqiang sighed inwardly as he heard that Huangfu Qianqi had been relocated to Weiyuan Prefecture as the Military Governor. Huangfu Qianqi was a capable and diligent man. He would’ve had no problem in taking on the role as Prefectural Governor after Ye Tiancheng had been overthrown. But the biggest challenge for Huangfu Qianqi was that he had no backing and he was not from an influential clan. He came from an ordinary background and earned everything he had today by fighting hard. He was not from the Ye Clan, nor was he a.s.sociated with Sun Bingchen. He was also not one of Lei Sitong’s cronies, and was thus always subjected to tasks but not ent.i.tled to any rewards in return. In Lei Sitong eyes, Huangfu Qianqi was just a small p.a.w.n. Although the Military Governor position was one of the highest ranking posts envied by many ordinary men, the position was not a big deal in Gan Province officialdom. For an individual with no backing and good family background, this ranking was the highest he could possibly get. It would be extremely challenging to further promote oneself. There was an invisible ceiling where many had knocked their heads into a b.l.o.o.d.y mess. Only Huangfu Qianqi knew this the best.

The four-wheeled carriage leisurely moved along the public road on the outskirts of Pingxi Prefecture. Old Master Lu, who was inside the carriage, updated Yan Liqiang on the changes that occurred in Pingxi Prefecture this year while examining the interior design of the pa.s.senger compartment with great interest. Old Master Lu was an experienced and knowledgeable man, but he was overwhelmed by the new experience of riding the carriage with Yan Liqiang. He touched and looked around the surroundings with admiration.

Aside from Yan Liqiang, officials of different ranks in Pingxi Prefecture, as well as prominent and worthy people in the region were also on the list of people whom Lei Sitong wanted to meet during this trip to Pingxi Prefecture. Old Master Lu was invited too as he was one of the local influential figures in the prefecture. He received the invitation a day before and was making his way to Pingxi City today. Yan Liqiang went to the Lu Residence to pick up Old Master Lu and they made their way to Pingxi City together in the four-wheeled carriage.

Today was the first time that the black four-wheeled carriage had left the manufacturing bureau. On the way to the Lu Residence, all pa.s.serby stopped and stared at the outrageous carriage. When Yan Liqiang reached the Lu Residence, it caused a commotion as crowds gathered to catch a glimpse of such an unusual sight. Everyone’s eyes were on the carriage. Yan Liqiang felt the vanity inside of him and was satisfied with the accomplishment. As Yan Liqiang and Old Master Lu were leaving the residence, children from the Lu Residence chased after the carriage along the roadside and ran for almost one li despite the cold weather.

“I read from Peien’s letter that you came out with something called a ‘newspaper’ in the Imperial Capital and it caused a commotion. Everyone, from royalty and ministers to the peddlers in the capital are reading the newspaper that you created?”

“That was something I thought of when I saw the court bulletin. It was not as great as what Brother Lu described, but it had some added value. Newspapers are not hard to run as the cost is not high. It won’t be long until it will be available throughout Gan Province!”

“Of course. It is already available in Lan Province. One of our stewards brought one back when he traveled to Lan Province for work. Everyone in the residence read it and found it to be interesting. Beixin even requested Peien to a.s.sign someone to bring back the newspapers from the Imperial Capital on a regular basis…” Old Master Lu said while subtly diverting the conversation to Lu Beixin.

“Oh right, I haven’t seen the Ninth Lady today. Do you know where she is?”

Old Master Lu laughed as he stared at Yan Liqiang, “A few days ago, she was thrilled to hear that you would be back. She knew you were coming to the residence today but I don’t know why she did not come out to meet you!”

After hearing Old Master Lu, Yan Liqiang could only scratch his face awkwardly. Lu Beixin’s temper and thoughts were the most difficult to make sense of.

Cold winds were howling outside the carriage, but it was peaceful and quiet on the inside. The compartment was well confined to keep the cold air out. The extraordinary technology behind the pair of coil springs installed to the carriage efficiently raised the comfort level to the best possible in this era. The windows with stained gla.s.s panels were shut, but one could still vaguely view the scenery outside the carriage. While Yan Liqiang was chatting with Old Master Lu in the carriage, he caught a glimpse of amazed onlookers. Some on rhinodrake steeds even turned their steeds around just to follow the carriage to get a better view of the rare sight.

If it wasn’t for Zhou Yong and the other four fully armored soldiers from the manufacturing bureau escorting the carriage on their rhinodrake steeds, the carriage could have been surrounded by over a thousand curious onlookers.

“Look, a four-wheeled carriage…”

“Ahh, it has four wheels but how can it move so fast and seem so light…”

“The coachman is so handsome…”

“It’s turning, the four-wheeled carriage is turning…”

Although they were sitting inside the carriage, the discussions and gasps of admiration from the surroundings could be still be heard.

This was Old Master Lu’s first time experiencing what it was like to cause a commotion and attract a crowd anywhere he went. Hu Haihe felt the excitement of being the coachman of the carriage. Although he was the driver, it felt as though he was the general of a patrol unit. The whip in his hand cracked noisily in the air. The soldiers who escorted the carriage straightened their backs and looked at the glorious carriage with hearts full of pride.

By the time the beautiful four-wheeled carriage reached the city gate of Pingxi Prefecture, there were over a few dozen of curious onlookers following it, reluctant to leave such elegance.

There were a lot of people leaving and entering the town when the carriage reached the gate entrance, immediately causing a big commotion. Many stood still near the city gate staring at the unprecedented invention in disbelief.

The troops of soldiers guarding the city gate were also shocked by the sight of the gorgeous black carriage drawn by two rhinodrake steeds coming into the city that they forgot how to speak…

“I’ve never seen such an impressive four-wheeled carriage before. Could this be the Provincial Governor’s?” One of the guards at the city gate asked after the carriage entered the city.

“Ah, but I recall that the Provincial Governor rode a steed into the city yesterday!”

“Aside from the Provincial Governor, who else could own such a carriage in Gan Province?”

It wasn’t until the four-wheeled carriage entered Pingxi City did Yan Liqiang realize that he had underestimated the impact caused by the appearance of such a four-wheeled carriage. It was easy to draw too much attention which resulted in huge crowds, especially in the city.

It was dead silent at first when the carriage was drawn slowly along the street. But it wasn’t long until loud noises began to form.

“Look, it’s a four-wheeled carriage!”

“Wow, it’s so beautiful!”

“It’s so impressive…”

“The Provincial Governor must be inside…”

Both sides of the street were filled with people fighting to get closer to the four-wheeled carriage. Other two-wheeled carriages on the street were no match for the eye-catching four-wheeled carriage. Everyone on the street stopped to stare at it. Windows of restaurants and tea houses opened one after another. As the four-wheel carriage approached, other coachmen couldn’t help but halt their carriages to give way. They watched in envy as Hu Haihe gracefully drove the carriage with the reins in his hand.

The commotion caused by the appearance of the four-wheel carriage was comparable to the scenario of a superstar appearing downtown in Yan Liqiang’s previous life. It shook all of Pingxi City…


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