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Read Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 258 – The Wastrel’s Counterattack (20)

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Chapter 258 – The Wastrel’s Counterattack (20)

The blazing sunshine hurt people’s eyes. The battle outside Meite City still continued. Right now, there was a large group of people gathered within Su Family’s camp. Xiao Yan and the royal family summoners’ academy’s people were all there.

It had been four hours already. The corpses of the magical beasts outside the city had already piled into mountains. However, Su Rui’s silver robe was still clear from dust.

In the beginning, they were incredulous but now, they were shocked. The students from the royal family summoners’ academy were all numb now.

Nani. He wasn’t just a genius. He was a pure exceptional evildoer~

Su Rui’s combat not only shocked the students in the academy but the other Lords from the other families that were taking turns resting and even the castellan, Long Qianzhan, were all attracted by Su Family’s cheering. Seeing the man and sword in his hands, as well as the ground full of corpses, everyone couldn’t help but change their expressions.

Of course, compared to the other families’ strange emotions, Su Family’s people were happy from the bottom of their hearts. Especially the beginner summoners who just came from the branches. Su Rui had taught them Yuling Chant and gave them the opportunity to become summoners and powerful people. Now, Su Rui had demonstrated his power in front of them all.

This man’s figure was deeply carved in everyone’s hearts. Even Su Chuan didn’t want to admit that Su Zhan was really powerful had no choice but to accept reality. At this moment, he had become one of Master Su’s many fans.

While everyone was staring at Su Rui, only Su Qing quietly looked at Su Wan. From this morning to now, she maintained the same posture, standing quietly by the wall. Her eyes never left Su Zhan.

There was no happiness or fear, or anxiety or excitement.

Su Wan’s gaze was gentle and fixated on that person. She was stubborn but also determined in believing in him.

That’s their relationship?

For the moment, Su Qing felt bitter but also really comforted.

As the sun set in the west, the rose-tinted clouds made Meite City’s sky turn red. Only Su Rui stood there quietly in the eastern city as he stepped upon millions of corpses.

It seemed as if he murdered a person every ten steps. No matter what, it wouldn’t prevent him from walking ahead. That’s just how it was!

Under the sunset, Su Rui quietly turned. His deep and charming eyes quietly met Su Wan’s eyes. The two made eye contact for a long time, up until Su Rui leaped into the sky again. The spiritual influence around him rushed forth and spiritual clouds quickly condensed above his head. This was… the omen before advancing to grade one summoner!

Large quant.i.ties of spiritual clouds condensed and enveloped above the Meite City sky. Even more, it spread everywhere. At this moment, the magical beasts around Meite City had all come to a stop because of the pressure coming from the spiritual influence.

The battle from the other three directions was forced to come to a stop too. Some medium grade magical beasts that obtained beginner intelligence had started to back up.

Su Zhan had actually advanced to a grade one summoner on the battlefield!

Everyone in Meite City was crazy. The students from the royal family summoners’ academy were completely confused this time. Even Senior Sister Yun who looked down on Su Rui looked incredulously at the arrogant figure standing straight under the spiritual explosion. Her face paled.

How was this possible?

He was only twenty. How could he possibly advance to a grade one summoner that quickly?

Was he still human?

Su Wan was speechless.

Even Su Wan was dumbstruck.

General Su, you’re actually the hidden male lead in this world, right?

You’re invincible!

Su Rui didn’t know what to say.

Nani, this general is also dumbstruck, okay?

From outsiders’ perspectives, Master Su was invincible. After that spiritual explosion, though he appeared aloof on the surface, he actually felt really bitter inside.

At this moment, Su Rui finally understood why he had become Su Zhan in this mission.

According to the original plot, Su Zhan and Su Wu were real siblings. So where the heck did a devoted male supporting lead come from?

Originally, there was a hidden plot. Su Zhan wasn’t “Su Zhan” at all. Three years ago, when the real Su Zhan found the division, he had encountered the rare spatial storm. By the time Su Liang found him, he was already on his last breath. Later on, Su Liang brought Su Zhan into a cave so that he could recuperate. It was at that time that the real Su Zhan had died. “Su Zhan” who was saved by Su Liang was actually transformed into him by someone else.

This person was the culprit behind the spatial storm. He suppressed his aura and power and used a conveyor belt to transport himself to Dongchuan, mainland. He came from the underworld, the king of a magical beast race!

What the heck was this set up!

No wonder he was able to advance so successfully and felt as if there was endless spiritual power inside his body.

General Su was also drunk. What the heck was this hidden plot? How come the logistics department didn’t send this over directly after sorting out the information?

Even more they had to set up “advance to grade one summoner and automatically activate memory.” You’re unhappy because you didn’t get to roast anyone, right?

Okay. At this time, General Su gave up. As a devoted male supporting lead, it seemed to be normal for there to be such a magical set up?

King of magical beasts? That sounded pretty nice.

Su Rui slightly released some magical aura and the Purple Ming Sword in his hands immediately soared into the sky. The purple aura that lingered on the sword slowly turned black. The demonic aura immediately soared through the top layer of the spiritual explosion.

Advancement successful!

A black sickle descended from the sky.

The Sickle of Death!

The personal divine weapon that belonged to the ancient Grim Reaper!

The moment Su Rui released the magical aura into the air, Little White scurried out of the room. He couldn’t help but look up at the sky that changed colors.

This aura. This feeling was…


Before it could react, the spiritual clouds dissipated. The Sickle of Death descended. Feeling the strong sense of despair and the aura of death, Little White couldn’t help but take a few steps back. Who summoned an ancient divine weapon?

This was definitely different from the so-called divine weapons on Dongchuan, mainland. An actual deity had used this weapon before.

The moment the Sickle of Death appeared, a blonde man wearing a cape suddenly spat out a mouthful of fresh blood far in the division. His face paled incredibly.

“King, what’s the matter?”

The advanced magical beasts all surrounded the man, looking at the blondie sitting in the conveyor belt in concern.

“It’s a deity, no, demon!”

A flicker of apprehension flashed by in the blonde man’s eyes. He used his fresh blood to draw some golden symbols on the conveyor belt. Paired with his rumble, the magical beasts far in the Meite City had all retreated like tides.

They wanted to leave after getting lucky?

Su Rui had seen through the other party’s intention. He clutched his Sickle of Death tightly. Right now, he was floating midair and a flicker of purple aura flashed by in his black eyes. “Since you guys came, stay then!”

No matter who you are, I’ll get you to understand that not everyone has the right to touch Meite City!

As he waved his Sickle of Death, the darkness enveloped above the Meite City sky.

A stern light flickered by. The army of magical beasts outside the city had turned into white bones immediately. The blonde man in the division had once again spat out a mouthful of gold blood, hurt by the light.

By the time the glow dissipated, everything returned to normal. Everyone was flabbergasted upon seeing the white bones outside the city.

He was able to vanquish the magical beasts in one move? Master Su, was this a revelation?

Most importantly, nani, you even ordered the white bones and arranged it into a heart shape. After displaying your power, you decided to display your love for Su Wan? Have you considered us common people’s feelings?


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